Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Supernatural - Song-to-Scene - Finale - Poll

Supernatural Song-to-Scene Final Round

16 days, 64 nominees, and it's down to the last two - Renegade and O Death. The heavy favorites going in are finally against each other. Renegade made it into the finals by defeating Can't Find My Way Home, Man in the Wilderness, Silent Lucidity, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and Back in Black (65%). O Death beat Fell on Black Days, Space Oddity, Simple Man, A Well-Respected Man, and Wanted Dead or Alive (61%). While only one can be crowned the best song-to-scene, it is my opinion that both are great examples of how music can enhance a scene for TV in general. There are no better songs-to-scene in TV for me. Whichever one prevails today represents Supernatural well.

Thank you to everyone who voted, explained your favorites, and campaigned for your choices. I've done a lot of hiatus polls but this has been my favorite. I've loved our discussions and now look at some scenes in a different way. That's always a welcome surprise when you've seen each scene 100+ times. I've enjoyed spending the hiatus with you all. Thanks for being the best part of the hiatus. Until the summer hellatus, I wish you a happy second half of season 8 and look forward to hashing out your favorite scenes each week. Happy voting!

Scene Videos: (Remember this is NOT favorite scene but which song matches the scene best)

O Death

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