Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Supernatural - Song-to-Scene - 1C - Poll

While the contest was closer yesterday, there were no real surprises. Bad Moon Rising and Knockin' on Heaven's Door each decimated their competition with 88% and 87% respectively. Don't Look Back and Spirit in the Sky eked into round 2 with 54% each. Somehow I think round 2 is as far as they will go. Today's choices are a little lackluster to me as far as songs matching the scene but there should be at least a couple surefire favorites. Let's just say the Impala is getting some love in the nominations today.

I am keeping the nominations for songs that should be on Supernatural but have not yet been open all week, so if you haven't had a chance to nominate please do so. The choices so far have been excellent. As always, happy voting!

Contest Basics
Print Your Own Bracket (64-item)

Scene Videos: (Remember this is NOT favorite scene but which song matches the scene best)

Back in Black
Foreplay/Long Time - first 50 seconds until radio goes off
Crossroad Blues
Born to be Wild
Cherry Pie
Smoke on the Water
Back on the Road Again -  this is only kind of the scene (about the first 20 seconds)


The song-to-scene contest is not a popularity contest per se.  It is about which song best fits which scene in tone and lyrics.  Unlike a favorite song or favorite scene contest, you could very well end up voting for a song and/or scene you don't like simply because it matches the best.  Ideally we are looking for a scene in which no other song could come even close to being as perfect.  We are looking for a song that could not be played in many different scenes in the series.  That one combination where the song and scene feel like they were completely in sync.  So think on your vast music knowledge and if you can think of several songs that would work in the scene, toss that choice out.  If you can think of several places where the song would work just as well or better in the series, toss that choice out too.  This contest only works if we let our episode and music prejudices go for 3 weeks.

Also previouslies, outtakes, gag reels, promos, etc. are NOT scenes and therefore do NOT count.  That cuts out Carry On Wayward Son completely, which has only been in the previouslies, the outtake of Jensen dancing to Eye of the Tiger (only the 30 seconds that were actually in the episode count), and the first part of Foreplay/Long Time, which started as a previously and segued into about 45 seconds of the actual episode.

Screencap by Home of the Nutty

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