Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Supernatural - Favorite Jeremy Carver Episode - Poll

Today we finish off our Supernatural writer polls with the Big Kahuna himself, Jeremy Carver. Despite one's feelings about him as a show runner, there is no doubt that he wrote some of Supernatural's best episodes. Today is probably going to be tough for everyone and yes, you only get 1 vote. Sorry but my inner Alastair is coming through. So don't forget to espouse your episode love in the comments, even the ones you could not vote for.

In yesterday's polls, we saw a last minute surge in voting and it changed some of the results. For John Shiban, the winner was Croatoan with 31% of the votes with Tall Tales (28%), Skin (13%), and Folsom Prison Blues (11%) right behind. In the Adam Glass poll, the winner was still As Time Goes By (40%) by a wild majority. However, Party On, Garth surged to take third place with (10%) after Mommy Dearest in second with 14% of the vote. Today's vote should be interesting because I have no idea which ones will be in the top three. Don'y forget to keep nominating; we have very few nominations for Hello Cruel World, The Girl Next Door, Defending Your Life, Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Slash Fiction, The Mentalists, or Season 7 Time for a Wedding. Very few quotes if any will make it in for these unless people get their nominations in. Happy nominating and voting!

Poll Notes:

Jeremy Carver wrote Sin City with Bob Singer. All other episodes were solo credit.

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