Thursday, January 10, 2013

Supernatural - Song-to-Scene - 2D - Polls

Yesterday was a decisive win for each song-to-scene moving to round 3. There were no last minute wins here given the closest race was 60-40. Winners included Wanted Dead or Alive (81%), What a Wonderful World (72%), Highway to Hell (60%), and Rock of Ages (66%). That's going to make for some rough polls in the next go-around. Today we have some equally tough choices as we conclude round 2. For the first time, I have no clue what is going to win in 3 of the 4 polls. Of all the Supernatural contests we've done on SpoilerTV, this one is by far the most difficult for me. I can't imagine how hard the semifinals will be.

Contest Basics
Print Your Own Bracket (64-item)

Scene Videos: (Remember this is NOT favorite scene but which song matches the scene best)

O Death
Space Oddity
You Shook Me All Night Long
Simple Man
Eye of the Tiger
The Gambler
Bad Company
A Well-Respected Man

Screencap by Home of the Nutty

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