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Burn Notice - 7.02 - Forget Me Not - Preview (Shipper Version)

Burn Notice airs tomorrow (Thursday) at 9/8 C 
on USA Network.  Don't miss it!

I always get nervous about hyped up episodes - premieres, finales, "very special" episodes. They get your expectations up so high that there's fear they will let you down. Let's face it. The 100th episode is one of the most hyped around, so I went into Burn Notice's 100th with a little trepidation…and then was well, blown away. It was nothing like what I expected but I finally got what I've been waiting 7 years to see.

We all come into TV with our own biases. I like action. I like a fast moving plot and I need snarky characters to really enjoy a show. I am anti-emoangsting and melodrama for drama's sake. A show has to earn its angst for me. I am also a hardcore anti-shipper, except for 2 couples on current TV. One of them is Michael and Fiona and this episode went straight to that small shipping part of my heart and nestled right in.

We open with a freaked out Maddie going ballistic with guilt that she might have jeopardized Michael when she inadvertently told Gamble that Michael was still working for the CIA. She's a momma bear on the warpath and she will get answers. No one can stop her…except Michael himself. Let's just say the mother-son reunion is tense and it doesn't get better when Michael can't tell her anything except that he can't contact Fiona, Sam, or Jesse. Maddie doesn't understand and Michael is less than comforting.

Michael himself is having a difficult time with this assignment too since it mostly requires him to spy on his friends. However this spying leads to my current favorite word - flashbacks. That's right. After waiting 7 years, we finally get flashbacks to Michael and Fiona's time together in Ireland. I heard spoilers about a flashback but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they ran throughout the episode, interspersed with the current action. I always love hearing about their background and these glimpses did not disappoint me although they did leave me hungry for more. Each flashback is very short but all together it paints a great picture of Michael and Fiona, the early years.

In current time though Fi is in a sticky situation. Gamble has kidnapped her to use as leverage now that the CIA is closing in. With Michael ordered to keep his presence unknown from the team and time running out, Michael rolls the dice in a gamble that could cost Fiona her life. Do not miss the 100th episode of Burn Notice. It's got all the action, gunfire, and high stakes one could hope for with that extra dash of shipping to make it even better. Fair warning though - when it goes for the gut, it doesn't pull its punches. Ouch! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch this episode again….and again.

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9/8 C on USA Network.

Best reason to watch - flashbacks
Biggest surprise - I am suddenly pro-angel again.
Episode it is most like - Long Way Back (with Fiona being kidnapped and emphasis on Ireland, how could it not be reminiscent of this classic season 3 episode)

Great lines:
"Don't treat me like a prostitute."
"Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto and the horse."
"I can't sleep. I can't stop eating. All I can think of is that I might have killed my son."
"It's a start."
"You remembered my story."
"You're not going to make it to Happy Hour. Let it go."

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