Monday, February 10, 2014

Teen Wolf - 3.17 - Silverfinger - Podcast and Poll

Hi and welcome to our brand spanking new Teen Wolf podcast, Welcome to Beacon Hills. We are your hosts, Lilith and Dahne. Join us for all our episode favorites, theories, and fan reaction. In these podcast articles, you will see links to the things we talk about in the podcast as well spotlighting the fans who participated. We may even throw in a few polls now and then. Basically, this is a place to share all your great Teen Wolf love, concerns, questions, and theories. Who knows? You may even hear your feedback in the next podcast. We are striving to make this podcast as interactive as possible so don't be shy. What are your thoughts on Teen Wolf 3B?

Since our goal is to be interactiove, here are some of the things we talked about. Enjoy! The poll for this week is towards the end.

Listener Feedback:  A special thank you to Misses and Cor Malum for being our first responses to the podcast.  Thank you so much for your questions!


Cast Tweet of the Week:

Fan Tweet of the Week:

Other Great Tweets:


Teen Wolf Cast and Crew on Twitter: This is not a complete list, but I add to it all the time.

MTV Poll - Should Stiles stay human?

Fanvid of the Week:

Song Download Links:


Fan Art: I can't figure out who did this, but it was found on Tumblr and then tweeted. If you know who created it, please let me know, so I can credit them.

Critical Reviews:  Hypable and Backlot

Poll: Which MIA Teen Wolf character did you miss the most this week?

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About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, co-hosts the Sleepy Hollow "Headless" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group, and guests on ArrowCast for DVMPE. Right now she is creating a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."

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