Monday, January 31, 2011

Supernatural - Supernatural Fan Week - Fan Vid version

So we are now into day 2 of Supernatural Fan Week. Your challenge: To find all those great Supernatural videos you love. Funny, emo, plot-driven, character-focused, episode-focused, anything that made you glad to be a Supernatural fan. Share those videos with other fans and of course drop the vidder a line to say how much you appreciate them.


1. Credit the vidder in the comments section.
2. Put a link to the video if you have it.
3. Remember that this is a family friendly site. Keep the R-rated stuff to a minimum. Nothing NC-17. And to protect my sanity, if you have to include Wincest (and I hope you don't) please for the love of all things good and beautiful, mark it clearly as Wincest so I don't mistakenly see it and have to get the brain bleach.

Here's a few to start us out. Most are by Lsketch42, who I think does an awesome job. I have other favorites I'm going to share but I guess I haven't transfered them from my old computer yet. Happy SPN Fan Week! #SPNFanWeek

Plot: If you ever have to explain Supernatural's plot in 10 minutes or less to someone, plop them down in front of this video. It says it all.  (Season 1-5)  By TikiTyler9

Brother Tension: The Winchesters have a strong family bond but they have had their share of tension too. This one highlights that tension but gives hope at the end. By Lsketch42

Emotional: Warning - even the song is designed to make you weepy (or in my case, depressed). What I like about this one is that it goes beyond boys crying a lot and shows where the penchant to sacrifice themselves has led. Also by Lsketch42.

Funny: This one always makes me laugh even if it has Missouri in it. It comes straight from season 1 so there were not a lot of clips available. I find it even more clever because of that. By Ringwench

For those of you still needing to drown your Friday sorrows: Pace yourselves my friends! By Lsketch42

Don't forget other great SPN Fan Week events like:

1. Write the cast and crew of Supernatural to tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. Thanks Bekah for the idea and info.

Supernatural Cast & Crew
8085 Glenwood Drive
Burnaby BC
V3N 5C8

2. Join in on the Twitter Friday night Supernatural party. Thanks SammWinchester for the invite. Details here.

3. As always, tell a SPN fan you appreciate them. That's what the whole week is for!

Screencap by Supernatural Wiki
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