Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Supernatural - Weekly Poll - Favorite Angel (Excluding Castiel)

Weekly Poll #6 - Favorite Angel (Excluding Castiel)

After some wacky nominating snafus we are ready to vote in this week's polls. We will do favorite angel, demon, human, object, and other. Based on the votes today and yesterday, the Impala will be entered in the Character, Other category instead of as an inanimate object. Yes, I know she's a car. Yes, she will likely win. Majority rules, and the majority overwhelmingly voted for her as a character. (Insert all grumbling, complaining, moaning, arguing, etc. here. Yell about it. Curse the day that we chose to do polls to pass the hiatus. Rant some more.) OK. Is everyone better? Also, Chuck Shurley will be included in the Human poll because according to Supernatural canon that is what he is. Fandom may believe him to be something else, but nothing on that front has been confirmed. Nor is it likely to be. (Insert grumbling, complaining, moaning.....oh, just see above.) I think we are ready now.

Each poll will be open for roughly 48 hours. Polls toward the end of the week may have less time and will likely be posted closer together so that results will be in by 6-ish on Sunday. All times are Midwest USA time. Comments are lovely (usually) so choose your favorite angel and don't forget to tell us why. I think these polls are going to be harder for me than the episode ones because I like different people for different reasons. How do I choose between the fun-loving awesomeness of Gabriel and the bureaucratic nightmare and general loathsomeness of Zachariah? Two complete opposites and still both amazing in their own way.

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