Monday, December 12, 2011

Supernatural - 7.08 - Season 7, Time for a Wedding - Recap

Warning - I hate Becky. Along with Missouri Mosley, she's the most irksome character to grace Supernatural. In fact since she's had more screen time, she officially surpasses Missouri, making her all-time most irritating. (I reserve the right to change my mind if they bring Missouri back like they threaten.) However, even more than my distaste for Becky is my utter disdain for writers Dabb and Loflin. It's rare they write a decent episode much less one I like. Thus, my opinion going into this episode was at rock bottom. I'm glad because I liked it better than many. It won't make my must rewatch list but it wasn't the worst episode ever. That honor still goes to Bugs. In fact, it might not even be the worst episode this season. Of course that would require a rewatch so it will remain a mystery.

Previously - Dean wasn't coping, Dean lied to Sam about Amy, I hoped no one would mention Amy again, Dean and Sam argued about Amy, Amy was a drain on the season, Sam left, Dean and Sam worked together in Psychic USA, it was gory, Sam rejoined Dean, Sam understood why Dean killed Amy, Chuck wrote Supernatural books and remains unforgiven for introducing Becky to SPN, Becky takes 2 minutes to annoy everyone, Becky crushed on Sam, Sam tried to avoid Becky - poor Sam.

In Las Vegas, Dean hits on a strip-club waitress working her way through grad school. Good for her. Dean smiles. "This is my I-dig-smart-chicks look." Dean digs chicks period - smart, dumb, blonde, brunette, really any woman into him. Nice to see this Dean back. Waitress asks about Dean's story. "You came in here acting like someone shot your puppy." Dean snarks, "Well things are looking up now that your shift's over." She smartly avoids deflection so Dean explains that a friend has a younger brother whose "cannon's a little loose. You know, his reactor blew awhile back. It's not good. My friend, he's uh, kind of been sitting, waiting to see if he goes guano." Waitress thinks the brother has but nope. "The kid's all reasonable now considering he's crazy." Dean backtracks on crazy but if you hear/see Lucifer talk to you, it qualifies as crazy. Well, except when a skanky demon tricks you into raising Lucifer so he really is walking and talking. On Supernatural you have to specify. Dean calls Sam's recovery a miracle but gripes that he is taking a "granola-munching hike in the desert by himself" during their annual Vegas trip. Perhaps this is good Dean. Except they just spent 10 days apart because of Amy. Maybe it's Sam's way of cooling off still. If so, I applaud it. Waitress: "Maybe he just needs some time alone. We all have to face ourselves sometime." Dean agrees and she says, "Wasn't talking about him." I'm immediately suspicious this will lead to another Dabb and Loflin right turn into character assassination and anvil-dropping. After all, every time they write the brothers they end up unsympathetic and out-of-character. I don't need a Dean introspective that leaves him looking like a jerk or imbecile, a Dabb-Loflin specialty. Sam texts Dean to come to 348 Twain Ave in a suit. As the waitress walks away, she says, "See. Baby bro needs you after all." My eyes roll hard as I mentally prepare to get through this episode.

348 Twain Ave ends up being Little White Chapel, home of the 24 hour drive-up wedding window. Ha! I wonder if they have a celebrity discount. Dean walks in hesitantly since there's no obvious crime scene, drawing a gun when lights flicker. The music is suspenseful and if you didn't see previews, you'd expect anything but….Sam opening the door with a pink boutonnière. He has Dean put the gun away and pushes him near a piano. Dean: "I thought you were off becoming one with the land or some c**." Sam puts a pink boutonnière on Dean with what looks even after a second glance like a paperclip. Dean questions; Sam responds, "Apparently pink is for loyalty." I don't think that's what he meant, Sam. Dean guesses wedding crashers in pursuit of a siren. Sam counters he's in love and getting married. Dean and I both give the "say what" glare but Sam wants congratulations. Dean manages, "What?" They are interrupted by the wedding march and a veiled bride. Dean looks on in confusion. I brace myself for…..Becky. The bane of Supernatural meta. Dean is stunned, Becky is happy, and we get the most awesome title card ever. A wedding cake bursts into Leviathan goo with a hurtling plastic bride and groom. Fantastic! Best part of the episode.

