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Supernatural - Favorite 13th Episode - Poll

We're over halfway through our Supernatural favorite episode contest. While it looks like Jus in Bello will win for favorite 12th episode, the poll is not officially over yet so I will post the results in the next poll.

Today we have the battle of bad episodes. Now please don't get me wrong. When I say a bad episode of Supernatural, I still recognize that it is probably better than anything else that aired that week. To be honest, I would rather watch Bugs (my least favorite episode) on constant repeat than a new episode of 3/4 of most TV shows' best episodes. Yes, Supernatural is that good. But since this poll doesn't compare Supernatural to other shows, I am confident in saying episode 13 by and large sucks in all seasons for me. It's close to 6th episodes for me but that poll was saved by Skin.

Three of the 6 episodes are on my worst list, 1 moved up from that list just last month when I updated for season 6, and two fall in the meh category. Not an episode here could take my top 4 from yesterday with most falling below my #5, Criss Angel... too. So without further ado, here's why I don't like the following episodes. Feel free to tell me why I am crazy in the comments below.

Route 666 - I can sum up why this is my 3rd least favorite Supernatural episode of all time in 3 words - racist killer truck. Really nothing else needs to be said, but when you add one of the worst guest actresses in SPN history, you get an episode that tanks all around. Perhaps the script called for Cassie to act like a plank of wood because she sure made a good fence post. The only reason why this episode isn't dead last for me is because it had some good lines.

Houses of the Holy - I rewatched this episode last month and it was better than I remembered it to be. I think the SpongeBob place mat altar did it. Still, it was awkward in many places and out-of-character in others. I tend to not like when Supernatural takes on religion and this is one of the worst.

Ghostfacers - This episode tends to split the fandom. I'm on the "It's awful" side. In all honesty, I'm not as big a fan of Hell House as most people largely because I found Ed and Harry more annoying than funny. Ghostfacers was worse. However, my real problem is that this is the only episode that I find personally insulting as a fan. We had spent months of no new Supernatural because of the writer's strike. When that was finally resolved, we were told there would only be 4 more episodes. We lost 6 episodes. When we had last left off, Dean was going to hell, Ruby was manipulating Sam, and Lilith had just killed off some fabulous PiP's in a police station. They had 4 episodes left to resolve what had been my favorite season up to that point. AND THEY WASTED IT ON THIS MESS!!! That irritates me to no end as do the next 2 episodes. A season so chock full of potential and they squandered 3 of the 4 episodes they were given. I take that personally.

After School Special - Dean wears tight shorts and Sam learns the consequences of losing your temper with a bully. It really did seem like a 70's after school special. Generally I am a big fan of flash back episodes but not so much this one. Part of it is that I thought Brock Kelly overacted and the writing was inconsistent at best. Part of it is that I felt like they hammered the moral of Words Hurt into my head, something Supernatural usually does not do. Colin Ford is by far the highlight of this meh episode.

The Song Remains the Same - This is the winner for me...by default. It would never make it in any of the other polls. Young John and Mary were great as usual and the scene in the Impala where John sounds just like a dad was priceless. However, retconning Anna into Smiter Angel didn't work for me and it continues the de-sainthood of Mary. The Mary - Anna fight scene did rock my world though. A decent show but not one I'd rave about.

Unforgiven - Like straw in a scarecrow, this episode was season 6 filler to me. A place holder until we could get to Cas and Eve. (Yes, we have had this conversation before but nothing you say will make me believe this episode or Mannequin did anything but fill time.) The best part was in the last 2 minutes when Sam's wall came tumbling down. The black and white shots emphasized that Sam was not Sam, but as we had 12 previous episodes proving this it added little to the mytharc. The case was meh and I detest spiders so a literal Spider-Man did less than nothing for me. Blech.

Feel free to sound off on how I am too hard on these episodes and how I didn't talk about the best parts. After all, comments are like that one good push on a swing that soars you past hellatus.

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