Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Week in TV - Nov. 2-8 - Episode Awards and Reviews

What TV has taught me this week is anyone and everyone can be a psycho. No wonder people are paranoid these days. TV is making us that way. Or maybe I just need to watch more wholesome TV. Other than that, it was a fairly light week (no new shows and reruns on Tuesday) filled with high points (The Big Bang Theory surprisingly) and low points (still with the love triangle, Red Band Society?). This week's nominated episode was one of the low points, which is a shame since Criminal Minds is already on my to-watch list for hiatus. I guess I just picked a bad one. Despite this review, it is a good show if you aren't easily wigged out. Next week, the nominated episode is from Bones, so hopefully it will be one to rave about. If you have a nominated show you would like me to watch, please fill out the 2 question form below. No need to nominate weekly shows or anything already reviewed this season. Until next week, leave a comment and happy TV viewing.

Nominated Show:

Criminal Minds - 9.01/9.02 - The Inspiration / The Inspired

Note - I started watching Criminal Minds this summer when it came on as a mini marathon on Ion. I love the show even though I can't watch too many episodes at once or at night - too creepy. My plan was to watch the episodes in order but the nominated episode was any from season 9. Therefore, I am jumping into season 9 with the premiere but I have no clue what has transpired. Here's hoping for no big spoilers that will ruin crucial plot points in earlier episodes.

Raise your hand if these episodes made you think of Buffy season 1 - Teacher's Pet. Nobody? Just me then. In a way, I wish this unsub were a bug monster because that would be far less unsettling than someone who acts out their bug fantasies in the first one and the sickest family since the Benders in the second. This is one disgusting, cannibalistic 2-parter that just thinking of turns my stomach. Quite frankly, while many Criminal Minds episodes unsettle me, these go beyond that. There are too many parts designed to shock and awe that the whole thing seems to topple under its own weight. It feels like a premiere designed to get people talking but by the time it ended I was mostly fatigued. Plus I really hate bugs. If these had been the first two episodes I saw, I would never watch this again. Good thing I started with a garden variety serial killer then. So while these are episodes I will never watch again, I do highly recommend the series to people who don't mind crime procedurals designed to make you jump.

Grade: D / C
Ranking - 5 - it is still on my hiatus to-watch list even if I dislike these episodes
Audience - those who like their crime procedurals a lot more scary, way more twisted, and a bit more gory

Best Reason to Watch - the twists come fast and often
The "Say What?" Award - So let me get this straight. The unsub has an unhealthy fascination with bugs and makes his victims go through a praying mantis mating and death ritual. Is that what you're saying? Perhaps the writers need to seek counseling. A lot of counseling.
Biggest Twist…if You weren't Already Spoiled by IMDb - the psycho is an identical twin
Strangest Product Placement - JJ and Spencer talk about a car Spencer doesn't even own
The "I Guess Even Geniuses aren't Immune" Award - Spencer seems to be having trouble with the who vs. whom dilemma too
The "Welcome Back" Award - Camryn Manheim. She makes everything more intense as seen here
Most Disgusting - the unsub puts part of his first victim into the food at the restaurant he works at. Please excuse me while I vomit.
Moral = If Psycho gets impregnated by Crazy, they spawn demons. Good to know.
Best Quotes -
1. Penelope: "I say we all demand a vacation." Spencer: "From who? The guy who works 3 jobs? Good luck with that."
2. Rossi: "See no evil. Hear no gossip." JJ: "Oh come on, we see evil all day long."

Weekly Shows:

Resurrection - 2.06 - Afflictions

The shady get shadier in Arcadia this week, with everyone lying either to themselves or each other. Let's just say that they take secret keeping to a whole new level. I really hate the idea of Bellamy not telling Maggie that he is one of the returned himself. It's causing unnecessary conflict between them when she really needs a hug. I'm also not sure how long Margaret can keep up her iron fist on a family used to dealing without her. Lucille is certainly not happy about her return. Mostly though, I am worried about how long the show can go without any answers before the ratings crash and people give up. They need to have one heck of a midseason finale or there might not be anyone left to care about the mystery. Plus, they really needed to give us more of Fred's reaction to his wife's re-death after building up his happiness at her presence last week.

