Monday, November 3, 2014

Last Week in TV - Oct. 26-Nov.1 - Episode Awards and Reviews

Welcome back to Last Week in TV. It was a busy week full of voiceovers and guest stars. Who knew Billy Bob Thornton would show up? As always there was a nominated show for me to review. This week was Arrow, so fair warning. I hate shipping with a passion and it shows in the review. If you are a shipper, you might want to skip it. Next week will be Criminal Minds. If you have a show to nominate, just fill out the 2-part form below. Remember there is no need to nominate weekly shows and any show already reviewed cannot be chosen again this season. Thanks as always for your participation and please leave a comment below about how your TV week was. Until then, happy TV viewing!

Nominated Show:

Arrow - 3.01 - The Calm

I am a huge anti-shipper so to be honest I was really hoping that this nomination didn't get randomly picked by the number generator. Of course it was picked early. According to my calculations the story stopped to deal with shipping 14 times for a total of just under 11 minutes in a 42 minute episode, or ¼ of the episode. It seemed like more because instead of 2-3 big, fast forwardable scenes most of the time it was broken up with a few seconds here and there throughout the episode for an average of shipping every 3 minutes. It included such moments as Oliver chit chatting with Felicity about date plans in the middle of a high speed chase. Suffice it to say, it isn't my favorite episode and did nothing to bring me back to Arrow on a regular basis.

However other things did happen too and some of it was better than others. Quentin returned with a new promotion but, given all the pill popping he was doing, hopefully not another Lance addiction. We've had enough of those. Sarah returned only to die, which is a highly dubious story decision. Of course, people pop back up from the dead like daisies on this show so who knows. Roy became more a part of the team while Diggle stepped back. Of course having a baby will do that. I am not opposed to this like some people, but only if they finally make a decision about Diggle. Either really include him like in season 1 or have him move somewhere else with Lyla and only return for special episodes. He's too promising a character to keep hanging. Another addition, Bad Movie Superman, is questionable at this point. Is he a businessman trying to save the newly named Star City, yet another caped crusader for good or ill, or worse, another leg of love geometry? Either way I liked him better on Enlisted. Besides shipping, the worst of all was the villain of the week, who sounded like he came from a bad Saturday morning kid cartoon and who won't let Vertigo die as a plotline. Let's hope he never returns. Still not everything was bad. There were several great character scenes that moved me and the flashbacks are better than the island so far. I particularly loved the hospital conversation with Laurel and Quentin. When those two aren't out screeching each other, I typically love them. I also liked the brief moment with Sarah and Laurel before she fell off the roof. I'm glad Sarah died with no animosity between the sisters. I also thought the moments between Oliver and Diggle both with the gift and at the hospital were poignant.

Grade: C-
Ranking - 3 - I will watch this in marathon either in the summer or maybe at midseason.

Best Action - Oliver vs. Oliver fight
Best Reason to Skip - shipping, but the new villain is high up there too
Best Scene - Quentin and Laurel
Worst Decision - killing off Sarah
Best Teamwork - Opening scene. I like how Roy is part of the team now, costume and all
Best Technology: Ray's projector that's the size of a smartphone. I want one of those.
The "I Know You're Broke But…" Award - Exactly how expensive is a Kevlar vest because it seems to me that Oliver, knowing Count 2.0 would try to stick him, should be wearing one?
The "Say What?" Award - Why is Felicity working in retail? Even if she lost her job at Queen Consolidated there would be thousands of companies looking for her skills and ones which would allow her to work from home/the Arrow Cave, ending the need to juggle everything.
Biggest Potential Story Nightmare - Quentin becoming addicted to pills because he's popping them enough. We already did this with Laurel. Let's stop before it begins.
Best Return - Black Canary, who is always more awesome than Sarah
Worst Return - Vertigo and another over the top villain. Just what this show needs.
New Superhero? - Why is Bad Movie Superman showing up on Arrow? We already have enough superheroes. Use your superpowers to get Enlisted uncancelled and go back there please.
Best Meta - I know nothing about comics but I do know how ticked off people were that it was called Starling City in season 1. Star City it is then.
Biggest TV Cliché - Roy stops the bomb with 1 second to go
Biggest Awww - Oliver gives Diggle a necklace for the baby and congratulates him on being happy / Diggle coos about his baby
Best Quotes:
1. Oliver: "My last girlfriend, she's in the League of Assassins. My girlfriend before that, she shot my girlfriend before that."
2. Oliver: "How was work?" Felicity: "It is not work. It is a soul-crushing exercise in misery that offers health and dental."
3. Lyla: "You look a little scared." Diggle: "Honey please, I've thrown down with the Taliban, Malcolm Merlyn, and a host of mirakuru-powered human weapons. I'm terrified."
4. Sarah: "Word of advice - we're not our masks and we need people in our lives who don't wear one."

