Monday, August 17, 2015

Teen Wolf - Bingo Card - 5.09

As you get prepared to watch tonight's new Teen Wolf, why not play along with our Teen Wolf Bingo?  It's much safer than a drinking game and just as much fun.  I tweaked some spaces earlier to make it a little easier, including adding one for a main character (cough Stiles cough) cries since that seems to be happening a lot this season.  As always, if you have a suggestion for the Bingo card either tweet me it @Dahne1 or put it in the comments below.   Also if you are live tweeting tonight's episode, let me know so I can add you to the Tweetfeed list.  Teen Wolf is always better when we react together,

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Teen Wolf Bingo - 5.09
Someone bleeds on hospital floorA main character criesWerewolf powers go wonkyLydia finds something horribleScott/Stiles asks if someone's okay
Awkward talk in locker roomKira acts awkward or stuttersA formerly "dead" person appearsSlow motion for no reasonKira uses her sword belt
Someone in school when shouldn't beScott/Stiles bromance momentStiles snarksSomeone gives a stirring speechAnyone says "true alpha"
Malia makes inapropos commentSomeone's shirtlessSomeone rationalizes supernatural eventsBig plot twistIt rains in Beacon Hills
Someone growlsProduct placed phone shotRecurring character bleedsDeaton is no help at allA party breaks out

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