Grade: C+

Worst Twist - Ray, who was awesome previously, is now starting an anti-returned cult
The "Liar, Liar" Award - Margaret lies right to Maggie's face about her mom
Biggest Awww Moment - Maggie tells Fred that Barbara is gone and he offers her tea
Most Intense Scene - Fred confronts Margaret about Barbara
Biggest Threat - Margaret to Elaine about what she saw when Barbara disappeared
Most Shady - In a show with secret government officials, it's the real estate guy who is the most suspicious right from the beginning. His grandpa is up to no good too.
Most Mysterious - Angela the Fed Lady, who claims to be a statistician and can predict the returned
Most Normal - Lucille and Jacob talk about white lies
Most in Need of a Hug - Maggie, although my guess is Fred does too
Best Continuity - Bellamy's parents were one of the returned, which makes him double returned
My Prediction - the lab is in or near Arcadia
Best Quotes -
1. Margaret: "What the hell did Barbara ever do for you?" Fred: "She gave me Maggie."
2. Henry: "Nobody can predict their future but that doesn't mean we should live as if we won't have one. We have today, we have right now, and we hope for tomorrow."

Sleepy Hollow - 2.07 - Deliverance


Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Katrina joins the group, which is about time / Ichabod's devotion to his wife, which is practically unheard of on TV these days
Best Scene - Abbie reassures Katrina / Henry vs. Ichabod
Best Moment - Abbie deciphers the code to Ichabod's chagrin
The "Can't Underestimate a Parent's Love" Award - I agree with Abbie that trying to reach Henry should never be Plan A. Still I completely understand where Katrina and Ichabod are coming from. Nothing is stronger than a parent's love.
Best Plan - Ichabod uses Irving to get an audience with Henry
Best Student - Ichabod knows how to do CPR after watching Hawley perform it on Abbie
The "I Can't Believe It's Working" Award - If Abraham weren't a crazy stalker and a horseman of the apocalypse and a serial killer, I would really like the guy. He's insane but earnest and dedicated to his love.
Best Humor - Ichabod's disdain for poor voter turnout and American Idol
Nicest Switch - Katrina and Ichabod open with a nice moment from their past instead of strife and death…until the spider and screaming and illness.
Best Remedy - the "I Voted" sticker is just the salve Ichabod's indignation needs
The "You're Rivaling Beacon Hills Memorial" Award - and that's never a good thing. Westchester General staff doesn't even respond when a patient screams in pain? That's beyond sucky patient service.
The "I Feel Your Pain" Award - I can't stand how slow my work computer is. Dial-up would be a nightmare.
Biggest Ewww Moment - Moloch sheds his skin
Best Jealousy - Ichabod's reaction to other men staring at Katrina in her new getup
Worst Jealousy - Abbie and Ichabod insinuate that Katrina willingly slept with Abraham and got pregnant. Are you kidding me? Gibbs slap to you both. A whole host of Gibbs slaps.
The "Oh Just Stop" Award - Ichabod blames himself for Katrina's illness. Buddy, your life is a beacon for evil. Nothing you can do about where it strikes. Just get over it.
Most Missed - Jenny, who I am dying to see work with Katrina
Best Quotes -
1. Ichabod: "You are sick with Moloch's evil, but you can fight it. You can spare her, Jeremy. You have a choice." Henry: "Yes I do and I choose Moloch. I choose his leadership. I choose his might. I choose his fire that will burn the world."
2. Ichabod: "I fought through lines of British regulars for the right to vote, yet our modern countrymen can barely form a line. Of course, they're more than passionate to vote for American Idolatry." Abbie: "American Idol." Ichabod: "I know its name. I'm telling you what it should be called."
3. Ichabod: "Evidence of good in him is not proof that he will change." Katrina: "Every day in Purgatory I woke up without any proof I could ever save you. What kept me going was faith. I clung on to it for 231 years. Had I done so for 230, we would not be here today. Remember your own words, my love. We must have faith."

Scorpion - 1.07 - Father's Day

For the record, I had no idea what a peek frean was either and I actually lived in the 80's. Perhaps it was because I am not British or maybe I was consciously blocking this earworm commercial jingle from my mind: Fair warning - If you play this jingle, I am not responsible for the results.