New Shows:

The McCarthys - 1.01 - Pilot

I laughed, which makes it different than most new comedies this season. I'm just not sure why I laughed. Maybe it is because these guys are obsessed with basketball instead of football or baseball or Laurie Metcalf - glad to have her back. Over all, this comedy is about as average as it gets. All the characters are stereotypes and nothing big happened. There's the gay guy, the idiot, the floozy, the smothering mom, the non-emotional dad, and that kid in the middle trying to get attention in the most obnoxious way ever. I'm sure it's supposed to make me chuckle over their funny Boston ways, but to be honest I care as little about East/West Coast cities as they care about us in the Midwest. The best part is they all seem to care about each other and there were some good one-liners. Plus the parents were golden in every scene they were in. However that isn't enough to keep me coming back so it's likely a 3 and done show for me. Since I don't see CBS wasting prime Thursday night real estate on this for long, I'm glad I'm not likely to get attached.

Grade: B-
Ranking - 3
Prediction - This one has air ball written all over it.

Audience - People who like sports and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Best Reason to Watch - Marjorie
Best Character - Arthur
Best Visual Gag - the dead guy holding a basketball in his coffin
Best Rationalizing - they decide to finish watching the basketball game in honor of a guy who just died
Biggest Hint??? - Does Kyra Sedgwick have a new show coming out on CBS because she sure is name checked a lot?
The "Yep, TV Fanatics aren't Just in Real Life" Award - Marjorie takes the same offense to saying a show's been cancelled as people on TV forums.
TV Name Checking - The Good Wife (emphasis on THE), The Closer (emphasis on Kyra Sedgwick), Annette Bening (emphasis on NOT being Kyra Sedgwick)
The "Welcome Back" Award - Ken Howard. I loved him as a basketball coach on The White Shadow and in Crossing Jordan.
Best Quotes -
1. Ronny: "Good for you, Jackie. Own it…unless you can return it. Then definitely stop owning it."
2. Arthur: "Alright, then everybody raise your glass. Not you, Madonna. To our first grandchild. May it be healthy and able to go to its left."

Benched - 1.01 - Pilot

I laughed more in The McCarthy's but I laughed harder in Benched, and in the end I liked Benched better. It was a great surprise how much I liked the characters even if normally they would try my patience. That's all down to the acting. I was especially surprised about how much I was rooting for Nina to get her life back together. I'm not sure about Phil yet, although he may end up be the snarky character I like most. I also thought the judge was fantastic. It could very well be that the characters get old fast, but for right now my best hope for a sustained comedy this season is Benched. Please don't let me down.

Grade: B
Ranking - 4
Prediction - It's hard to tell what is acceptable at USA Network these days since they are rebranding. Still I lean towards renewal. The ratings aren't good but it is a good bridge show between their past and what they want their future to look like and it did slightly better than Playing House.

Audience - people who like character-driven workplace comedies

Best Reason to Watch - the character interactions
Biggest Douche - Trent. In the context of the episode, he really wasn't but he comes off as a cheesy, smarmy douche so he gets it.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Jolene Purdy plays Micah. Let's hope she lasts longer than she did on Under the Dome.
Most Surprising - how much I like Nina, even though she's the kind of character I would normally root against
Least Surprising - The ex the lawyer got fired over is now who she's working against
Least Humble Winner - Nina
Best Quotes -
1. Phil: "Did anybody ever tell you it's rude to turn down a drink?" Nina: "Did anyone ever tell you that you talk like a date rapist?
2. Trent: "Objection….ah, that's just stupid." Judge: "Overruled. Agree but overruled."
3. Nina: "This is like a…a slow motion hate crime."
4. Phil: "Man, this chick knows how to quit a job."

The Missing - 1.01 - Pilot

The Missing pilot was 1 hour long but seemed like half that time. It's the story of a family on holiday in France whose son goes missing during the World Cup. The episode flashes from present time 8 years later, where his father is still looking for him, to the time of the kidnapping. His mother is trying to get on with her life, believing her son is gone. After new evidence arrives via Facebook, a retired police officer joins Tony in the constant search for his son. At first everyone thinks Tony is mad with grief but the evidence points them in the right direction as they find the house Oliver was taken to. Overall this was a suspenseful episode that suffered a bit from pacing problems but was for the most part engaging and intriguing. I love how we didn't have to wait long for new evidence to surface and it will be very interesting to see how the story progresses. Since this is considered a mini-series with 8 episodes, here's hoping they keep up the intrigue. So far, this is what Gracepoint wanted to be.