We open to Becky holding Sam's wedding-ringed hand while Dean blathers about Becky asking permission to marry Sam. Makes absolutely no sense. He bites back words to ask how this fiasco happened with a fake smile on his face. Sam exposits dinner and a wedding. Nothing fishy about that. Dean: "I guess I'm all caught up." BWAH! "You know what, ignoring everything, have you forgotten the average life span of your hook-ups?" Becky overexcites that she knows about Sam's exploits from reading about them in the Supernatural books. I'm suddenly more squicked out by this than any gore ever shown. Yuck! She says she's going into their marriage with open eyes and like Dean, I feel sick. I can't take a whole episode of Becky. Sam falls on the "seize the day when good actually visits them since the past shows it won't last the episode" philosophy. Normally I'd jump on a bit of fun but Sam's been love charmed and it won't end well. Dean: "OK Dead Poets Society, fine." Ah, Dead Poets Society - I'd rather be watching that. Dean wonders if Becky's even human and she assures him they ran all the tests. "See, not a monster. Just the right girl for your brother." Um…can't even comment here. Preacher hands Becky the bill and she leaves to pay. My stomach thanks her. Dean freaks out: "Really? Superfan99?" Sam explains that Becky's really sweet beyond her obsessive uberfangirl tendencies and he regrets treating her badly. I beg Dean to cold clock Sam and smuggle him out. Dean finds Becky's appearance during their annual Vegas week suspicious; Sam thinks it's kismet and calls Dean paranoid. I feel extremely sorry for Sam because this love potion has to come with a killer hangover. Sam: "How about this? Becky and I are going to go up to her place in Delaware. Um, why don't you try to wrap your dome around it? Get a little supportive. Then give us a call." Sam joins a joyous Becky as she tweets her new status. Dean calls Bobby with the update before heading to Delaware to figure out what the heck is going on.

In Pine Creek, Delaware, Becky stops at a restaurant where her 10 year reunion is being planned. Becky seems a lot younger than 28 to me. She interrupts Jocelyn, obviously the high school mean girl, to RSVP. Jocelyn sucks so Becky rubs Sam in her face as Jocelyn goes into visible heat in his presence. I snicker. Becky earns a wee bit of sympathy right until she tweets her victory and I sigh again. She hugs a handsome black man named Guy who is shocked but excited about the wedding, then blanches in humiliation as Becky over shares about the erotic horror section of the local book store. I feel his pain. I didn't need to hear that info either. Guy is into event planning and black magic, slipping Becky a bottle of what I presume is love potion. I guessed as much but it's nice to have confirmation. (Aside - Rain doesn't do Becky's split ends any favors. HDTV is wonderful but it's murder on hair issues and acne cover-up. Sometimes I'd rather not see all these details.) Dean pulls up to the restaurant while Sam and Becky pull out. I guess brother lowjack still comes in handy. However I'm surprised neither Sam nor Becky see him pull in. He's not exactly subtle about it. Perhaps it's the potion. Dean enters the restaurant and pulls out John's journal which obviously did not get toasted in Bobby's house explosion. A newspaper mentions a lottery winner's freak accident death and everyone's immediately suspicious. Maybe it's not just the love potion.

Later, Sam waits to eat take-out chicken dinner as Becky enters in a teddy. Sam compliments her while I frantically tweet, "Please do not make me watch Sam and Becky have sex!" Several in Twitter-verse agree as the world's supply of brain bleach dwindles instantly. Luckily, Sam's drug wears off as Becky asks "Sammy" what's wrong. That's wrong! Sam asks where he's at and freaks as Becky kisses him. Into a champagne glass she pours potion that looks amazingly like the anti-vamp stuff Dean threw up in LFoT, forcing it down Sam's throat. I throw up when Sam says he feels better "now that I'm with you." It's instinct though since Becky isn't near as annoying as usual this episode. Still more annoying than virtually any other character in SPN history but not "please thrust an ice pick in my brain to relieve me from the torture" annoying. I'm shocked and sniff my water to make sure I'm not potioned. I think I'm fine. But then again so does Sam. Luckily we switch to Random Guy at batting practice, or Next Victim. I'm surprised we're only 12 minutes into the episode. Feels like 30. A generic hooded guy whose posture screams "I wish I were as awesome as the villains I see in the movies, but I can only muster emo-kid" looks on. He twitches his hand and the automatic pitcher goes wild, breaking the bat and offing the batter. I don't feel sorry for the guy because he gets up and looks right at the machine. Seriously, haven't you heard of duck and cover or crawl away? It makes a particularly gruesome shot though when the ball punches right into his face and blood splatters on a camera we didn't know was there. Hooded smiles cheesily. I officially think he's lame.