On topic this episode is presumably about Paige but it has a surprising amount of Walter flashbacks and his own prejudice against normals. He really does have an us versus them mentality. Quite frankly, I don't find him as interesting as the others so not every episode needs to be about him and his emotional problems for me. As for Paige, her ex is an unknown quantity not just for the episode but for the show as a whole. I am of the "If it's not broke, don't fix it" variety so adding a new character so early in the game could change the dynamics for good or bad. By far the best part of the episode was Happy and her father though. I really hope we see more with these two in the future.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - back story on Paige, Happy, Walter, and Callo
Best Scene - Happy tells Paige that Ralph needs to see his dad
Worst Plan - anytime this group does something without running it by Callo
The "Time to Stop Talking" Award - when someone says to butt out, it's best not to insert your foot in your mouth and keep going
The "What a Difference a Dot Makes" Award - Toby gets one letter wrong in Morse code and the rescue team is on the wrong side of the compound
Storyline I Most Hope Continues - Happy and her dad
The "I Have No Idea What You're Talking About" Award - Callo, I am old and I don't know about your grandma's cookies either. Maybe it was a regional thing.
The "Welcome Back" Award - to Keith David from my beloved and much missed Enlisted
The "You Sure You're Not Pranking Him" Award - If I were Callo, I would side eye anyone telling me to talk to a bag of chips. Of course with these guys, it's science.
Least Comforting - Walter hacks into Chinese satellites that are taking pictures of US prisons
King of Semantics - Toby, who puts slightly different emphasis on words and thinks it's okay to do whatever he wants. For the record, it's not.
Weirdest Personality Test - the fruit test
Best Music - Brandy by Looking Glass
Best Quotes -
1. Gabe: "You look after the kid, I'll look after you just like I used to. That's how this is going to work, okay?" Walter: "Okay."
2. Gabe: "Alright, take it easy. It's my first time yelling at a bag of chips."
3. Gabe: "Not all smart people are saints, O'Brien, so don’t let that genius-sized chip on your shoulder cloud your judgment."

Jane the Virgin - 1.04 - Chapter 4

I like when Jane the Virgin gets poignant. I am not a fan of its telenovela side. Therefore I spend about half of every episode cringing. The good news is that the poignant scenes were extra moving here. I love Xiomara confessing to her mother that she's afraid to tell Jane the truth because then she might lost her. I also liked Jane's scenes with her. This show is best when it stays within the family. The bad news is things got even more soap opera, which I didn't think could possibly happen. Now we have Chechen blackmailers? Why? I was hanging on to the idea that at least Rafael didn't see Jane in that way but even that was taken away at the end. Big sigh.

Grade: C

Best Reason to Watch - the secrets just keep coming
Best Scene - Xiomara tells Alba she's afraid of losing Jane if she tells her the truth
Most Bizarre - Michael and Jane have a sleepover with an open door and her grandma down the hall
Biggest Cross-talking - Abuela wants Xiomara to tell Jane the truth but Xiomara takes it as an excuse for a booty call
The "Say What?" Award - I don't think I've ever heard marriage described as a car before
Most Cheez-Whiz - Jane sees a halo of light around Rafael's head as he talks
The "Welcome Back" Award - Michael Rady from Greek and Intelligence
The "I Don't Blame Him" Award - I have to say that the more this show continues, the more I am Team Michael. He is getting screwed in every direction.
The "So Has Everyone Screwed Everyone Except Jane?" Award - because it feels like it.
The "Ummmm" Award - exactly how far is it from the police station to the hotel because the way Jane keeps running back and forth it feels like it is on the hotel grounds
Best Quotes -
1. Jane: "Mom, I had a dream." Xiomara: "Like a Martin Luther King kind of thing."
2. Jane: "You're not going to kidnap me and hold me for ransom in a cave quickly filling with water, are you?"

Benched - 1.02 - Downsizing

Nina continues to charm as a down and out public defender who used to have it all. Too bad her douchebag ex keeps causing her crazy to come out. In this episode Nina humbles herself before Debbie, the woman who got the job she thought was hers, in order to give a speech she thinks can bring her back to corporate law. Sadly, things don't work out. While I laughed more in the pilot, this episode had lots of heart especially from Phil. I love how he pep talks Nina to get her through her current crisis and still brings the snark. So far, so good for this new comedy.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - Nina is a dysfunctional mess but oh so much fun while doing it
Best Scene - Phil pep talks Nina on the stairs
Best New Term - Jagbag
Biggest Oops - Nothing like almost breaking another vase after you got fired for breaking an expensive one
Best Reference - Keebler elves
Best Quotes -
1. Nina: "Jag bags? Which are?" Phil: "That's what you get when you combine jaggoff corporate lawyers and douchebag corporate lawyers."
2. Phil: "It's like a Harry Potter convention, except instead of nerds in robes it's jag bags in suits." Nina: "Well I think this girl needs to get her Potter wand broom thingy and get ready to fight some wizard zombie in glasses. I've never seen the movie."

