Saturday, December 31, 2011

Supernatural - Midseason Poll - Season 7 Round 2 and Song Nominations

Yesterday saw a very easy vote for most people in our best season 7 episode so far poll. Today things will get a little harder for many. Four episodes are booted from the contest: Season 7 Time for a Wedding, Shut Up Dr. Phil, The Mentalists, and How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters. Four episodes survived: Death's Door, Meet the New Boss, Slash Fiction, and Hello Cruel World. So which two will survive to the next round? My bet's on Death's Door and Meet the New Boss, although that's not how I am voting. Voting will last 24 hours so pass the word.

Nominations for today will be best song-to-scene match. It is different from the favorite song competition. For instance, Carry on Wayward Son will probably win the favorite song poll, but unless people are including the previouslies, it really has no scene for the music to match. It wouldn't be a good candidate for this particular poll. What this contest measures is how well a song fits the scene on screen. Since some songs like Back in Black have been used more than once, please put the episode and then the song title when you go to nominate. For instance: Bloodlust - Back in Black or Nightshifter - Renegade. If you need a refresher on Supernatural songs (and let's face it - there have been a lot), try TuneFind - Supernatural or the TV IV. Nominations last for 3 days.

Also if you haven't kept up with SpoilerTV over the hectic holidays, don't forget to cast your votes for the remaining summer hellatus episode rankings. Round 4, round 5, and round 6 are still open. Also, you have 1 more day to nominate your favorite comedy episode. Favorite song nominations are open for 2 days. Thanks to everyone participating!

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