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Supernatural - Favorite 16th Episode - Poll

The favorite 14th episode poll was much closer than I expected. The winner was Born Under a Bad Sign with 45% of the votes (151 votes total). With 34% and 112 votes, My Bloody Valentine came in second. Currently for the 15th episode, The French Mistake is winning. It's nice to see season 6 getting some love too. Today, we start the 16th episodes where I will once again NOT be voting with the majority. Let's just say On the Head of a Pin is the odds-on Vegas favorite here with a likely Dark Side of the Moon runner up. Reminder - due to its shortened season, we will run the last 2 episodes of season 3 against the last two episodes of the other seasons. Without further ado, comments make hiatus bearable and here are your choices.

Shadow - This episode gave us Meg, who we knew was a demon, and John, who unexpectedly showed up. Finally. But more importantly, it gave us the really cool shadow monsters (daevas). I liked this season 1 episode because the pace moved well, there was humor ("upstairs brain"), and I liked Meg better when she stopped pretending and embraced her inner skank. Yes it was wildly overacted but it was campy fun.

Roadkill - Roadkill has the benefit of completely surprising me and great guest acting. I loved how it revealed Molly to be the ghost and portrayed Jonah as a good man whose ghost was twisted by anger and regret. That being said, I find this one more forgettable than most.

On the Head of a Pin - This is an excellent episode that I am not voting for. It has Dean torturing Alastair and then Alastair giving it right back. There is angel betrayal and the biggest shock of the season after learning Sam was addicted to demon blood. But with the shock of the first seal reveal, we also get one of the most angsty episodes in Supernatural history. I don't enjoy seeing the brothers broken this much and it establishes a 3 year pattern of them losing more than they win. That is my biggest issue with Supernatural right now and this episode is far too depressing for me to truly enjoy it.

Dark Side of the Moon - Again with the angst overload. I didn't like this episode, but it did have its moments. The firework scene may have more fanwork created from it than anything but the hugs. It was awesome! We got the return of Ash, whom many people who aren't me really missed, and Pamela, who was as enjoyable as ever. We learned that John sucked before the fire, watched the return of Evil Mommy Mary, and were thrown into a religious episode I'm surprised people didn't protest. Mostly though, we got disillusioned Cas and Dean and a trashed amulet. While it had tremendous meaning in that scene, I want the amulet back!

And Then There Were None - Grandpa Creepy and the Campbell Soup Army got ganked! Now that's how you throw a party. Unfortunately Rufus died too and that sucked out loud. We had some Christian bashing again but then moved to the herpes monster and things rocked from that point on. Highlights: FBI Bobby, Bobby-Rufus back story, "Welcome to next time!". Bobby-GC verbal smackdown, herpes ear check - BWAH, and Rufus' funeral. This episode had humor, drama, and most importantly kept me on the edge of my seat through every commercial. It's up there in the most surprises Hall of Fame and Dean's forgiveness speech was absolutely needed. All in all, an A+ episode for me. One of the best of season 6.

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Past Winners:

Lazarus Rising (season 4)
Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester (season 4)
Bad Day at Black Rock (season 3)
The End (season 5)
Simon Said (season 2)
Skin (season 1)
The Usual Suspects (season 2)
Changing Channels (season 5)
Croatoan (season 2)
Abandon All Hope (season 5)
Mystery Spot (season 3)
Jus in Bello (season 3)
The Song Remains the Same (season 5)
Born Under a Bad Sign (season 2)

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