The 100 - 1.03 - Reapercussions

While we basically just traded Clarke and Anya in Mount Weather for Lincoln there and Finn became completely unrecognizable, I loved everything else. Mixing up the interactions continues to work and I am excited to see more of Anya and Clarke's reluctant alliance. Those two are amazing together so I cannot wait until they are actually in battle side by side. I also think that putting Bellamy and Finn together with such a role reversal has been fascinating, if unsettling for one of my favorite characters. The best thing this show has done so far this season is pull these two out of the love triangle and given them a story outside of it. Kane continues to be one of the richest characters, as I waver between cheering for him and wanting to smack him. Still, Jaha needs to reunite with his people and provide a clearer vision between Abbie's recklessness due to her need to find Clarke and Kane's tunnel vision approach to discipline. The struggle to acclimate to the ground for the Ark members is as interesting as it was for the 100.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - the fantastic pacing
Best Scene - Kane asks Abbie to be Chancellor while he's away
Best Character Interaction - Bellamy and Finn / Clarke and Anya
Best Action - Octavia and the grounders against the reapers
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - What the hell happened to Finn? I hope you get captured, you moron. For one, you don't kill someone before you know their info is good. Second, don't kill anyone unarmed.
Moron #2 Award - Jasper is just going to take it at face value that Clarke cracked up? Who is this guy?
The "Hope You Stay Awhile" Award - Anya, formerly Grounder Queen and one of my favorite characters
The "Again, Michael Westen is Always Right" Award - torture leads to bad intel
Most Disturbing - Clarke and Anya in the cart with almost dead grounders thrown on top of them
Best Decision - Kane chooses a diplomatic approach to the grounders, which even if it backfires is a positive step toward character growth
Most Compassionate - Anya kills the grounder before he can be killed by reapers
The "Wow, A Plan Actually Worked" Award - Bellamy's plan to lure the grounder with Clarke's watch worked…on the first try and everything. This might be a first on The 100.
Most Stealthy - Octavia, who can now travel silently through the woods
Most Barbaric - Kane has Abbie electrocuted, which is somehow worse than the reapers' cannibalism
The "Yeah, Not Buying This" Award - dam jumping survival
The "If Looks Could Kill" Award - Jackson looks like he wants to electrocute Kane while treating Abbie
Best Quotes -
1. Kane: "It's not just your medical expertise that will be required. I need to know that while I'm away, you'll set a good example for our people." Abbie: "If you do this, I'll be a model citizen." Kane: "I need you to be more than that. I need you to be Chancellor. Please Abbie, for our people."
2. Anya: "I won't leave my people behind."

The Missing - 1.02 - Pray for Me

Nothing really happened in this episode except more people look shady and the case is reopened. It felt like a stop gap before the story really gets going. I'm still intrigued but less fascinated with the pacing, mostly because I fear it will turn into Gracepoint where the reveal never seems to be getting closer. Tony is a sympathetic character but if he keeps exploding in anger it is going to be harder for me to remain as empathetic, while Mark's motives seem to be unclear. Is he hiding things to protect Emily or does he have ulterior motives as well? And why exactly is Emily with him again? If she's trying to move on with her life, it doesn't make sense that she would marry someone who was an integral part of the case. Here's hoping next week lays down more clues to follow and we make some headway on the case, given this show has so few episodes.

Grade: C+

Biggest Aww - Emily's bond with Mark's son
Worst Plan for the Best Reason - Mark doesn't give Emily the message from Tony because her dad is dying and he doesn't want to stress her out even more
Best Plan - Julien forced the mayor to open the case by using the despicable journalist
The "I Feel for You But…" Award - I can't even imagine what Tony is going through but every time he does something, he only makes things so much worse.
The "Say What?" Award - The parents are about to get it on while their kid's kidnapped? That seems weird.
Worst Character - Right now Malik is running pretty close to the kidnapper in most despicable, making a name for himself off of a family's pain.
The "Sorry but It Won't Work" Award - I will not feel sorry for this pedophile, no matter how much he wants to change. You can stop trying.
Weirdest Twist - Celia is marrying the man who was their liaison in her kidnapped child's case. I would think that he would remind her of the worst time of her life.
Biggest Hmm - Tony still does not speak French even though he's been trying to track down his son in France for 8 years. What's up with that? You'd think he'd make that a priority.
Best Quotes -
1. George: "Cheap stunt." Julien: "Says the politician."
2. Tony: "You blackmailed him?" Julien: "No, I narrowed his options."