We transition at an odd angle, looking up at Dean and his waffle iron wedding present. (snicker) Deans hands it to a surprised Sam. "Me being supportive. Congratulations to you and the Missus." Ha! Dean points out special features of said waffle iron but he has as much of a clue as I do. Not all waffles come frozen in a box? Who knew? He's more clear about the case where people's dreams come true (lottery, Major Leagues) only to die the next week. Becky and Sam already know. They thought crossroad demon but the timetable's wrong. There's an impressive and neat Wall of Death opposite a Supernatural book poster starring shirtless hunks, which makes me squirm and snicker. Dean questions Becky's involvement in the case. "I don't know what kind of mojo you are working but believe me I will find out." Sam points out Becky's his wife; Dean points out Sam's royally screwed. "You married Becky Rosen." How sad that this is now canon. Becky claims they're happy, but Dean points out that marrying Sam is Becky's version of winning the lottery or making it to the majors. Good point. Sam wants Dean to accept them, but Dean counters, "Or maybe she is part of it because for whatever reason, you're her dream. If you really do care about her, I'd be worried because people who do get their little fantasies or whatever seem to end up dead pretty quick." I'm for continuing the pattern but Sam responds, "You know I went after her, Dean. Maybe that's what's bugging you." Dean stops. Sam: "That I'm moving on with my life. I mean, you took care of me and that's great but I don't need you anymore." Ouch! Guess Dabb and Loflin decided to massacre Sam's character this time. At least he has an excuse. Dean shakes his head and leaves. Oops, spoke too soon. Dean is a jerk to Bobby on the phone when Bobby suggests he get another hunter to help him on the case. I really can't stand Dabb and Loflin.

Panning in on a preteen's notebook…, Becky's notebook that says Sam hearts Becky repeatedly, I hear "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" over and over again in my head. Becky has serious psychological problems. She sniffs the ink leaving a splash of red marker on her nose. Hmm, maybe close-ups of split ends are on purpose. Sam licks his thumb and wipes the marker off her nose. It's sweet but weird. As is his present of his and hers fake ids. I guess it's small things that make a love-potion based marriage work. Becky reads about a salesman's rapid ascent to CEO while Sam peruses the notebook. I'm sorry, but love potion or no, that has to freak him out. Sam instead finds it "beautiful," but I give him leeway because he looks just as spooked as I was before managing to spit the word out. Kudos to Jared! Even Becky's stunned into silence. They plan to "pretext" the CEO. I'm not sure what that means but they're using their new fake ids. Dean on the other hand meets his new partner Garth at the reunion restaurant. He slurps a milkshake and says he expected Dean to be taller. I wonder if this is the Garth Bobby mentioned in WaB. "No, Garth, not me the FBI, the real FBI! How are you still alive?" Odds are neither Becky nor Garth make it through the episode. One can only hope. Apparently Bobby is dealing with a nest of Leviathans in Oregon. Huh? Why wouldn't the brothers be there? This makes the least amount sense of anything this episode. Garth: "He said you'd be all surly and premenstrual working with me." Bwah! Dean scowls and focuses on the case while Garth checks out Marmaduke. I second Bobby's opinion of him.

Dean dresses in a spiffy sweater vest for the interview while I wonder if he's been potioned too. Garth is in a hideous brown tie and vinyl jacket. He must not hunt often. A witch snaps at a receptionist as Sam and Becky leave. Garth calls the situation awkward, Becky awkwardly glares at Dean scrunchy-faced, and Sam eagerly compliments Becky's interrogation skills before awkwardly asking about "scrawny guy". Dean: "Temp." BWAH! Funniest line of the night. Not relying on Becky's hunting skills, Dean and Garth begin interview #2 only to find sales guy doesn't know anything. Garth: "No offense. We were just wondering if you got here by nefarious means." Dean shoots him the death glare and he backtracks. "I didn’t mean, of course, corporate backstabbing. I'm sorry. I meant more like, uh you know, black magic or hoodoo." BWAAAHHH!!! Garth may be stupid but he's entertaining. He can stick around a bit. Dean laughs it off and asks what he felt like when his dreams came true. SalesGuy says, "It's not my big dream." Woah, back the truck up. He was happier in sales but the witch yelling at the receptionist is his wife and the anvil of finding bragging rights through your husband's success comes crashing down. In all honesty, I won't cry any tears if she dies either. SalesGuy: "Honestly, I haven't seen her happier." If that's her happy, I'd move when she's mad. Yikes! Sales Guy wants to resign but it would kill his wife. Get it? "Kill her." That wasn't too subtle was it? Didn't think so. They warn Witch of her untimely death but she threatens to call security. Garth confirms Dean sounded aggressive. I confirm that subtlety left the building ages ago. There's a reason Sam usually handles this part of the case. Speaking of, Sam worries about the job but Becky placates him as she texts about the honeymoon. Sam and I wince in pain as the background music hits shrill. Becky's screwed since the potion leaked all over her bag and none is left.

