Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Necessary Roughness - 3.03 - Swimming with Sharks - Preview

Talent management is a cutthroat business and Dani has landed herself smack in the middle of a war. When Connor offers Dani's services to a struggling basketball player who is repped by SBG Management, it sparks a poaching war with his former assistant, Bruce. Things get nasty as V3's computers are hacked causing Nico to search for the hacker with a reverse Trojan horse and Connor to give 2 vaguely threatening speeches on the importance of loyalty. He may be campaigning for cult leader status. He's definitely matching Troy in my alert levels. Dani calls it "spinning the situation." I call it suspicious.

TK, on the other hand, has reverted back to his season 1 personality now that he has been sober for a full year. He's got the okay to date again and that means some of the most obnoxiously cheesy pickup lines ever. Luckily Rex is there to shorten the excess, dead panning, "You're ridiculous." Agreed. The scene between TK and Rex is a winner; you simply cannot go wrong quoting Top Gun. However TK's cocky attitude apparently works because in 3 seconds flat he has a date with Abby, who is not quite what she appears. Let's just say she's charmed by TK, whom others might consider the date from hell.

The best part of the episode for me, besides the ending scenes with Nico of course, was actually the case of the week. Langer is a client made to root for and while his complicated relationships may be over the top, they give him depth. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a recurring character. He recognizes Dani by reputation, thanks to her past successes with TK and Rex and welcomes her help. They seem to bond right from the beginning and Langer's problems tailgate with Dani's issues with her own children. Lindsay makes a few brief appearances and has a touching scene with Dani at the end. This episode is a fairly typical one for Necessary Roughness as Dani continues to make the difficult transition into the corporate world with its politics.

Best lines:

"But…I don't like that word 'but.' Nothing good follows."
"Great, so I'll go down to the local 7-11. I'll use the crack phone to call Peyton or Eli."
"I always tell him I don't call you sun because you shine. I call you son because you're mine."
"Next time don't have me followed. Just ask."
"What if it's a bomb?" "It's too late." "What if it's anthrax?" "Then we'll be dead in a week."
"You like sushi, beer, sweaty men in shorts?"

Life lesson: "The secret to patience is finding something else to do in the meantime." Good advice, Dani.

Best metaphor: tie - Paloma calls Nico a cephalopod / Connor calls Dani a peacock feather

Best reason to watch: Still the mystery of what Nico is doing there

Best use of music: Jumper montage

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays at 10/9 C 
on USA Network.

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