Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Teen Wolf - 3.19 - Letharia Vulpina - Best Tweets

My pick for the best Teen Wolf tweets of the episode. Let me know which ones I missed.

Cast/Crew/Official People -

Fan Favorites -


@IanBohen, @Ornyadams, @totallymorgan, @MTVteenwolf, @hollandroden, @Charlie_Carver,

Tweets by:
*** @lxnrz, @tintanner, @TaylorTheCre8r, @pattymayyo89, @NatalieWassabi, @megslover,

@tothemaxx11,@gsamayoa13,@NimaNate,@HRZONE2,@CrystalsArmy,@socentury,@teenwolffeeling,@ComeAtZebruh,@nanostraw,@HeeHeeHarley,@HoechlinArmy, @Blank_Landing,@NerdacheCakes, @happy_kkj, @prachighera,@awnutbunnies, @meftihe, @DoeSuu11, @promiscuouspiza, @Dhassing, @elijahktaylor, @MsBrensays, @Hillbills17, @natacacalee, @Bernadette_7, @cryslewis, @thiscanbegin, @smartypants_84, @gabstiela, @genwithaG215, @danive50, @Kentsu13, @brendicimo, @Maggie_Hurwitz, @natalie_hadad, @SammyVee_, @elevenseyebrows, @NatalieBrock18, @AmandaAustin15, @SofieCipriani, @jenjencubed, @JamesonMasiass, @starletbOy77, @lilvanillaziall, @thekaitling, @JMFDR

About the Author - Dahne
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