Red Band Society - 1.06 - Ergo Ergo

Too many love triangles, too much unnecessary drama, not enough awesome Nurse Jackson. Plus the only non-irksome characters were Dash (the smartest one in this episode) and Kenji (the funniest). Doctor Erin might end up being a plus as well but it's too soon to tell. Just bring on the Nurse Jackson back story please.

Grade: C

Best Reason to Watch - there was some good music in this one
Best Potential Reason to Watch - the love triangle may be at an end…I hope…really, really hope because it's a drag on a great show
Best Scene - Dr. McAndrew tells Nurse Jackson she's suspended and she starts to break in the elevator
Most Deserving - Hunter puts a blind Kara in an elevator all alone. Couldn't happen to a bigger witch?
Most Intense - Jackson vs. McAndrew, in which both said things that weren't fair
Worst Mom - Sarah Souders, who goes to a meeting before her daughter goes into surgery. Are you kidding me? Even your devil spawn shouldn't be alone to fret about it.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Mandy Moore, aka Jamie from A Walk to Remember
The "Stop While You're Ahead" Award - Brittany who does better when she doesn't ramble
Best Teen - Dash, who may be the only person in the show who didn't annoy me - teen or adult
Best Adult - Kenji, who reigns in Kara and dishes the gossip
The "Please Shut Up" Award - Emma's jealousy is not at all entertaining
Least Sympathetic - Kara, who is about 2 episodes away from me rooting for her death just to get her off my screen and I'm a teacher so I'm naturally inclined to want happy endings for all kids
The "Bruised Bananas" Award - this is the new name for the previous "Touchy Feely Self-Help Yoga" Award and the honor goes to New Doc and her fruit-avenging ghost spirit
Least Exciting Subplot - Jordi and Leo fighting over Emma and everything in the classroom
The "Don't Screw with Me" Award - I have been promised back story on Nurse Jackson next week and I better get it. No side stories please.
Best Quotes -
1. Hunter: "Are you okay?" Kara: "Why wouldn't I be okay?" Hunter: "You're talking to hand sanitizer."
2. McAndrew: "Well that's my job right? Do the right thing, which is why I had to report you for falsifying Charlie's lab work. I knew you wanted to buy Charlie more time and the only one in this hospital with a bigger ego than me is you. You're suspended."
3. Kara: "I mean is it going to happen again. Could I go deaf or mute?" Kenji: "That would be nice…at least until the doctor was done explaining."
4. Kenji: "You want the Cliff Notes or the Les Mis version?"
5. Kenji: "She packed up and moved to Africa. Asked him to come with but life can be cruel. There are no happy endings. Fantasia can't read and Nene might quit Atlanta." Brittany: "Reign it in, Kenj."

Stalker - 1.06 - Love is a Battlefield

Twelve minutes into watching this episode I tweeted that this case would be a lot more fun if the woman was stalking herself. Woo hoo! She was. Nothing like a little old-fashioned crazy to make a bland case of the week go nuclear. The scene were Andrea creates a fantasy scenario, breaking up her house and hurting herself, in order to frame Melissa so she can shoot her was one of the best scenes of the week. The acting was intense with Jessica Tuck giving an amazing performance. Tying in Jack's infidelity was less exciting. Still I am glad that it's in the open because the mystery ceased being an interesting subplot about 10 minutes into it. What I am not so sure of is the ready acceptance of Jack the Stalker by Beth or the audience. They are trying to excuse his behavior with both ending scenes but to be honest, it came off as saying just what someone wants to hear to me. Any good psychopath serial killer can do the same thing and I'm not so sure Jack won't end with a string of bodies at his door either. He's creepy.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - the woman was stalking herself in one of the better twists of the week
Best Scene - Andrea holds Melissa hostage and creates a fantasy scene to tell the cops
Best Moment - Beth tells Janice she has nothing to apologize for in not seeing Andrea was crazy
Most Fun Fluff - everyone discussing the songs they were listening to on the way to work, which actually helped me figure out more about them
The "Talk About Cliché" Award - I knew dead dog was a given the second he was introduced, which still didn't make it any better. No boiled bunnies, no dead pets please.
Biggest Facepalm - the mistress says the ex was home all night, not because she was with him but because he said so and that automatically makes it true
The "Welcome Back" Award - Caity Lotz, last seen kicking butt and dying as Sarah on Arrow, and Jessica Tuck, the similarly fated mother of Adalind on Grimm. Also to Alex Carter, still one of my favorite recurring characters on Burn Notice as Jason Bly.
Most Juvenile - this mistress even talks like a child so I have no idea why this guy ever hooked up with her
Best Quotes -
1. Janice: "We love clichés. We live them, make movies about them. It's the LA way of life. You'll get the hang of them."
2. Andrea: "Melissa, there is nothing worse than a divorced woman with too much time and money on her hands."
3. Jack: "It's Pearl Jam. Nothing against the Carpenters, but it might be time to step into a new decade."