Grade: B+
Ranking: 5
Prediction - It is considered a miniseries not a limited series so it should end in 8 episodes.
Note - Apparently Starz is picking this show up in the US and it should air later in November.

Audience - those who like a good mystery but have patience in it unraveling

Grade: B+
Ranking: 5
Prediction - It is considered a miniseries not a limited series so it should end in 8 episodes.
Note - Apparently Starz is picking this show up in the US and it should air later in November.

Audience - those who like a good mystery but have patience in it unraveling

Best Reason to Watch - the gripping story of a father who cannot let go
Cutest Kid - Tony's son, Ollie, is adorable
Most in Need of Ceasing - the high pitched squeal that accompanies emotional scenes or a change in scene. I had to use headphones since my speakers gave out and wow was it piercing.
Most Realistic - World Cup mania. It's insane.
Best Dichotomy - all of France celebrates the World Cup win while Tony searches desperately for his son
Biggest Twist - a reporter blackmails a cop into sharing details about the case
Best Cliffhanger - Tony finds his son's drawing of him on the wall of where he was taken

Weekly Shows:

Resurrection - 2.05 - Will

For an episode that will likely have far-reaching consequences, nothing really seemed to happen. The disappearances ended up being a conscience choice to no longer be there, which did nothing to shed light on the mysteries of the returned at all. Only Bellamy getting sick was emotionally fraught. Other than that, I hated Carl's brother and Barbara wasn't enough of a fully realized character for me to care if she lived or not. It was good to see a happy Fred for once, but hopefully his night with his wife can give him closure and he can get on with life instead of moping. Once again Margaret was the most interesting character, but Bellamy's story may make a huge push forward IF we get details on the government agency's role in all of this. It will be a wasted plot if he's suddenly healthy at the end of next week's episode. Mostly though, Resurrection feels stuck in the mud here. The writers obviously do not want to give away any answers but we're in the second season. It's time.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - the sick Bellamy cliffhanger
Biggest Disappointment - disappearing is a simple matter of the returned just choosing to go
Best Twist - Carl's brother disappears so we never have to have him around again
Best Character - Fred, who is so overjoyed at being with his returned wife that he seems like a new person
Best Scene - Margaret tells Barbara that Maggie and Fred were better off without her and convinces Barbara to disappear
Most Sympathetic - Elaine
Least Sympathetic - Margaret
Most Gleeful - Deputy Carl when he realizes his bully brother might disappear since he can't kill him
The "Say What?" Award - Sheriff doesn't have a peephole in his door and opens it for whomever knocks
Best Little Moment - Fred looks at the difference between his hands and his returned wife's
Best Mention - St. Louis Cardinals - hometown pride
The "Ye Olde Plot Device" Award - Bellamy is about to tell Maggie that he's one of the returned when her phone rings
Best Quotes -
1. Fred: "I never got running. Awful lot of effort just to get back where you started."
2. Maggie: "You know there's no way in hell I'm watching a romantic comedy." Fred: "That's my girl."

Sleepy Hollow - 2.06 - And the Abyss Gazes Back

Zach and I do a weekly podcast for Sleepy Hollow. Partly because I have no time and partly because I'm lazy, I decided instead of reviewing here I would just link to the podcast where you can hear both of our thoughts. If you choose to listen, let me know what you think:

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - Corbin flashbacks. I miss that guy terribly.
Biggest Kudos - the makeup and special effects crew
Most Flexible - Abbie, her yoga is impressive
Best Nickname - Normally nothing would beat Mr. Dances with Wendigos, but WendiJoe is just so catchy
Biggest Namedropper - Ichabod can never resist showing off his connections. He's the Professor Slughorn of colonial America.
Biggest Douche - the man who crippled Macy and has the nerve to blame her
Best Etymology - the word nostalgia sure has changed meaning
Most Intense - Irving and the guy who crippled Macy
The "Say Huh?" Award - Killing someone saves your soul? This makes zero sense to me. I suspect Henry is up to something again.
The "Back the Heck Up" Award - Joe, just shut up about the apple pie. That's still one of my favorite moments in the whole show.
Biggest Migration - InstaDawn from Supernatural has fled to Sleepy Hollow and is now hiding as InstaDark
The "I'm Peeved Too" Award - But not at Katrina. I am peeved at this continuing need to create a rift between Ichabod and Katrina to please shippers.
Best Continuity - the Pied Piper bones Henry ground up were used to curse Joe Corbin
Biggest Understatement - Ichabod calls Henry's trying to end the world a "rebellious phase"
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "Those who fight monsters should see to it that in the process they do not become one. When one gazes long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes back, doesn't it Captain?"
2. Ichabod: "How is it that the man who settled Kentucky is remembered by the modern world as the guy with a raccoon on his head?" Abbie: "Probably because he wore a raccoon on his head."
3. Hawley: "That was before I knew WendiJoe was your friend. Most of my cures are ways to kill it. This is going to require more creative brainstorming."
5. Jenny: "So the med school needs to up their game on the security front. Pulled from the freshest cadaver I could find so the pickings were slim. That being said we should probably donate blood or something this year."
6. Irving: "Even God thought the devil was beautiful…before he fell."

