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Quote of the Week - Week of Jan. 29, 2014 - Poll

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV this past week.

Welcome to Quote of the Week. I'm subbing in for Bradley and thought I would do something a little different. Today the quotes will come from the SpoilerTV staff as always, but it also includes response from Twitter. I've also added a poll. Don't forget to add your favorites in the comments. I'd love to hear all the great quotes we've missed.

Note - People who nominated the quote are in parentheses after the quote.

American Horror Story

Fiona: "You took my power the minute I gave birth to you." (Dark UFO)

Madison: "Either crown me or kiss my ass." (Dark UFO)

Fiona: "What is this?! KNOTTY PINE?!?!" (Max Conte)

Cordelia: "Careful girls, it's not a game" (Sharon Seymour)

Cordelia: "You were my mother. You were my true mother. Just as you promised you would be." (Sharon Seymour)


Roy: "Does this group have a name? Like Team Arrow or something?" Oliver: "We don't call ourselves that." Felicity: "I do, occasionally." Oliver: "Stop." (Bradley Adams)

Thea: "Are you near the club?" Oliver: (leaning back in his chair and looking at the club above him) "I'm pretty close." (Bradley Adams)

Oliver: "You hacked into a prison system network?" Felicity: "Is that judgment I'm hearing?" Oliver: "Pride." (Daniel van der Veer)

Beauty and the Beast

Vincent: "You wanna know what happened to 'The Old Vincent'? He was deceived and hurt by almost everyone in your family tree." (Virginia Fontana)

Vincent: "You turned the lights off." Catherine: "You didn't leave." (Virginia Fontana)

The Big Bang Theory

Penny: "Aww, guys, this is really sad. And in a different way than it was 20 minutes ago." (Christian Haga)

The Blacklist 

Red: "You talk too much." (Blacklist Podcast)


Gaye: "I'm Gaye." Holmes: "I'm not." (Steven Salyer)


Pete: "This is the play that got me to state.""Arson almost got me to state." "That's state prison." (Katelynn)

Derrick: "Too bad you don't still have that half shirt you used to wear to practice in high school." Pete: "Still got it, still fits." Derrick: "It would fit a pregnant woman. It's a half shirt." (Dahne)

Pam the Announcer: "That takes us to the 2 minute warning with the Marines leading the Army, 119 to zero. So on a day when everybody is a winner, you can't help but feel that is a lie." (Dahne)

The Following 

Joe: "I am inevitable." (Bradley Adams and Sharon Seymour)


Liam McGuinnis: "Inside every nice person I've ever met, there's always this angry damaged soul who's fighting tooth & nail to keep that side hidden." (TV Trev)

The Originals 

Marcel to Klaus: "You're in a good mood. You should visit Mystic Falls more often." (Virginia Fontana)

Klaus: Not long ago, you all united against me. You failed. Since then, in my benevolence, I have wiped the slate clean, yet it seems clear you think that I am the one who needs to earn your respect, your loyalty. You are mistaken. It is you who must prove yourselves to me. Our community is under attack. I require soldiers. I need warriors. Not cowards. Each of you has a decision to make. You either fight alongside me, or you leave. Now." (Virginia Fontana)

Teen Wolf 

Scott: "You didn't steal these did you?" Stiles: "No, I just cloned them using a RFID emulator." Scott: "Is that worse than stealing?" Stiles: "Smarter." (Dahne)

DoucheDad: "That's one hell of a deduction there Stiles." Sheriff: "Yeah. What can I say? I take after my Pops. He's in law enforcement." (Dahne)

The Tomorrow People 

Peter: "So peaceful, so perfect." Stephen: "So dead." (Bradley Adams)

Stephen: "But when I forced his hand..." Cara: "Wait, what do you mean, forced his hand?" Stephen: "Um... I might have accidentally shoved him off a cliff." (Bradley Adams)

White Collar

Neal: "It's the Mona Lisa of gems. Every museum and collector in the world will want it." Peter: "How much is it worth?" Neal: "$60 million or the life of a paranoid bald man." (Dahne)

Neal: "Check your pocket. Check it. Ah, nothing says, 'I love you' like a brick." (Dahne)

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