Saturday, December 31, 2011

Supernatural - Midseason Poll - Season 7 Final and Comedy Poll Run-Off

As we head into the final round for the best season 7 episode so far, we say goodbye to 2 great episodes: Hello, Cruel World and Slash Fiction (my personal choice). That leaves us with Death's Door and Meet the New Boss, also the two most voted in the preliminary round. An easy choice for me, but possibly harder for others.

In other news, we need a run-off vote for the Best Comedy poll. We hit a snafu in the numbers (not enough episodes if I cut it off at one spot, too many if I cut it off at another) so we need to do a run off of episodes that didn't get enough votes to qualify. The top 6 get into the actual contest, which will put us at an even 32 episodes. This contest will run for less than 24 hours (about 8:00 pm St. Louis time) so I have time to create the Best Comedy Episode poll and put it up by midnight tomorrow night. This will hopefully allow us to end the polls right as the hellatus is ending. Please pass the word and don't forget to cast your 2 votes.

Finally don't forget to nominate your favorite Supernatural song (nominations end tomorrow) and favorite song-to-scene (nominations end in 2 days).

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