Witch barks at a chauffeur while Unhooded beams. He hand twitches as a huge chandelier falls. Luckily, Dean yanks Witch to safety. The chauffeur and I do not thank him. Unhooded scoots as Witch exposits her crossroad deal and I wonder why she traded her soul for her husband's career. Hasn't she heard of successful men leaving their wives for other women? Someone as plainly ambitious as she is should ask for her own success. Makes no sense again. Garth: "What kind of demon deal is this. Timeline's wack!" Witch freaks about demons; I'm utterly bored by her surprise. What did she think happened? Garth has a plan. Stash the girl, find Sam, and be home for America's Got Talent. I'm good until the last part. He tells Witch, "You'll be living with a triracial paraplegic sniper until this all blows over." Ha! While Dean ponders Garth taking charge, Becky frantically calls Guy who doesn't answer. Guess we know who the demon is. Sam winces in pain but when goes to call Dean, Becky brains him with the waffle iron. My tweet - "Well the waffle iron came in handy. Too bad it was used on wrong person." Sam wakes pants-less in a cabin I originally compared to Misery, but really looks nothing like it. He's tied to a bed with fishing sheets and likely has a terrible headache. Worst of all, Becky gets in his face and starts waving her fingers while yelling about concussions. It would be awesome payback if he vomited on her right now. Becky claims she's helping. I question her sanity again. Sam yells for his freedom. Thankfully Guy video chats and interrupts the awkward scene. Becky talks elixir and her ideal honeymoon. Like Sam, I want to leave here. At least there's no consummation going on. Becky: "Everything feels weird now." Now? Just now? Really? Guy agrees to meet her in one hour.

When Sam confronts Becky about love potions, she calls it "social lubricant;" Sam calls "roofie." I'm with Sam. She says he's happy with her, but the patented Sam scowl and bondage beg to differ. Sam claims Guy is killing people but Becky won't hear it. Becky: "No, he's just a wiccan. Wiccans are good like Glinda of Oz." Sam and I share a puzzled look. Sam: "You're not this stupid, Becky." The circumstances prove that statement untrue. Becky's an utter moron. Becky: "Whatever's killing people, it's something else." Sam: "It's never something else? When are there ever two crazy things in town at the same time?" How about now? Guy and Becky both qualify. Sam tries to get an unusually thick-brained Becky to understand she's next on the hit list. I find Becky really annoying and hard to watch, but even I don't think she's as stupid as portrayed here. Normally, I regret the Supernatural female curse, but today I might cheer out loud. Bah! She's the idiot supreme. Becky calls Guy her friend but Sam counters, "He's your dealer." Very true. Becky claims he can't be manipulating her because he gives her the elixir free. She even buys that the potion won't work unless Sam actually cares for her. The sooner she leaves the screen the faster my headache will cease. Sam: "So you think I love you?" Becky: "Deep, deep down." Nothing's that deep on earth sister. Sam demands her to untie him but Becky gags him so he can work through his emotions. My emotions are crystal clear. I hope Becky dies so I don't have to sit through her again. Unfortunately, we're running out of time and I'm not sure even these writers will kill off the person who metaphorically stands for the most extreme part of the fandom. I wouldn't want to get on their bad side either.

