Monday, January 2, 2012

Supernatural - Midseason Polls - Favorite Comedy Episode 1.5

By a mere 27 votes, we crown Death's Door the best season 7 episode so far. The tearjerker that might signal the end of a beloved character squeaked past Meet the New Boss. Now the question is will it remain the top choice once the rest of the season ends. We also have finished the first half of round 1 of the Supernatural Best Comedy Contest with Changing Channels, My Heart Will Go On, Hell House, Ghostfacers, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Monster at the End of This Book, Yellow Fever, and Frontierland moving on to the second round. Now it's time for the second half. Again, the definition of comedy varies a whole lot so happy voting! Remember that voting lasts until 9:00 PM St. Louis time so pass the word.

We also need to have a Best Song run-off to again get us to 32 nominees. I hope this contest makes people happier than the comedy one did. :-) There are some gems in here for me and I will have trouble choosing which 2 get my vote. Voting here will end at midnight tomorrow St. Louis time but the actual competition will not take place until the summer hellatus begins. I have a feeling we will need the distraction then.

If you haven't nominated your favorite song-to-scene please do so soon. Nominations close shortly. Also ranking poll #6 is open until midnight tomorrow.

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