Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Supernatural - Favorite 14th Episode - Poll

Congratulations to Jus in Bello for the win for favorite 12th episode with 113 votes and 42%. In second was Faith at 23% with 61 votes. Currently The Song Remains the Same is winning for favorite 13th episode. Final results will be posted tomorrow. Today we look at the 14th episodes, which for me are again on the subpar side but not near as bad as the last poll. My prediction - Born Under a Bad Sign wins by a landslide. Don't forget to comment.

Nightmare - On the plus side, it rapidly expanded the mytharc into Azazael's special kids. On the negative, Max. I don't think there was a whinier "bad guy" in Supernatural. Yes, he had plenty of reasons to be disturbed. No, I didn't want to watch it.

Born Under a Bad Sign - There is a lot of good in this episode. The beginning was very confusing and I hated all the "just kill me" emoangsting in the middle, but you have got to love the Sam possessed angle. When possessed Sam channeled his inner Meg, literally, this episode really took off. Basically, I'm split on this episode because the first half made me cringe but the second half had me riveted.

Long-Distance Call - And we're in one of my least favorite episodes of season 3. Not only did it completely waste another episode in a shortened season, but the monster is one of my least favorite. It had some humor and who could forget "And we're walking...walking..And we're not touching that.." The tour guide rocked. The rest of the episode, not so much.

Sex and Violence - I liked this episode more than i ever expected to. I think it is because I had never seen a siren story where the siren was male. I loved that twist and I think it showed how far the brother relationship had deteriorated. Plus, Bobby saves the day. that's always awesome!

My Bloody Valentine - I find this the goriest episode of Supernatural of all and I am not a fan of gore. I watch this episode very seldom and even then I don't watch the whole thing. I know this is a big hit with the gore fans but I didn't like Famine and I don't like this episode.

Mannequin 3: The Reckoning - Also known as filler #2. Both it and it's partner Unforgiven are on my worst of season 6 list. There was no point to this episode, the conversation with the blow-up doll may be the creepiest part of season 6, and the ending is only surpassed by Frontierland int he number of anvils that fell on my head. With the exception of the Dean-Lisa-Ben scenes, this episode was worthless. And poor Impala, getting possessed again. Someone get her an anti-possession tattoo.

Vote and don't forget to leave your comment and/or ranking. Comments are that favorite old song that suddenly comes on the radio at the end of a bad day.

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