White Collar - 6.01 - Borrowed Time

In order to save time, I've decided not to review White Collar here since I already recap it.  Episode awards however still stay.  Recap link:

Grade:  B+

Best Reason to Watch - Mozzie and Peter working together
Best Scene / Best Reaction - Neal to seeing Peter playing Fat Charlie
Funniest Scene - Peter, Diana, and Jones turn to look at Mozzie for answers but he just sits back and snarks
Best Twist - El is pregnant and back in New York with Peter
Best Awww Scene - Mozzie brings Peter dinner and Peter asks him to stay and eat together
Weirdest Reaction - Neal thanks his kidnapper for kidnapping him
Silliest Name - The world's scariest crime syndicate calls themselves the Pink Panthers?  Bwah?  That's too goofy to not be true.
Biggest Mistake - killing off Rebecca
Least Clever Thief - The head of the Pick Panthers has an ordinary wall safe.  How pedestrian of him.
Best Deductive Skills - Diana, who realizes that Mozzie wouldn't stick around if he weren't telling the truth
Shrewdest Negotiator - Peter, who offers Rebecca nothing and still gets everything
The "I Know What I'd Choose" Award - Neal says, "Your options are prison, death, or trusting me.  What's it going to be?"  In all things but my money, I'd follow Neal wherever.
The "Yeah, There's Nothing Simple About This Plan" Award - Neal and Mozzie seem to feel that zip lining between buildings is no big deal.  Yeah, I don't think so.  Especially not via belt.
Most Anticlimactic Kidnapping - To be honest, it is a tossup between Neal talking his way out and Trubel getting a club invite on Grimm.  Either way these are disappointing follow ups to a cliffhanger.
Best Quotes -
1.  Mozzie:  "I know all your interrogation techniques, Suit.  I'm never going to crack.  I'm also aided by the fact that I have no idea what you're talking about."
2.  Peter:  "Hmm, maybe I'll put an anklet on you next."  Mozzie:  "I would gnaw my leg off."
3.  Moz:  "Mrs. Suit asked me to make sure you eat something not made out of green clovers and purple horseshoes.  Less magically delicious."

4.  Neal:  "It's good to see you."  Peter:  "You know I'm always here for you."  

Elementary - 3.02 - The Five Orange Pipz

Kitty is 3 episodes away from being a deal breaker.  I'm not sure there's another adult character on TV who acts more like a spoiled child.  (Um, maybe Sheldon.)  I don't need back story explaining why she's the way she is.  I need her to become at least palatable quickly.  Otherwise, it was good to see Sherlock and Watson partnering up again.  The show is always better when their minds are working together.  The case itself was less interesting than I expected but I did like how the criminal was smart and had a workable plan.  It's more fun that way.

Grade:  C+

Best Reason to Watch - the twist at the end was sufficiently twisty that if you weren't paying attention earlier it could have caught you off guard
Best Scene - there's a slight truce between Watson and Kitty
Most in Need of Overhauling - Kitty, who needs to calm down because right now every time she is on screen she is bratting off about something.  She acts like a teenager and there's nothing appealing about adults who do that.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Zak Orth from Revolution
Worst Plan - Kitty tries to blackmail the assistant US attorney with the media.  We finally found someone with worse people skills than Sherlock.
Best Quotes -
1.  Sherlock:  "He failed to provide a compelling alibi and then refused to allow the police to search his home.  I'm inclined to think he's innocent."
2.  Sherlock:  "You can't honestly believe that life in prison is going to feel like peace for long."

3.  Sherlock:  "I believe she'll make an excellent investigator, just not today."

How to Get Away with Murder - 1.07 - He Deserved to Die

This episode started with so much promise.  We learned Rebecca killed Keating's husband, which was the first real breakthrough since the pilot.  Then it turned to drivel with one sexcapade after another.  I don't care about any of these interns enough to learn their names.   To be honest I look them up every week so why in the world would I care about their sex lives when I could be learning about the actual murder.  You know, the one the entire show is about.  If this is how mytharc episodes go, bring on the standalones.  Those are a whole lot more interesting.  Worst episode so far for me.

