Monday, December 26, 2011

Supernatural - Midseason Polls - Part 5

As we head out of the emoangst fest that is season 5, I heave a sigh of relief only to find that choosing episodes in season 6 isn't always easy either. Besides round 3, there are no easy answers today. I do however toss 2, count 'em, two votes to Dabb & Loflin creations, the only time I've ever liked their writing. Of course Dean and Sam weren't in one of them much so that makes sense. Thanks to everyone who has voted and commented. This is the penultimate round so tomorrow will be the last of the preliminaries until the summer hellatus. Enjoy! Don't forget to add what other polls you would like to see for the remainder of winter hellatus. We've got to have something to keep us busy! :-)

If you haven't voted for rounds 2-5, there is still time. Round 2 ends tomorrow night. You still have a little time for round 3 and round 4.

The plan: We will run the contest to see where episodes will rank over winter hiatus and the early part of summer hiatus. The top 100 episodes will be ranked by how they do in this contest. The bottom 49 episodes will go head to head to see which ones make it into the contest. The reason for this is that the brackets only work with 128 episodes. This will still allow each episode to go head to head to determine the Best Supernatural Episode.

Unlike the actual contest in the summer, preliminaries will be open for at least one week each. Everyone still only gets 1 vote per IP address though. Voting will be in 6 episode batches by order in which they aired and everyone can vote for 3 episodes per batch. Feel free to sound off in the comments about why you chose what you did.

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