At Guy's 10-year crossroads reunion, Becky learns she's an utter fool. Guy says no more freebies. Becky: "But I thought we were besties." No one over 21 should use the word besties. Guy: "Oh honey, that is so depressingly Becky. I mean it's…you're so pathetic it actually loops back around again to cute." While I disagree that Becky's at all cute, I love your snark Guy. Becky offers a personal check but Guy wants her soul. I wonder if souls hold a person's personality because if so Guy might get the worst of the bargain. He red eyes so yep, crossroads demon. "Bingo bango" Ha! Crossroad demons love a good reunion. Everyone is so depressed and jealous they sign anything. One reason why I avoided my last one. That and the horrible 70's disco music they played at the previous one. Shouldn't reunions play either current hits or the music playing when you were in high school? Becky confronts him about the dead people but he claims "unfortunate accidents." She wants a guarantee a piano won't fall on her head if she agrees. "I'm not stupid." Again, the evidence clearly points otherwise. Guy tells her she's special. "Hey, I wasn't thrilled to see that your hubby was Sam freaking Winchester. I mean if he knew that I was here talking to you, he'd probably…" Becky: "Kick you’re a**." Guy: "Yes, and I'm very protective of my a**. It's one of my best features." How Crowley! It explains the awkward handshake when they met. He offers Becky 25 years, no mislaid pianos, in exchange for a blissed out Sam and absolutely no mention of his name to the Winchesters. "No one gets a deal like this Becky. Not kings. Not popes. I snap my fingers and Sam will love you for the rest of your life." I couldn't take 25 years with Becky so she may want a no suicide clause on Sam's part. Instead she asks for a drink. I'm reminded that Dean hasn't had anything alcoholic all episode. Hmmm. That's encouraging.

Dean and Garth break into Becky's apartment with Garth waving a gun. I'm offering Guy a 2 for 1 special. Take them both. Dean rolls his eyes and then shakes his head at Sam's wedding picture. I recoil at the huge orange and coral flowered wallpaper. That's hideous! Dean flips through the mail while Garth mentions @superbeckyrosen has 11 twitterers. Huh? Tweets? I take it Dabb and Loflin wrote this in September because coincidentally her profile has a list of tweets mentioned in the episode. She gained a whole lot of followers though since that time. Garth mentions one tweet in particular, "Going on romantic trip with hubster. 3 exclamation points. Guess she got excited." You have no idea Garth. Mysteriously, the hubster comment is missing from the actual Twitter account. I find it funny she has a Route 666 poster over her mirror. Did people like that episode? Perhaps it's Dabb and Loflin's reminder that we could be watching it and to stop complaining about this one. Only Route 666 had some really funny one-liners in it. This one not so much. Dean picks up a picture of Becky at the cabin. "That look romantic to you?" Garth: "Oh hell no. But I got this thing about fish. Dead eyes man." Neither Dean or I know how to take this comment so moving on. The back of the picture adds details and it's off to the very aptly named Loon Lake we go.

Alas we do so with Becky, lamenting the reunion is ruined since she can't show Sam off. "Not that anyone actually knows who you are. Supernatural's not exactly popular." Sad two ways. Supernatural, this episode withstanding, deserves far better ratings. But also, what was she going to do? Introduce her husband as a fictional character in a book? She'd look crazier than she already is. Sam mumbles his unhappiness through the gag but Becky rambles on with her head on his chest. I eye roll with Sam. Shut up, Becky! She bashes herself and relates with Sam's "character arc about being a freak." Becky: "Honestly the only place people understood me was the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal but at least we shared a common passion. And I'll take it you know." Let's pause and wonder if Dabb and Loflin speak for all SPN writers here. We are a grumpy lot. That I'll give them. Does this mean the SPN staff takes all our complaining and vocal bashing because they share our passion? Perhaps I'm being overly literal? I'll take Sam's huge sigh and eye roll as a yes. Becky rubs Sam's chest to his disgust and talks about dating Chuck. Guess it's hard when your ex disappears. "I think I intimidated him with my vibrant sexuality." Yep, I bet that's why Chuck dumped you. Go with that. "I just want someone who loves me for me. Is that too much to ask?" Perhaps asking the guy you've bound and gagged is the wrong audience. She removes Sam's gag. "If you want somebody to love you for you, maybe don't drug them." That would be a good start. Becky: "But I want you…" Egads, she sounds like a toddler pitching a fit in a toy store. Perhaps growing up would be a good start. Sam: "Becky, you're better than this." Really? Evidence? Bah!