Grade:  C-

Best Reason to Watch - some answers to the murders
Best Reason to Fast Forward - if it wasn't actually about the case it was really boring
Best Confirmation - Rebecca killed Keating's husband
Most Intense - Keating lays it on the line for Rebecca when she doesn't take the prep seriously
Biggest Twist - Lila was pregnant and it could be from Keating's husband
Best Twist - the prosecutor gives Keating privileged info to help her client only to turn on her
Worst Twist - Michaela thinks she's going in for an interview but really it's a pre-nup
Least Necessary - Why do we keep watching Connor screw everyone in sight?  Until it has a point, I don't need to see any of their sex lives.  That includes Laurel and Frank.  Plus Rebecca and Wes, although that one at least builds the plot if Rebecca is manipulating him like it looks. 
 Least Interesting Secrets - girls' night in reveals that they all need to get their head in the case and I don't care about any of these subplots

Most Informing Secret - Wes' mom committed suicide when he was 12

TBBT - 8.08 - The Prom Equivalency

I rarely write about The Big Bang Theory because it's usually pretty formulaic so I say the same things every week.  This episode was formulaic as well but the thing I most needed from the show finally happened.  Sheldon had real character growth.  Now I don't care as much that he told Amy he loved her as that he admitted that he had feelings for someone else.  It happens so rarely and yet his whole world is physics and relating to this group of people.  By acknowledging those connections and having it inform his decisions, he has come a long way from season 1 Sheldon in this episode.  Many episodes, I can't tell the difference.  I hope this continues to have fallout and not get dropped because I think a character in his 8th year needs to be different from the first.  I also liked the Penny and Leonard scenes and everything with Amy.  Howard's subplot not so much.

Grade:  A-

Best Reason to Watch - Sheldon finally gets some character development
Best Awww Scene - Sheldon tells Amy he loves her
Best Character - Emily, whose conversation about Nightmare Before Christmas and Cinderella is perfect
The "Wow, Take It Down a Notch" Award - Bernadette needs to go several octaves lower.  Usually her voice just annoys me.  This time it had me running for the aspirin.
The "Um, Yeah, Nope Don't Want to Know" Award - Howard and his mom have a song.  I need no further details.  Please.
Strangest Moment - Sheldon puts a flask in his tuxedo for fake prom
Best Quotes -

1.  Leonard:  "If you had ripped jeans and a leather jacket, you'd be like…the toughest kid on the Disney Channel."
2.  Raj:  "Ever since I saw Pretty in Pink, I wanted to go to an American Prom, but then I saw Carrie and I did not want to go to an American prom.  But then I saw Never Been Kissed and I'm back on the prom bandwagon.  This prom thing's been a real rollercoaster."
3.  Sheldon:  "Just because I love you doesn't mean girls are allowed in my room."
4.  Sheldon:  "Bruce Wayne doesn't wear a clip-on."  Leonard:  "Bruce Wayne doesn't make his roommate tie it for him."  Sheldon:  "His name is Alfred and yes, he does."

Grimm - 4.03 - Last Fight

After 2 weeks of KrakenHead, Grimm goes back to random Wesen crime sprees of the week.  Sadly the case is pretty humdrum so HexenMom remains the best new thing about this season.  For the record, she still rocks and I am dying for her to meet Mama Grimm.  Please make it so, writers.  This episode is a twist on the gentle giant motif, where a kid boxer doesn't want to fight but everyone around him manipulates him into it so they can make money off of his natural talents.  For me the best thing about this episode, besides HexenMom, is how protective Nick is of Trubel.  Not only is he unsettled about losing his own Grimm powers, he also wants to keep from involving Trubel in his cases so that she does not get harmed.  Her getting attacked by KrakenHead last week really shook him.  I like this protective side of Nick and I can see him really growing into a good mentor.  That's why I am one of the few who isn't in any hurry for Nick to get his powers back.  I like this storyline.  I'm not so excited about Trubel being recruited for a Wesen-fighting cult or her keeping secrets about it from Nick.  This could spiral out of control quickly as a plot.  Still it's a whole lot better than watching a suddenly braindead Adalind and her dungeon quest.  I'm no fan of any of Adalind's many versions but Suddenly Stupid Adalind is really trying my patience.

