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Supernatural - Favorite 12th Episode - Poll

The SpoilerTV Best Show Contest has ended and Supernatural pulled out a win again against a hard hitting competitor in Fringe. First off, congratulations to everyone who participated. The Supernatural fandom really pulled together to campaign on this one.

So now that the contest is over, we can continue with our Supernatural episode polls. Yeah! When we last left off, Abandon All Hope won the 10th episode poll with 190 votes and 41.67% of the vote. Caged Heart took a distant second with 65 votes and 14.25%. The winner of the 11th episode poll was no a shock - Mystery Spot with 270 votes and 55.67% of the vote. After that came Appointment in Samarra with 134 votes and 27.63%. Point of interest - season 5's The End has won by the greatest margin so far in the contest with a whopping 61.92% and every episode has had at least one vote, including Bugs with 1 vote and All Dogs Go to Heaven with 3 votes. I'm thinking they were a pity thing.

Just a reminder of how things work before we start with today's choices. Every poll is open for 24-36 hours, always ending at 11:59 pm CST in the USA. You get one vote - no repeat voting. Since the point of this contest is pass time in hellatus, everyone is encouraged to respectfully comment about their choice. It's even more fun if you rank them or tell what you thought of each. Obviously, everything is a person's opinion so please share yours. With that in mind, I share my opinion also and here's my opinion of these episodes:

Twelve must be a magical number for SPN because I find I like these choices better than most. 3 are in my Top Episodes list and only one is in my Worst Episodes list. Which of course makes voting a whole lot harder.

Faith - Faith ties for my best episode of season 1 along with Devil's Trap. There is nothing I don't like about this episode from the introduction of reapers to Sam protecting Dean to the stellar music. We get Vulnerable!Dean in the wooby hoodie and that devastating phone call Sam makes to John. (Shameless promotion - My recap of Faith should be posted on Monday or Tuesday, here and on my blog. Fair warning - Faith cemented my utter hatred of John.)

Nighshifter - Ronald Resnick is one of my favorite PiP's of all time. Who can forget Mandroid and laser eyes. I loved Ronald and was so disappointed when he died. Still, the shapeshifter hunt was awesome, it introduced another favorite character Victor Henrickson, and nothing ever fit as well in Supernatural than Renegade by Styx playing at the end. "We are so screwed." Yep, you were but it made for awesome TV.

Jus in Bello - Again we have Victor Henrickson and again we have a top episode. This is another of those perfect Supernatural episodes. I love the introduction of Lilith, Nancy is fabulous, and we got "I shot the sheriff.......But you didn't shoot the deputy." Bwah! This is one of the best mytharc episodes in Supernatural history. Plus, it contains one of Dean's most clever plans. Well, until Lilith killed my favorites (stop doing that SPN).

Criss Angel is a Douche Bag - I didn't dislike this episode near as much as most people. I thought the story line was awesome and I enjoyed the "old-timer" magicians. It had some funny parts but this one is pretty middle ground.

Swap Meat - Ugh. This may be the episode I have seen the least because there is nothing that grabs me in it. I am not a fan of body swapping episode in general and found this one to be juvenile for the most part.

Like a Virgin - OK, I admit it. One of the reasons I like this episode so much is because the CW royally screwed us over it by premiering it one week later after an already too-long hiatus. This one benefits from the fandom for me. However, it also kicks starts a new and improved Dean and Sam relationship starting with that awesome hug. That alone makes it gold in my book. Plus, I liked the Mother of All story line. Especially when I thought it was going somewhere.

So there you have it - my opinions. The brilliance of many 12th episodes make up for the suckiness of the 13th ones for me. What do you think? What's your favorite? Vote your choice and don't forget that comments are the birthday cake of life.

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