Thursday, June 6, 2013

Burn Notice - 7.01 - New Deal - Preview

Burn Notice returns for one final round of explosions, car flips, MacGyver stunts, gunfire, and snappy team dialogue tonight at 9/8 C on the USA Network. If the premiere is any indication, it will be a wild ride. Starting nine months after the season six finale, Michael is working deep undercover in the Dominican Republic to take down an old buddy, Randall Burke, now turned terrorist. It's part of the deal he made with the CIA to get Maddy, Jesse, Sam, Fiona, and himself released after the Tom Card debacle. Things aren't going well for Michael as he tries to get Burke's attention through drunken prize fights where there are no rules. Those who like seeing Michael abs are in for a treat. Those who like seeing blood, even more so. This episode is definitely grittier in tone than most.

In typical Michael fashion, he makes contact with his old buddy and Burke offers him a trial job. However things get complicated about 15 minutes in when a man comes to visit Sam in Miami asking questions about Michael. From then on the whole gang gets involved again. Everyone has moved on, with the changes in Madeline's life the most shocking. It throws quite the spanner in the works and will be interesting to see how things proceed. While the team has only stayed in loose contact with each other, they have each other's backs which leads to a great scene with Sam and Jesse banter.

Overall this premiere contains a lot of what fans expect out of Burn Notice: multiple explosions, Fiona shooting a gun, witty banner, and Michael cleverly getting out of a tough situation. It also sets up how Michael reunites with the team and answers questions left from last season. The pacing is good and flashbacks allow us to cover exposition quickly. Adrian Pasdar is a good addition as Randall Burke, different than the last few main villains so far. He's like a sane Simon. Mostly though this episode is the set-up for the rest of the season. Expect fireworks of a different nature to be exploding very soon.

Favorite lines:

Jesse: "TMI Sam. TMI."
Sam: "Where are you going?" Jesse: "Hey somebody's got to take you to the hospital if this thing goes wrong."

Burn Notice airs tonight (Thursday) at 9/8 C on the
 USA Network. Don't miss it!

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