Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graceland - 1.03 - Heat Run - Preview

This is it - the episode where Graceland comes into its own. For the first two episodes it felt like Graceland was trying to find its legs, its standing in the USA Network stable if you will. Here it pushes forward as a psychological and action thriller where everyone's motives are in question and the foundations are shaky at best. Grittier than most USA Network fare, we get better insight into the characters leading to a shake up at Graceland. This episode's intrigue continues throughout until the very satisfactory ending. For me, this is definitely the best episode so far.

Heat Run starts right where Guadalajara Dog left off with Briggs putting a cocked gun to Mike's head and asking, "Who've you been talking to?" He sees movement in the shadows and when the lights flip on, Briggs and Mike are face-to-face with Bello, the head honcho Briggs has been tracking for months. He accuses them of setting him up to be robbed but instinct kicks in and Briggs and Mike play off each other like long time pros. They may not trust each other but they have that buddy chemistry that sells the moment to both Bello and the audience. It helps that the previouslies explain the title as well since the heat run basically saves their lives. Needless to say there's much celebrating because now they are in with Bello, the break they needed.

Back at Graceland, the celebration continues until Lauren convinces Briggs to help her take down Kuzmanov, whose brother they arrested earlier. Kuzmanov wants to kill Donny so Lauren is dead set on taking him out first. Briggs agrees and cancels the party on grounds that they have a busy morning and need sleep. Meanwhile Charlie meets up with Whistler, a particularly unsteady CI who tells her he has a drug dealer on the line for her. Needless to say neither mission goes as planned and things quickly spiral out of control. Motives become questionable as a game of smoke and mirrors begins.

Most important definition - Heat Run: when someone makes a serious of random turns and speed changes in order to avoid a tail
Best scenes - the opening and the ending
Best reason to watch - the twists, Briggs and Charlie

Best lines -

"Does he look like a cardiologist to you?"
"Put the guns down Paul. Today is not a good day to die."
"We should call this cr** Amnesia. I forget it tastes like that."
"Well rested and not hung over. I'm so clear it hurts bro."

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