Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Supernatural - Weekly Poll - Favorite Episode (Season One)

Favorite Episode (Season One)

Nominations are mostly in and unfortunately, they did not narrow much down at all. That means this week could be the hardest to vote for of all. Some general statistics as of 8:00 pm St. Louis, USA time:

Of the 126 episodes eligible for nomination, 99 episodes were nominated. Only 27 episodes did not make it on anyone's top 12 list. That's amazing since many of us proved we could come up with a top 12 least favorite episodes list pretty quickly. I guess it shows that Supernatural has something to appeal to every taste. It also shows that for the most part, people find something to like in even the worst episodes.  Case in point, I liked a lot of the dialogue in Route 666 even if it had the worst plot by far and some of the most atrocious acting ever seen on Supernatural.

Season 1 and season 4 tied for the most nominated episodes at 17 each.  Season 3 had the least amount of episodes to NOT be nominated.  Before people remind me that it was the shortest season, it also had the highest percentage of episodes nominated with 81%.  Season one and four had 77% of their episodes nominated, season 2 had 73% with 16 episodes nominated, and season 5 had the lowest percentage with 64%.

However, when you look at actual votes, Season 2 had the most with 112 nominations and season 5 was right behind with 103.  Season 3 with 92 and season 4 with 81 came next.  Season 1 only had 58 nominations.  What a difference a couple of episodes can make.  Mystery Spot had 24 nominations, the most of any episode, while Changing Channels had 21.  In fact, comedic episodes fared very well in these nominations.

More statistics to follow but for now, happy voting!  Don't forget to comment about your favorites.  We obviously have a wide variety of opinions and it's more fun when everyone is heard.

By the way, don't forget to participate in the TV Overload poll.  They are trying to scientifically measure which show has the strongest online fanbase, based on how much people participate in the fandom.  It does ask demographic questions but nothing that can identify you individually.  Basically you answer those, pick your favorite show (Supernatural maybe?) and answer a few questions about it.  It doesn't take very long but it would be nice to see how wide the fanbase is for Supernatural.  My guess is that we skew a whole lot older than most of our detractors suspect.

Poll here:  http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/438586/Fandom-Survey

Info here:  http://tvovermind.zap2it.com/tv-news/show-strongest-fandom-science-attempts-measure/43214

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