At the post-reunion party place, Guy joins a drinking Becky and while the writers want me to believe she's selling her soul to keep Sam forever, I am immune to the blatant twist. Besides, even I would stop watching if I had to deal with Becky in the Impala every week. The camera pans in closely to Becky's face for no discernable reason. She tightens her jaw and attempts to look determined. Guy goes to "seal the deal with a kiss" when Becky torches the carpeting to reveal a circled pentagram. Hello demon trap. Um, why didn't the rest of the rug catch fire? Just because there is accelerant on one part doesn't means the non-accelerant part remains uncharred. Dean, Sam, and Garth enter. Garth: "Blueberry vodka. The answer to all life's problems." I feel cheated out of a Dean and Sam reunion but Guy's funny so okay. Becky annoyingly gloats about her awesomeness before putting herself in a corner where she belongs. Guy: "Dean Winchester. This is really thrilling. Hey, can I have your autograph?" Huh? Dean unsheathes Ruby's demon killing knife. "Sure. I'll carve it into your spleen." It's an awkward line and awkwardly delivered for once. Dean questions how he's cheating his victims out of years. "I'm not a cheater. I'm an innovator. It's called a loophole you moron." Now I'm confused. I thought the deal protected you from "accidents". Isn't that how Dean could be so reckless season 3? He couldn't die until the year ended. Pondering prevented by the sudden appearance of Hooded who throws our heroes halfway across the room. Down flies the knife, while Guy berates Hooded for his tardiness. Guarantees his death. Dean goes for the knife but Guy's already there. Good thing he has backup holy water and a memorized exorcism. Too bad Guy chokes him before he can finish it. Sam wakes in time to face Hooded and tells Becky to run. Run for the knife and make yourself useful. Hooded does his version of Sam's Hand of Ipecac and that's 2 Winchesters choking if you're keeping track. The screen is.

Finally, Becky ganks Hooded which only leaves Guy. Sam breathing is a plus. He tosses Dean the knife and suddenly we're in a stand-off. Dean: "How many deals you got cooking in this town, Madoff?" Dean demands he call off all 15 "or I'll cut my own little hole in your throat." What does that even mean? Guy curses and at first I think he fears Dean's threat. Then I realize the episode took a right turn toward awesome. As in Crowley awesome! Is it possible for him to save 36 minutes by making the last 6 fabulous? Not even Crowley can do that, but he tries. Dean echoes Guy's curse. Crowley: "Sam, Mazel tov. Who's the lucky lady?" And she is lucky because it appears she will escape the killed female curse in Supernatural. After all the wonderful female characters they killed in the last 7 years, I call foul. Either kill Becky now or Sheriff Jody gets a 2 year pass. Becky: "You're Crowley." Crowley: "And you're…Well, I'm sure you have a wonderful personality dear." Yikes! So cold and yet so funny. Dean vows to "Columbia necktie your little friend here" if Crowley moves closer. Crowley: "Please, don't let him get off that easy." Crowley may look uncharacteristically scruffy but he knows the score. Hooded apprised him of their dealings. What a dead idiot! Crowley: "I only have one rule. Make a deal. Keep it."

Guy calls loophole but Crowley cuts him off. "There's a reason we don't call our chits in early. Consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street. This is hell. We have a little something called integrity." BWAH!!! Good to know hell is more trustworthy than bankers and brokers. Crowley calls Guy a "stupid, shortsighted little prat" and tells Dean to hand him over and he'll cancel all the deals. Dean asks what will happen to Guy and we all know it will be diabolical but creative. I almost feel sorry for him. He had snarky potential. Crowley calls it a fair trade but Sam wants to know the catch. Crowley: "Years of demons nipping at your heels. Haven't seen one for months. Wonder why?" Dean: "Well we've been a little busy." Crowley wants the Leviathans gone and gave demons orders to avoid the Winchesters. He doesn't have useful info about ganking them but he mentions LeviaBoss. "You met that Dick yet? Smuggest type of goose since Mussolini. I hate the b***. Squash them all please. I'll stay clear." Dean and Sam exchange looks and Dean demands the contracts be voided first. Crowley snaps his fingers. Guy is not happy with the arrangement as they both poof out and Garth chooses this time to rejoin the living. I find it an unfair trade. "What did I miss?" Only the best part of the entire episode. Crowley makes everything better.

