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Quote of the Week - Week of July 26

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Dominion -
1. William: "Dad, you don't want to sleep through your own death. Trust me, that last burst of adrenaline is killer." (Blue Star)
2. William (after David is punched): "Don't think they're really in the mood to talk." (Blue Star)
3. Gabriel: "Bourbon is whiskey." (Blue Star)
4. General Riesen: "If we want to kill an angel, we had better think like one." (Blue Star)
5. Dominion - Michael (referring to Alex): "If you harm him, Gabriel, I will kill you." Gabriel: "Will that also be as my brother?" (Blue Star)

Humans -
1. Odi: "Hello, George. What can I d d-do for you today, George?" George: "Sorry, Odi. You're going to be on your own." Odi: "We are not alone, George. Mary is in the next room. She's preparing eggs Benedict. Your favourite. Waiting for you. She would not let me help because last time, I over-cooked the eggs. In Spain. Tarragona. It was extremely hot that day. You ate three oranges from a tree. [PAUSE] You have died, George." (Sandi)
2. Sophie: "Has your hair always been like that?" Niska: "Has your face always been like that?" Mia: "Nis - Be nice." Niska: "Why does everyone keep saying that?" (Sandi)
3. Mattie: "So you really can't forget? That's handy." Leo: "It's the opposite. We need to be able to forget. Fade the bad, perfect the good. But my memories, the good and the bad, every one is crystal clear, and we're not built for that, emotionally." (Sandi)
4. Sophie: "I wish I was a Synth." Niska: "Why?" Sophie: "Because Synths are never sad." Niska: "Why do you say that?" Sophie: "Because they never cry." Niska: "They can't cry. But that doesn't mean they don't feel sad." (Sandi)

Major Crimes -
1. Provenza: "And you buy that picture? I mean I've seen more convincing images of Bigfoot."  (Dahne)
2. Jerry: "Every bit of information that's relevant to the Clark disappearance is indexed on these flash drives." Provenza: "What am I supposed to do with this?" Jerry: "I don't know. Retire."
3. Buzz: "Maybe Shea's ready for Hollywood, too. He's already taking credit for other people's work.."
4. Taylor: "Shea could have been here." Buzz: "He will be when he tells people about it." Sharon: "We're just giving a surprise ending to his novel."
5. Jerry: "Besides, I still wouldn't rule the Clarks out." Provenza: "Well, yeah. Why should we rule them out? I mean, they certainly seem like the kind of people that would murder their only son and then bury him under a hot tub in a drug dealer's backyard!"

Proof - Priest: "Faith in ourselves, for some of us that's harder than faith in God." (Blue Star)

Rizzoli & Isles -
1. Angela: "Greeks use Windex. Rizzolis use duct tape."  (Dahne)
2. Frankie: "I'll get on it [sighs] Right after I cancel the plans I had - for the rest of my life."
3. Maura: "Okay, you have a birthday coming up. Wouldn't it be nice to just get something you really want?" Jane: "I really want a cause of death."
4. Jane: "Did you ever play "Clue"? Two people in a room. One person's dead; the other person's covered in blood. Who's the murderer?" Maura: "Well, I think it's the person that left their fingerprints on the murder weapon."

Stitchers -
1. Rick: "What? Is this Bring Your Kids to Work Day?" Kirsten: "Oh no, no, no. It's Interrogate a Douche Day. Go ahead, Dad."  (Dahne)
2. Cameron: "You're a person of science, okay? You're not supposed to believe in magic." Kirsten: "Science is just magic that hasn't been explained."
3. Cameron: "Something here doesn't make sense. Let's go poke it with a stick."
4. Cameron: "Why don't we ask the psychic Solaris who killed her? Maybe she can tell us. Give us some stock tips, too." Maggie: "I'd prefer a more scientific approach." Camille: "Yeah, stitching is basically talking to ghosts. Well it is."
5. Cameron: "You've concocted an image of what you think Mia's party will look like." Kirsten: "Right, because I really want neon to come back."

Teen Wolf -
1. Scott: "We keep an eye on each other today, okay?" Stiles: "Yes, and keep an eye out for 8 other potentially homicidal chimeras." Kira: "And keep an eye out for the dread doctors." Stiles: "I'm starting to see the appeal of a third eye."  (Dahne)
2. Lydia: "My mom's book club usually has more wine." Stiles: "Well they also probably didn't read books that cause violent hallucinations."
3. Sheriff: "You said that…uh, these guys…" Malia: "Dread Doctors." Sheriff: "Are we really calling 'em that?"
4. Sydney: "It's stress. I've tried everything - medication, acupuncture, hypnosis." Lydia: "Have you tried not taking the hardest classes in school?"
5. Stiles: "I thought this was more of an auditory thing." Lydia: "I still want to see what I'm hearing." Stiles: "Makes sense."
6. Theo: "Isn't everyone a little weird in high school?"

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