Saturday, January 12, 2013

Supernatural - Song-to-Scene - 3B - Poll

Round three started with a bang. Both Renegade (85%) and Back in Black (83%) decimated their opponents. Things were a lot closer for Knockin' on Heaven's Door (56%) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (55%), which happened to be the two polls I had trouble choosing. I would expect today to contain 2-3 blowouts again as we wend our way to the elite 8. At least this is marginally easier than yesterday for me with the exception of the first poll. How is voting going for you?

Contest Basics
Print Your Own Bracket (64-item)

Scene Videos: (Remember this is NOT favorite scene but which song matches the scene best)

Wanted Dead or Alive
What a Wonderful World
Highway to Hell
Rock of Ages
O Death
Simple Man
The Gambler
A Well-Respected Man

Screencap by Home of the Nutty

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