Saturday, January 15, 2011

Supernatural - Chances Good for Renewal?

Over at E!Online, they quote CW head Dawn Ostroff as predicting a season 7 for Supernatural. Great news for Winchester fans. Of course Dawn is reportedly leaving the CW this year so her successor may have to approve all renewals. In short, lots of optimism for a new season. Read below or go here.

Ostroff told us exclusively, "We haven't officially picked anything up yet, but [Supernatural] is creatively doing so well—and it's doing better on Friday night than it was on Thursday night—so I can't imagine we won't pick it up."

The network boss praised season-six show runner Sera Gamble, noting, "Sera's done a fantastic job this year. She's done an excellent job creatively."

"Our network team works with the Supernatural team very closely," says Ostroff, but the two sides have not yet engaged in any talks about a season-seven myth arc. "No, it's too far out. We haven't started talking about next year, but I'd be shocked if we didn't pick it up."

It sounds like the CW are starting to support Supernatural. We've had new promo pictures, congratulations on fan support, and I even saw Supernatural mentioned on a night that isn't Friday. Perhaps we might even get some music back! Here's to good things in 2011 for the show and its fans!

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