Monday, July 20, 2015

Teen Wolf - 5.05 - Bingo Card

It's Teen Wolf time so that means Teen Wolf Bingo cards.  Also if you haven't voted for Stiles' Jeep in the Character Cup (TV Vehicle division), go to the following link and scroll down.  I tweaked some spaces this week.  Also out with Greenberg and Douche Dad and in with Jeep woes and Mason lust.  That should make it a little easier.  As always, if you have a suggestion for the Bingo card either tweet me it @Dahne1 or put it in the comments below.   If you are live tweeting tonight's episode, also let me know so I can add you to the Tweetfeed list.

Bingo Card Links:


Set of 8

Make Your Own


Teen Wolf Bingo - 5.05
Someone liesRecurring character bleedsSomeone rationalizes supernatural eventsMalia makes inapropos commentSomeone kisses
Kira uses her sword beltSomeone growlsDeath in school, woods, or hospitalSomeone's eyes glowMalia looks confused and/or kick butt
A party breaks outLydia finds something horribleSomeone implies Liam's specialA formerly "dead" person appearsSomeone plays lacrosse
Someone in school when shouldn't beLydia stares blankly into spaceA formerly "dead" person appearsSomeone is thrown against a wallBig plot twist
Awkward talk in locker roomScott/Stiles bromance momentA parent is helpfulMason has dating / lust issuesDeaton is no help at all

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