Sunday, January 1, 2012

Supernatural - Midseason Polls - Favorite Comedy Episode Round 1

It's finally here! The nominations have been tallied. The final episodes have been voted into the contest. Now it's time to determine the best Supernatural comedy episode so far. Typically, beginning rounds are easier so hopefully there's no hair pulling today. In order to get this contest done as close to one week as possible, voting will end at 9:00 PM St. Louis time (about 22 hours of voting). This will allow me to put up the next set of polls by midnight my time each day or hopefully earlier. Happy voting and remember, comments are the fireworks of life. There's no wrong way to vote so please share why you voted the way you did.

Other Supernatural polls and nominations still open: Ranking polls for the ultimate episode contest this summer - round 4 (until midnight), round 5 and round 6. Nominations for best song (ends tonight at midnight) and best song-to-scene (ends tomorrow).

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