Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supernatural - We've Won the Poll, Now Let's Make It Count

First off, can I get a WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! We did it! We won the Spoiler TV 2011 Best Show Contest. It was a hard fight and it took Supernatural fans around the world coming together to prevail! First and foremost, we should all be proud of our fandom. To paraphrase Jared Padalecki, we are the little fandom that could and DID! It is a privilege to be part of that.

However, this is just the first step. While it makes us feel awesome that we support the best show on TV and we have thousands of reasons to be proud, it doesn't help Supernatural if the Powers That Be don't know about it. So step two is actually the most crucial. It's time to get the word out to the CW and Warner Brothers. Ultimately, they are the ones that decide if Supernatural gets renewed or not and we want to make it clear that we are here, we are numerous, we are watching, and we are making both companies money. In fact, we want 10 seasons and this is how we campaign for them.

1. We need to get more people watching Supernatural. The best place to start is on SpoilerTV. We need to talk up why we love Supernatural and hopefully convince people to watch it. Let's start by posting why we love Supernatural here: SPTV Winner Announcement Remember to always be respectful even if someone is slamming us or our show. It only makes the people who slam us look bad and may make others try Supernatural out because of our awesome response.

2. Make sure the CW knows what we've done.

A. Let's slam their feedback box for good this time. We already broke it in January to complain. Now we are going to break it with praise for our show. We want to - thank them for renewing Supernatural, give specific positive praise to the show and its crew, and mention how the fandom rallied to win the SPTV contest. This is NOT the time to complain or say what you want to happen in season 7. This is about building goodwill with Mark Pedowitz, the new head of the CW. He already likes the show. We want him to LOVE the Supernatural fans! Post comments here! Goal - 3,000 fans

B. Post to the CW FaceBook page. I've started the thread but we want to get 2,000 fans to comment. In fact, we want it to be the most commented thread of the summer. This will get the CW's attention and show how strong our fandom is in a positive way. Again, comments on how you love the show and what it means to you are crucial. NO negatives please. Comment thread here. Goal - 2,000 fans

C. Flood the CW lounge with lots of praise for Supernatural also. Again, keep it positive and emphasize why Supernatural deserves the title Best Show and how dedicated you are to it. Also, start new threads about why people love Supernatural, why people should watch it, etc. CW Lounge here. Thread here. Goal - 2,000 fans

3. We also need to get the word out to Warner Brothers. They produce Supernatural and sell it to the CW. In all honesty, they have the most interest in Supernatural because they get the majority of the money from it. Best news - ratings don't matter to them so EVERY FAN counts to them. Because of this, we want to emphasize that we spend money on Supernatural when talking to them. They profit from international TV rights, syndication on TNT, the anime, DVD's, Supernatural magazine, the comics, the novels, cons, and well anything that isn't made by fans and uses Supernatural words or graphics. This is NOT the place to talk illegal downloading.

We need them to know how much we financially support Supernatural because if they can make enough money through these things, sometimes they will discount the show to the network making it easier for renewal. We're going to concentrate on the WB FaceBook page but if you know of other places too, go for it and please let us know in the comments. WB thread here. Goal - 3,000 fans

So the real work has just begun. Don't let this victory on SPTV go to waste. Let's milk it for everything we can so that the CW and WB know just how positively passionate we are about Supernatural. The cast and crew are busy working hard for us. It's the least we can do for them. We've already proved what we can do with 1 vote and 48 hours. Now, let's make it count!

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