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Quote of the Week - Week of Nov. 9

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

American Horror Story -
1. Dandy: I liked Dora better." Gloria: Well, hindsight is 20/20 dear…" (Maximilian Conte)
2. Dandy: "I wish you could be inside my body for one minute to know what it feels like to be me! It's like when I had tuberculosis and you took me out to the Utah desert! And there was nothing but dry open space for hundreds of miles around us. That is what is inside of me. Those girls were a cool stream of glacier water. My heart bloomed as they nourished it, and now it's all gone. There is nothing left but the dust and the scorpions inside of me. I was never destined to feel love... the desert knows no mercy. Anything you try to plant out there dies. I must accept this emptiness as a blessing, not a curse. I know why I was put here, mother. My purpose is to bring death." (Maximilian Conte)

Arrow -

1. Roy: "Don't abandon me." Oliver: "Never." (Nirat Anop)

The Blacklist -
1. Liz (after one of Red's men emerges from a room, having seemingly been subjecting someone to noise-related torture methods): "What the hell is going on?" Red: "We're shaking a few trees." (Bradley Adams)
2. Fitch: "You met with the Russian Finance Minister? To what end?" Red: "To his end, as it turned out." (Bradley Adams)

Castle -
1. Beckett: "Why do you always have to touch everything?" Castle: "I thought you liked that about me." (Tonya Papanikolas)

The Flash -
1. Barry: "One mystery I cannot figure out is why some people come into our lives and why some people go. Others become a part of you. Some friendships feel like they'll last forever and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last forever. What does last forever is the pain when that person is gone." (Nirat Anop)
2. Joe: "So, human bomb. Must be Tuesday in Central City." (Dahne)
3. Cisco: "Don't try and catch him. You don't have super strength." Barry: "Well is there like a bed store around here. What if I get a bunch of mattresses and stack 'em?" Caitlin: "Barry, this isn't a Roadrunner cartoon." (Dahne)

Forever -
1. Henry: "Let me ask you a question, detective. You've never consumed alcohol to excess? Never driven beyond the speed limit or engaged with a partner of a dubious sexual history?" Hanson: "Done all three at once, to be perfectly honest." (Bradley Adams)
2. Henry: "Not another boilerplate pep talk filled with inane sports metaphors." (Bradley Adams)

Gracepoint -
1. Paul Coates: "Jack Reinhold was a good man, and as we found out this morning an innocent man. So why are we here? Because we let him get smeared and intimidated, we were absent when he needed us. We failed him." (Robert Fruin)

How to Get Away with Murder -
1. Asher: "You know who doesn't care about exams? This guy. 'Cause I got..." Michaela: "Mention the trophy again, and I'll bash your face in with it." (Bradley Adams)
2. Annalise: "Are you good for anything, or can you only do your job when you're screwing evidence out of someone?" Bonnie: "Annalise, he did his best. We were all blindsided by this." Annalise: "No, you were blindsided. Because you can't do your one simple job. Tell me what's coming my way! That's all I ask. And in return, I tolerate your pathetic, mousy presence in my house." (Bradley Adams)

Law and Order: SVU -
1. Benson to Voight: "If you pulled that crap again, I will arrest you." (Ben Norton) ~This quote really demonstrates the type of relationship between Benson and Voight, and the difference in methods between the two.

1. Eric: "Um, Nell?" Nell: "Um, what?" Eric: "You know. Come on!" Nell: "I know - I'm gonna." Eric: "Hashtag like when?" Nell: "Hashtag like now!" Granger: "If you two don't cut out the Ewok routine, I'm gonna send you home." (Tonya Papanikolas)
2. Nell: "I'm never going to be like the others. And I know that. I can't do the things that they do and the way that they do them because... I have to do them my way. Even if that means never making it." Hetty: "Amazing what happened when the Van Winkles made whiskey their way." (Tonya Papanikolas)

1. LaSalle: "Looks like he's in the wind." Brody: "Well, let's find him." LaSalle: "And whoever stole my potato salad!" (Ben Norton)

Once Upon A Time -
1. Will Scarlet: "There's good in him and when you see the good in someone, you don't give up on them, especially if they don't see it themselves and if you're ever lucky enough to find true love, you fight for it, everyday." Robin Hood: "You still believe that after everything you did for love, was it worth it?" Will Scarlet: "Mate, if you find someone you love enough to ruin your entire life for, it's always worth it." (Nirat Anop)
2. Rumple: "True love comes in many forms but the sisterly bond, worth its weight in magic." Ingrid: "My powers are too strong, I need something to control them." Rumple: "Well if you insist, just remember, love is free but all magic comes with a price. These gloves can help conceal your powers." Ingrid: "And stop them?" Rumple: "Well only if you believe it. Faith can be powerful but for those who lack it, well...sometimes another solution is required. I don't know how you do things in Arendelle but here a deal requires an exchange of goods. What I want is these lovely ribbons, all three." Ingrid: "Our ribbons? But there just silly little things we've worn since we were children." Rumple: "Sometimes, with enough love, ordinary objects can come to possess their own special kind of magic." (Nirat Anop)

Person of Interest -
1. Shaw: “Maybe infidelity is going to spank him on the ass.” (Sharon Seymour)
2. Root: 'French Mary Poppins Barbie' is the only me that's been any fun — though I'm not sure how the parents would feel if they knew how many people I've killed.” (Sharon Seymour)

Red Band Society -
1. Kara: "Maybe we do all die alone but that doesn't mean we need to live alone." (Ben Norton and Dahne)
~This was a quote that definitely presented a turning point for Kara, it shows that she is definitely changing whilst in the hospital.
2. Kara: "I want to know everything. Do they put a tie on the door when they're doing it? And isn't Leo afraid he's going to impale himself on her clavicle?" (Tonya Papanikolas)
3. Emma: "Oh, did I embarrass you? I'm so sorry. Maybe you missed the part where I was being waterboarded with a giant vat of melting sour cream!" (Tonya Papanikolas)

Sons of Anarchy -
1. Jax: "Its brutal, Bobby was; we all leaned on him you know. Not sure how SAMCRO looks without him." (Robert Fruin)
2. Abel: "So is that why Grandma killed my other mummy, so my first mummy can be here with me." (Robert Fruin)

The Vampire Diaries -
1. Caroline: "What took you so long to answer your phone?" Enzo: "My fingers were covered in blood and my touch screen wouldn't work." (Sharon Seymour)

The Walking Dead -
1. Eugene: “I also lied about T. Brooks Ellis liking my hair. I do not know T. Brooks Ellis. But I did read one of his books, and he seemed like the type of guy who wouldn't blink twice at a Tennessee top hat.” (Sharon Seymour)

Z Nation -
1. Warren: "I was going to say, be grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has made." (Robert Fruin)
2. Murphy: "Thank you... so much universe for the zombie apocalypse . Also for Dr Merch, and my whole situation, and for I don't know; let's see what else. The badlands nuclear power plant, and yes points to you universe; points to you for dragging my ass all the way to South Dakota to die." (Robert Fruin)

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