Scorpion - 1.06 - True Colors

Surprisingly I laughed more during this episode of Scorpion than I did in all the comedies I watched this week put together. This episode was on crack and I loved it. First we had the brilliant Hetty from NCIS: LA as a guest star. I didn't even know Scorpion was in the NCIS universe so it was a surprising delight. She's one of my favorite procedural characters so watching her work her magic with a bunch of geniuses was pure fun. I also loved the Leverage vibe I got throughout, especially when they flash back to show how they made the car blow up. Plus I like the fact that Gallo figured it out. They have a compelling way of making sure the non-geniuses come out looking smart as well, which plays into the team dynamics well. In the end, I took away grade letter points from the episode for the inevitable Paige and Walter hookup (Why do all partners have to get romantic these days?) but added them back in for Sylvester's childish glee over Super Fun Guy. He made me laugh and awww at the same time. All around fun episode and kudos to all.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - this episode had me cracking up more than all other episodes combined
Best Surprise - Hetty
Best Reaction - the team to Walter slicing up the painting / Curator when kicking Walter out
Most Joyful - Sylvester getting ready to go to his favorite company and Hetty's bemusement at it
The "Did Everyone Suddenly Become Illiterate?" Award - Why in the world are Toby and Paige reading the PowerPoint to the others? As an exposition tool, it sucks.
The "Now on My Christmas List" Award - Sylvester's Super Fun Guy t-shirt cracks me up
The "Say What?" Award - How can Happy, a mechanical genius, be such a horrible driver? My fantasy of her being the embodiment of Parker from Leverage and Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice are crushed.
Best Sign of Growth - Walter is starting to make jokes
Best Nod to Leverage - the recap showing how they pulled it off
Best Quotes -
1. Walter: "Well if you dismissed every government worker who was unstable, Washington would cease to exist."
2. Walter: "We're operating as private citizens so the more we defy you, the more legal this is." Toby: "That's good to know. We've got to remember that for next time."

TBBT - 8.07 - The Misinterpretation Agitation

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - the guys' glee at Lorvis' basement
Biggest Surprise - Billy Bob Thornton guest stars
Biggest Huh? - since when is Sheldon worried about social niceties
Most Interesting Debate - Should female scientists participate in Sexiest Scientist type lists? Bad message or good publicity? It reminds me of a speech I gave in college.
The "Thanks" Award - Now counting 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi will forever be creepy to me.
Best Quotes -
1. Sheldon: "Deliverymen are the unsung foot soldiers of our nation's commerce. It's because of people like you people like me can limit our human contact. I'd shake your hand, but well…you know."
2. Lorvis: "Welcome to my Fortress of Solitude. This is where I go to get away from…all my other solitude."
3. Leonard: "Uh guys, we're locked in here." Sheldon: "Oh his day just keeps getting better."

Jane the Virgin - 1.03 - Chapter 3

This episode started off great - very funny and good pacing. I laughed a lot, Jane was winning me over, and Abuela Alba was stealing every scene. Then it came crashing down (except the Abuela part because she still stole every scene). I am already tired of Jane being wishy washy between Michael and Rafael and I'm not excited about her getting with Rafael in the end. Is it too much to ask for anyone to stay together? Add the "will they-won't they" hotel non-sex scene and the pace halted and went in reverse. While they first half soared by, the second dragged on forever. Keep the humor going throughout, kill the love triangle, add more Abuela and Xiomara scenes, and I will root for the show's ratings to rise as well.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Jane is refreshingly honest and there is a lot of humor
Best Scene - Xiomara and Alba talk fairy tales
Best Reaction - Michael when Jane said they should have sex. It was so funny I almost shot water all over my keyboard, mostly because of the fantastic music playing at the time.
Most Insane - Jane is confronted about her decision to have sex by a hallucination in church
Biggest Surprise - that is one packed church, especially for midweek
Best Visual - Michael on the job with a baby
Worst Foreshadowing - Jane and Rafael hooking up
Funniest Moment - Rogelio going under the name Antonio Banderas to avoid fans
The "Oh No, Not You Too" Award - Not only was Jane and Xiomara star struck by Rogelio, but Abuela Alba gets snowballed by him too. I had high hopes for you, Abuela.
Worst Interruption - a hotel video of Rafael comes on when Jane and Michael are making out
Best Quotes -
1. Jane: "I guess it's a pregnancy craving or something. I would offer you some but I'm really enjoying it, and if I give you a bite I may resent you in a very serious way."
2. Michael: "My crime scene trumps your hotel."

