Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Supernatural - Midseason Polls - Favorite Comedy Episode Round 2

Round 1 is complete and we head into round 2 of the Best Supernatural Comedy Episode Contest. We are left with 16 contenders and I think people will be happier with the choices today. Except for one, it's definitely easier for me to vote. Round 3 will be another story entirely. Again, voting here will close at 9 PM St. Louis time.

In other news, we are only a couple of hours from completing both the Best Song nominees and round 6 of the ranking polls. If you haven't voted yet, hurry. We also have the run-off for the Best Song-to-Scene nominees. Choose up to 2 songs. Remember this is not your favorite song but the one that fits mostly perfectly with the scene it is played in (lyrics, tempo, etc.).

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