Monday, June 10, 2013

Supernatural - Favorite Shiban and Glass Episodes - Poll

Well things were certainly divided with the writers' polls. Raelle Tucker was definitely preferred more than Buckner & Ross-Lemming, who got their share of unflattering comments. Today may be a smaller dose of that since Adam Glass has his fair share of detractors too. For Raelle Tucker, the most popular episode was What is and What Should Never Be with 43% of the votes. Faith came in second (27%). No other episode even came close. For Buckner and Ross-Lemming, it was a race between season 8 episodes A Little Slice of Kevin (30%) and Taxi Driver (25%). In third was Of Grave Importance with (16%). Tomorrow will end our writer polls with current show runner Jeremy Carver, who for me made a much better writer. Choosing one in that poll ought to be difficult for most people.

Poll Notes:

John Shiban wrote Dead Man's Blood with Cathryn Humphris. All others have solo writing credit.
Adam Glass has solo writing credit on all of his episodes.

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