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Supernatural - SPN Fan vs. the CW (Part 492) - Supernatural Fan Week

It's now exactly 24 hours after Like a Virgin should have aired. After 7 weeks, I should be exalting over a (spoiler) new big bad, the return of the Winchester brothers, and my weekly dose of Bobby. Instead, I'm exhausted by my rage at the CW. Less than 60 hours ago, Dawn Ostroff and TPTB at the CW decided to yank Supernatural and Smallville for repeats of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita. Why? Because of their unfounded fear that American Idol would decimate their pet projects' ratings. Twitter, Facebook, and the internet in general blew up in protest. But if you're reading this, you already know that.

I've done my fan due diligence. I've written a heartfelt, mostly polite but very pointed response in the CW feedback section. The title - Screw You CW. So maybe it wasn't so polite. I've Twittered #SaltAndBurnCW until my keyboard protested the pounding of the keys and I annoyed anyone with the bad luck to be following me. (Let me apologize right now for that.) I've written the first half of the Salt and Burn CW theme song. My Facebook page is full of venom and I started a discussion called CW Screws SPN Fans Again on the CW Supernatural FB page. Am I still angry? Of course I am, but I'm also tired of letting my anger at the CW get in the way of my love for Supernatural.

So the battle continues. It's Supernatural fans versus the CW, round 492. I should no longer be surprised at how little regard the CW has for Supernatural and it's fans. Since they took over the WB, my love for Supernatural has been inversely proportional to my hatred of the CW. Nothing changes now. Time to throw the crying towel in the dryer, withdraw the claws (temporarily), and put on my big girl shoes. Turn the boiling rage into the simmering heat of future vengeance (there will be a future satisfaction).

After careful consideration and many years of dealing with the CW, here's my new plan.

1. Boycott everything but Supernatural and Smallville on the CW. Yes, that means I need to watch Smallville on Wednesday and Friday. Memo to self to remember that. When the CW releases what new shows have been picked up, I will (politely this time) send a response in the feedback section reminding them that I am boycotting these shows on principle. Will it mean anything to the CW? Absolutely not. But it will make me feel better and remind them that some Supernatural fans have really long memories.

2. Lavish TNT with love. Why not? They lavish Supernatural with the only non-fan love they get. I went to their forums and under the Why Do You Love Drama? thread I started a thank you discussion. Feel free to drop in and add your comments. (Just don't mention the CW in it, please.) Thanks to the CW I'm now reminded of all the good shows on TNT. I loved Memphis Beat this summer and Rizzoli & Isles had great acting. Who cares if I gave up on Leverage because Nate's drinking drove me nuts? It's still got Hardison, who played Jake in All Hell Breaks Loose, and Parker and Eliot (played by Jensen Ackles' friend, Christian Kane). I will definitely try this show again. Maybe I'll love it again. All of these shows are in repeats until summer, but like NBC once said, it's new to me. Plus, they've got a new show called Fallen Skies coming out about the aftermath of an alien attack, with Noah Wyle as a resistance fighter. It's exec produced by Steven Spielberg. I see a lot of TNT in my future.

3. Promote Supernatural like a hell hound is on my tail. I would really love if Supernatural and Smallville had better repeats on Wednesday than VD and Nikita had. Yes, we just saw a repeat of Appointment in Samarra. Yes, it is the CW's job to promote their own shows, but since they didn't even bother to tell people that Supernatural was going to be on Wednesday, fans have to take up the slack. Anyone know if there is a reminder hash tag floating around Twitter yet? Let's crash the internet again by making sure everyone knows about Supernatural and Smallville on Wednesday and Friday. Last week we had major news outlets on our side. This week, we've got the most rabid fan base on our side. Like the Winchesters, we always have a fighting chance. There's s poll right now about favorite CW show. That's a good place to start.

4. Re-energize tired, disappointed, and generally bummed out fans. It's hard to seesaw from elation to rage and back again. We need to stick together. So, I hereby proclaim it Supernatural Fan Week. #SPNFanWeek A week where fans celebrate other fans. Do you have a favorite SPN video? Has someone's fan art wowed you? Did a piece of fan fiction move you to tears? Have you laughed until you cried over a particularly brilliant fan idea? Share it here and with others. (Just remember to keep it family friendly.) We all need something to celebrate right now and 2 million eyes and ears are better than one. Here's one of my new favorites.

5. Submerge myself back into all things Winchester. The DVD's are on permanent replay, the music is blasting, all the favorite fan things are cycling through. This is a Winchester world and no asinine little netlet can stop them. It's not going to stop me either. Will the CW care about any of my plans? Nope - not even a blip on their radar. Will it make any difference? Nada. But it makes me feel good and it reminds me of why I love Supernatural, and in the end that's all that matters. As long as there's an Impala racing and Winchesters saving, the world is a good place. Salt and burn, baby!

Let's get started!

Today's challenge - Come up with a new world of Winchester dictionary. Think back on your favorite episodes. What words have the Winchesters inspired? What is now part of your own lexicon that never was before? What new words have you created based on these characters? I'll start.

1. Swayzed (v) - to create movement in an astral or ghostly state
Ex. I full-on Swayzed that....

2. Fudge (v) - know
Ex. You fudgin' pre-empt my show again, I'll fudgin' kill you.

3. B****/Jerk (expression) - manly way to say I love you bro.
Ex. what we've been missing lately

4. Meadowsweet (v) - to falsely lure someone in with kindness before betraying them in the most foul way
Ex. Dawn Ostroff meadowsweeted us by saying that she couldn't imagine Supernatural not being renewed and giving us new promo pictures before pre-empting the midseason premiere.

5. Hell Hound (v) - to tear to pieces in the most agonizing and painful way
Ex. I wanted to hell hound someone when I heard Like a Virgin was moved back to Feb. 4.

6. Djinn juice (n) - a state of utopia that is far too good to be true or anything that brings on such a state
Ex. They drank the djinn juice if they think their relationship is going to last beyond the honeymoon period.

7. Sucks out loud (expression) - emphasizing how bad something really is
Ex. Waiting for another week sucks out loud.

Your turn!

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