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Supernatural - Salute to Law Enforcement - Major Characters - Quotes

Let's face it. The cops tend to get in the Winchester brothers' way more than help them, but they have delivered some awesome lines. From recurring characters like Sheriff Mills and Agent Henriksen to one-off unnamed sheriffs like the one in Bloodlust, law enforcement has not only give the hunters important information, they have made us laugh too. Below is my picks for best law enforcement officers and best quotes. Because it got so long, I've actually divided this post in two but they should both be posted on the same day. Sound off in the comments below with your favorites and don't forget to keep nominating your favorite quotes in our nomination forms for the big quotes contest which will get started next week. All nominations are due by Friday, so I can get everything put together and ready to go.

Top Law Enforcement (Major characters):

7. Eliot Ness - Time After Time
6. Sheriff Jake - Dead in the Water
5. Officer Kathleen - The Benders
4. Detective Diana Ballard - The Usual Suspects
3. Deacon - Folsom Prison Blues
2. FBI Special Agent Victor Henriksen
1. Sheriff Jody Mills

Special FBI Agent Victor Henriksen - Best Quotes:

I loved Agent Henriksen from the moment he said "Crazy's in there and I just hung up on it." He was cocky and a powerful, long-standing human nemesis for the brothers. However he still thought he he was doing the right thing. For me he's a more stable, and supernaturally in the dark, Gordon Walker, whom I also thought was a great antagonist. Add to it his fabulous snark and he was one of the most memorable characters in Supernatural for me. I only wish he had more time to be on the brothers' side before dying. As great as he was working against them, I can only imagine what a great ally he could have been.

12. "I've been busting my a** for 15 years to nail a handful of guys and all this while there's something around the corner so big. So yeah, sign me up for that big, frosty mug of wasting my damn life." (Jus in Bello)
11. "I'm gonna kill you. Sam and Dean Winchester were in the chopper when it caught on fire. Nothing left, can't even identify them with dental records. Rest in peace guys." (Jus in Bello)
10. "You don't know these Winchesters. They're dangerous, smart, and expertly trained." (Nightshifter)
9. "And after Milwaukee, your brother is now a suspect in a murder case himself. I'd say for you two, screwed to hell is a major understatement." (Folsom Prison Blues)
8. "Well you're not the typical suspect are you Dean? I want you and Sam out here unarmed or we come in, and yes I know about Sam…Bonnie to your Clyde." (Nightshifter)
7. "We do not sacrifice people. We do that, we're no better than them." (Jus in Bello)
6. "I…I shot the sheriff." (Jus in Bello)
5. "Well guess what? Life sucks. Get a helmet 'cause everybody's got a sob story but not everybody becomes a killer." (Jus in Bello)
4. "It's my job to bring you in. Alive's a bonus but not necessary." (Nightshifter)
3. "Do you know what these guys do for kicks? Dig up graves and mutilate corpses. They're not just killers Sheriff. They're Satan-worshipping, nut bag killers." (Jus in Bello)
2. "Fighting off monsters with condiments…so turns out demons are real." (Jus in Bello)
1. "Crazy's in there and I just hung up on it." (Nightshifter)

Sheriff Jody Mills - Best Quotes:

I never thought there would be a cop I liked better than Victor Henriksen, but then came Sheriff Jody Mills with her compelling story of a mother destined to lose her only child a second time. She incurred instant sympathy but she wasn't the victim. One of the most helpful characters, she is also one of the more rounded recurring character we've still got. It's no wonder she's a fan favorite. She can be powerful, smart, and yet vulnerable, making her one of the easiest characters to relate to as well. Not to mention she has that great mom voice.

20. "Sound like a song you boys tap to?" (Time After Time)
19. "Here's what I know about Bobby Singer. He's a menace around here, a** full of drunk and disorderlies and mail fraud. You understanding me?" (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)
18. "I can't exactly call a deputy here. You and I killed zombies that one time. I know you handle this kind of thing. Please get your a** here to Sioux Falls General before he eats me Singer." (Hello, Cruel World)
17. "You're all charm Bobby." (Slash Fiction)
16. "Alright you asked for it. Young man…" (Time After Time)
15. "Anytime you need me to spill something else, you give me a call." (Slash Fiction)
14. "This is crazy. I'm crazy. He's attractive though right? He's hot." (Sacrifice)
13. "Luther Vandros show up? Tell him I'm a fan." (Weekend at Bobby's)
12. "It's weird huh? It's like their life's a big puzzle. You just keep finding pieces of it scattered all over the place. We should drink this. He'd want us to. Am I wrong?" (Time After Time)
11. "Bobby Singer, my hero." (Hello, Cruel World)
10. "Okay, wasn't expecting that reaction." (Slash Fiction)
9. " Look Bobby here is kind of a crank and he ain't what you'd call a fan of Big Brother, but me and him…how long I been arresting you now? 10 years?" (Weekend at Bobby's)
8. "I can cook - ish." (Slash Fiction)
7. "Bobby Singer? My surgeon is a monster." (Hello, Cruel World)
6. "Whatever he is or isn't, that doesn't give you the right to shoot him in the middle of the street." (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)
5. "I lose my job over this, I am taking it out of your a**." (Weekend at Bobby's)
4. "Do I have to use my mom voice?" (Time After Time)
3. "Yeah I think Bobby may have had a slight hoarding issue. I could barely get the door open on that storage locker and…um, I'm pretty sure something's alive in at least 3 of those boxes." (Time After Time)
2. "Well yeah, seeing as they were fresh out of 'thanks for saving me from liver-eating surgeon' cards at the store." (Slash Fiction)
1. "You can kiss my a** Doctor Monster face." (Hello, Cruel World)

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