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Teen Wolf - 3.18 - Riddled - Podcast, Poll and Death Speculation

Hi and welcome back to our podcast.  It's half the length this time, so more like it will be in the future.  We'd love to get your feedback and any answers you might have for the questions I pondered at the end.  Here's is a shortcut to all the things we talked about in the podcast.  Also, giving the huge spoiler news that came out about tonight's episode, our poll today is Who do you think will die?  You can find it below along with my ideas about the odds of each character dying.  I hope you join in the discussion with your own theories.  The poll will close at 9 CST time though so no hints from the episode itself.  Happy Moonday!


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My Predictions for the Main Character Death

Lydia - 0%

Cons - If we take the spoiler on face value, that the character who dies will not be coming back in any form, then Lydia cannot die. It's already been confirmed that she has a main story line in season 4.

Scott - 5%

Cons - He is the main character and it is very hard to see them killing him off midseason. Plus, why give him the true alpha storyline just to have him die? I can't see this ever happening to be honest.

Deaton / Coach - 25%

Pros: Neither character gets much screen time but all the characters know them. They could create dramatic tension in the story without their presence being much missed plot-wise.

Cons: Neither of them fit the criteria of the spoiler since neither is a main character. Other than that, I would say they were cannon fodder.

Melissa - 30%

Pros - She has gotten a lot of screen time lately, which makes her ripe for the picking. Plus her death would be felt by almost every character, leading to far-reaching story development. However the biggest pro for her is that she's a parent, and the only one who would not leave behind an orphaned kid.

Cons - While parents are always an easy kill, it would be harder to kill off these parents than in most shows. It could be that they brought DoucheDad on so they could kill Melissa, but it would be a huge mistake.  People hate him enough and these kids are basically motherless already. I'm also not sure that even this new, darker Teen Wolf would have Stiles kill his best friend's mom.

Allison - 35%

Pros - Since they killed off her role as star-crossed love interest, the writers don't seem to know what to do with Allison. She has no major continuing plot right now, so if they were ever going to kill her off, this would be the time.

Cons - She's the main female role in a show that has been criticized for always killing off the females. She has a lot of interesting story to explore, especially if they go the route of her becoming the matriarch of the Argent line. Plus, you can NEVER have too many kick butt females.

Stiles - 40%

Pros: Dylan O'Brien's acting career is red hot right now. By leaving Teen Wolf, he would have ample time to pursue other jobs.

Cons: Stiles is by far the fandom favorite of Teen Wolf characters. His death would likely have a major backlash. Plus, Jeff Davis already said that season 4 will only have 12 episodes, so that would not cut too much into Dylan O'Brien's other pursuits. Besides, they would be far more likely to have him move, a la Jackson, than kill him off and prevent future appearances.

Argent - 50%

Pros: Argent is the most likely parent to be in the big fight, which means he has a bigger target. He has also gone against the Oni before so his knowledge pretty much guarantees he'll be there for the big showdown. By losing Argent, the pack would lose its best knowledge source so we'd again have the mentor dying, so popular in Boy King story lines. Plus, Argent is not in as many episodes these days as Melissa.

Cons: Allison already lost her mother on this show and it feels redundant to do it again. Also, they would lose access to the best weapons they have. I see Argent dying at some point in Teen Wolf, but this feels way too early. If he had been in the last episode, his chances would be higher in my opinion.

Sheriff - 60%

Pros: They have been positioning Melissa as a substitute mother for Stiles and most of the fandom want Scott and Stiles to officially be brothers. If she adopts Stiles, they will be. Plus Sheriff is the parent that usually has the least amount of screen time. They have been building the idea that Sheriff will soon be out of a job, so the primary benefit he brings to the pack will be negated if that happens.

Cons: He's the only parent Stiles has left and again, having Stiles kill his own dad would be more dark than I expect Teen Wolf to go. They also spent too much time in the sheriff getting impeached storyline if they are just going to kill him off. Plus if Stiles really does have frontotemporal dementia, they won't go that route if his father has just died. This isn't the pit of despair.

Peter - 65%

Pros: While they set Peter up as a bad guy at the end of 3A, they have done zero to further this plot. Plus Peter hasn't even been on screen since he was being tortured with Derek. Currently he has NO storyline so his presence would not affect the plot at all.

Cons: His death would have the least amount of fall out. No one likes him so it wouldn't change much at all. Also he has the potential to be the most personal villain Teen Wolf has ever had. I doubt they toss that away when it gains them so little.

Danny - 70%

Pros: Danny is the sweetest character we have, which means his death would pack a punch. We know he is in tonight's episode. Since Danny is always on the peripheral, it could make him expendable.

Cons: Danny is not what I would call a main character, similar to Deaton and Coach. He is the most recognizable gay character, which would likely cause backlash.

Alpha Twins - 70%

Pros: They are really just on the show to take off their shirts and add to the action. Of all the werewolves, they would be the least missed. If only one of them died, that would catapult the other into an actual storyline.

Cons: Why keep them in 3B if you were just going to kill them off? They could have easily followed Deucalion wherever he went.

Derek - 80%

Pros: Derek's instant competency in all things actually makes him a better candidate than he would have been in 3A. It feels like they are building him up in importance to Scott out of nowhere, which is a great way to add tension in a character death. After all, we never knew any of Boyd's back story until the episode before they killed him. Plus everyone knows that the wise old mentor (Dumbledore if you will) always gets killed off to cause character growth in the main character, and they don't really seem to know what to do with the character as a whole. I could definitely see Derek sacrificing himself to save Scott, especially after his line to the Alpha Twins about dying for Scott.

Cons: Derek is also wildly popular in the fandom and Scott really does need a mentor. There is still a lot to explore on the Hale side and Peter makes a much better enemy if he is going against both Scott and Derek together.

Isaac - 85%

Pros: Isaac is the most likely to be killed for me because he really has no special skill or standing in the pack. Sure he is loyal but he's this season's Boyd. Even his snarking role has been taken over by Aiden. Story wise, of all the main characters, he is the most dispensable.

Cons: There is his romance with Allison, which is pretty much his only character arc right now. Plus, after killing off Boyd last year, killing off Isaac now could be redundant.

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  1. I am really going to be upset if Derek dies, but that line about if the Alpha Twins were willing to die for Scott makes me very, very nervous.