Grade:  C+

Best Reason to Watch - Nick being overly protective of Trubel.  It's a great new side of him.
Most Anticlimactic - the Fed that kidnapped Trubel wants to recruit her and then lets her go
The "Welcome Back" Award - Bud.  He always makes a scene more fun.
Biggest Huh - Why do all spells written in other languages rhyme when translated to English?  It always bothers me.  I call it the Goonie Effect.
Worst Twist - the boxer's mom is a killer and beats him when he doesn't want to fight anymore
The "Does Motherhood Make You Instantly Stupid?" Award - Adalind doesn't question why Dungeon Creeper didn't escape earlier if he knew a way out.  She's not that dumb.
Worst Nickname - Bang Bang, which guarantees you'll die quickly in a show
Best Reaction - Monroe to Mama Renard in all scenes
The "Say What?" Award - The Wesen Trubel's fighting woges out in front of her, but she doesn't notice Trubel's a Grimm.  I call shenanicanon.
The "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" Award - Gone are the days of dungeons that actually hold people.  Apparently they all come with nifty escape hatches nowadays. 
The "Oh Be Realistic" Award - Nick is upset that Trubel is fighting…in a boxing club.  What did he expect?
Best Quotes -
1.  Bud:  "I've got to get home and NOT tell anybody."

2.  Nick:  "That is not normal.  Not even close." 

Constantine - 1.03 - The Devil's Vinyl

I fell asleep while watching this episode so yeah, I'm definitely dropping it.  I do give it points for its sense of irony though.  This is two episodes in a row.  I also still like how this show reminds me of all the other genre shows I have loved.  Sadly that just makes me want to do is watch them instead.

Grade:  C-

Most Handy Bag Since Hermoine's - Constantine seems to have everything in his satchel
Best Irony - Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols helps Constantine restore order at the radio station
Least Surprising - Constantine was part of a punk rock band / Wife gave up her soul to keep Husband alive
Best Twist - Papa Midnite saves the day
Worst Plan - hiding evil in your house and not expecting it to infect those you love / not telling the homeless man that you will take him to a treasure after he releases you
Creepiest - Orange-eyed kid.  I've watched Supernatural long enough to know that you've got to watch out for kids.  They'll scalp you and laugh while doing it.
Best Parlor Trick - Constantine has an id card that shows whatever he wants it to.  It's like a pocket Room of Requirement. 
The "I Don't Get It" Award - why leave a remedy with the guy you are trying to kill? 
Least Helpful - the angel who leaves Constantine tied up and about to be murdered
Best Reference - I don't care if it was unintentional or not.  I laughed when Papa Midnite was talking about the Winchester that saved them all.

Best Quotes - 
1.  Constantine:  "Nice shooting."  Papa Midnite:  "It's a Winchester.  Never misses.  Forged by a mystic in the old west."
2.  Constantine:  "Papa Midnite, I didn't take you for a fan of religious broadcasting. Unless there's a voodoo channel I'm missing from my basic cable package."  

The McCarthys - 1.02 - Love, McCarthy Style

I'm with Marjorie and Arthur.  Ben's family is weird.  Sadly, this comedy just isn't funny and the laugh track makes it worse.  They think I should laugh at this?  That's weird too.

Grade:  C-

Best Reason to Watch - mom and dad tape how they feel…about TV and bacon and baseball
Biggest Awww Moment - Arthur calls Marjorie his Good Wife and she calls him her Red Sox
Best Backtracking - Ronnie tries to take back his spontaneous "I love you"
Best New Character - Aunt Jean, the most dour relative of all time
Most Unusual Drinking Game - if they can't say 'I love you' they have to chug one
Best  Quotes -
1.  Sean:  "Ma, what did you crave when you were pregnant with us?"  Marjorie:  "Oh lots of things - steak, pasta, infertility, ice cream."
2.  Marjorie:  "Honey, these people are clearly in a cult."  Ronny:  "Or they genuinely love each other."  Marjorie:  "Either way you don't want to get mixed up in that."

Selfie - 1.05-1.06 - Even Hell Has 2 Bars / Never Block Cookies

Grade:  B+ / C

Best Reason to Watch - Charmonique and Eliza working together
The "How Did She Get Hired Again?" Award - Eliza is the most unprofessional professional on TV and oh so unrealistic
Biggest Stick in the Mud / Biggest Jerk - Henry
Creepiest Morning Person - Sam, who dances with employees and sings to strangers
Most Awkward - the boss wants to pee with Henry to pry for personal information
Best Quotes -
1.  Henry:  "I took the least majestic horse, I swear.  In the stable, this thing looked like a donkey."
2.  Charmonique:  "Get your Mr. Miyagi on."

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