Since a married Sam can't be on the road, we fast forward to annulment. There's a paper trail the Leviathans can follow. How exactly does a dead man get married/annulled anyway? The whole thing screams of a loophole bigger than Guy's. Flo obviously left for an early Thanksgiving break. Becky stalls by saying, "It wasn't all that bad right?" Sam glares while I realize I've wasted 2 hours of my life watching this and at least 8 hours recapping it. I glare at the screen too. Sam reluctantly thanks her for saving his life. Becky: "So? I'll see you again?" Oh for the love of my sanity, I certainly hope not. This is why you needed to die. Argh! Why fail me at this crucial juncture, Supernatural Female Curse? Sam also wants as far away as possible and Becky finally signs. I'm not sure why Dean and Garth are there witnessing the whole thing. Nothing they sign will be valid without a notary. Perhaps they are concerned she'll drug Sam again. Sam takes pity on Becky because he's a good guy. He tells her she's a good, energetic person, not a loser. He advises her to be herself and "the right guy will find you." How sweet! I'd tell her she's lucky her stalking butt wasn't in jail and if she ever came near me again, I'd cold clock her. Garth grins at Becky vying to be her one and only. Pray they never have kids. They smile at each other but Dean puts his foot down. "No. No!" I don't know which of the two he was protecting. Maybe it was me.

In Random Alley, the Winchesters and Garth part ways. Dean: "Well buddy I gotta say man, you don't suck." Again with the Winchesters saying things blatantly untrue tonight? Garth: "Thank you. That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me." Aw, that really sucks but I still hope not to see you again. He launches at Dean in a hug that moves beyond aw into awkward. And stays there…and stays….until finally backing off. He drives off while the brothers sit on NotImpala's trunk. I miss you Impala baby. Sam: "Awww, you make a fwiend." Bwah! Dean: "uh uh." Sam: "Look man when I was all dosed up , I said some c**." Dean: "What? You mean she wasn't your soul mate?" Ha! Sam: "Shut up. I mean I do need you watching my back. Obviously." Dean: "Yeah, when crazy groupies attack." Sorry, I find that funny even if some fans took offense. Sam: "You know what I mean." Dean: "You know, I gotta say man, for a wack job you really pulled it together." Sam: "That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me." (snickers) Both the brothers smile and I am one happy fan. A NotImpala chat with snark and smiles. Yippee! Sam: "Look don’t be too impressed, man. It's still a Denver scramble up here. I just know my way around the plate now." Dean: "I'm just saying it's stupid to think that you need me around all the time. You're a grown up." Sam: "Right." Dean: "You're a hike in the desert hippie douche grown up." Sam: "Dude, I was camping. You camp." Except wasn't it established in Wendigo that they both hate camping… Dean: "Yeah whatever, hippie." Sam: "You know what though. Seriously, it might be nice." Dean: "What?" Sam: "I mean you've basically been looking out for me your whole life. Now you finally get to take care of yourself. About time, huh?" Sam enters the vehicle. Dean: "Yeah, right." He nods but that long pause and hurt look shows how unsettled he is. He may have made progress in letting Sam be an adult but he's a long way from being able to let go.

In the end, I did not like this episode but I didn’t hate it with a fiery passion like I thought I would. Becky is still the most annoying character in Supernatural history but she wasn't quite as intolerable as I feared. However, she does not get better on rewatch so I doubt I'll sit through this one again over hiatus. I had issues with the writing, but it's Dabb and Loflin so I am predisposed to dislike it - not an impartial judge of their work. In this one, I disliked their portrayal of Sam but until the end he has the elixir excuse and it's doubtful anything in this episode will carry to other ones. At least I hope it doesn't. I've had my fill of Becky Rosen for at least 5 more years. I do expect to see Garth back. One because he was quirky and fans seemed to positively respond to him. Plus, he's someone they could kill without consequences - always a good thing. Also, DJ Squalls is currently unemployed now that Memphis Beat was cancelled. Here's hoping he finds a permanent job soon. And not on Supernatural.

Grade: Better than I expected. I didn't expect much.

Best scene: If it weren't for Becky, I'd say the initial wedding scene. However, I'm going with Crowley followed by the NotImpala chat.
Best surprise: Crowley of course
Biggest gratitude: I didn't have to watch Becky and Sam having sex. Not enough brain bleach in the world!

Next up: the Jersey Devil, Leviathans, and hunters. Oh my!

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  1. Hate Missouri Mosely...and Becky? Wow. I like both of them. Especially Becky.

  2. I'm happy you like them.  It means they weren't created solely to annoy the stuffing out of me. :-P  Mostly I skip through the parts they are in when I do a rewatch.  Still this was the best Becky episode we've had so far.