SHIELD - 2.06 - A Fractured House

This SHIELD episode was a good combination of action, intensity, and humor. Currently no show I watch does action better than SHIELD so it was awesome to see May, Bobbi, and Hunter all fighting together both times. I would love more of them in the field, kicking butt. It was especially good to see Bobbi in action because she's like May Jr. Add to that the fun bickering between Hunter and her and she's a winning addition to the team. Sometimes bickering can be too much but the soft times between them help keep the tone in check. Here's one ex-couple I don't mind seeing together. I also like how they acknowledge each other's skills even if they drive each other insane. I'm not so sure about the Ward situation though. Brett Dalton did a masterful job of being both compelling and psychotic, especially since he often turned on a dime. His scene with Coulson was particularly intense. I have no idea where they are going with Ward, but I hope he's as psychotic as he seems. I would love it if both brothers are crazy and end up in a showdown. Partly because I love Tim DeKay being on this show, but also because Grant needs a juicy storyline or he needs to be killed off. Characters have to service the plot, not the other way around.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the action
Best Action - May, Bobbi, and Hunter in Belgium
Most Intense Scene - Coulson lays it on the line for Ward
Biggest Cliffhanger - What will happen with Ward? I've seen people speculating that Coulson designed Ward's escape. I'm not sure about that. If Ward kills anyone in his escape, there's no way.
Biggest Surprise - May was married
Best Twist - UN guy is actually a Hydra agent
The "Most Delightful Arguing Since His Girl Friday" Award - Bobbi and Hunter, who make me laugh
Most Awkward - tie - Simmons and Fitz / Bobbi and Hunter
Most Psycho Reasoning - Ward tries to get Skye to see that her murderer father is really good
The "Welcome Back" Award - Tim DeKay from one of my favorite shows, White Collar
Saddest Sign Your Organization is in Trouble - all your employees stop you to make sure that you didn't send out a terrorist attack on the UN
Best Tandem Shot - Hunter and Bobbi kill the Japanese guy
The "Glad You're Back" Award - Simmons is back at SHIELD and we're all glad you aren't dead
The "Toss Them Out like Mardi Gras Beads" Award - Either Hydra has an unlimited budget or they need more accountability with their toys. They throw those disks out like candy, even when they can easily kill without them.
Weirdest Truce - Talbot shakes May's hand
Best Quotes -
1. Hunter: "She can handle it. Deception's her forte. I mean that sincerely, not passive aggressively. As in it's a good attribute for a spy to…oh bloody hell."
2. May: "You know I don't like you, right?"
3. Coulson: "Also, your men won't be checking on you. At least not for the next hour. You've requested some 'me time' and who can argue with that?"
4. Coulson: "The only reason you're alive is because you were of use, and the only reason you're being transferred is because your brother is of more use."
5. Simmons: "If I ever see you again, I'll kill you."

Forever - 1.07 - New York Kids

This plot was so thin it was practically transparent. I knew what happened the second we found out the doctor made an abrupt break with his life. I mean half of the Twitter world typed I Know What You Did Last Summer at the same time. Still the characters are appealing and that's what this whole show is built on even if it did get a touch too sappy for me. Abe was perfect as always and I loved the back story on the lieutenant as well. It's good that we are starting to get to know more about her since she's not a well-rounded character yet. I think the care she showed toward Jo helped as well.

Grade: C+

Best Reason to Watch - Abe moments
Biggest Puzzle - Why wasn't Henry around when Abe opened the antique shop? Did they have a falling out?
Best Character Backstory - Lt. Reece / Abe
Least Surprising - the hit and run / the gas station owner pulls a gun on them
Biggest Show-Off - Jo calls Henry out for using the highfaluting word vector
The "I'd be Ticked Too" Award - I'm on Abe's side here. It was the World Series and he was a kid. I still remember my dad taking me to the World Series when I was a kid. It was a highlight and I don't even like baseball. Of course if that was indeed the night Henry was shot, he does have an excuse.
Most Uncomfortable Around People - Henry, who has one awkward conversation after another
Best MacGyver - Henry whips up a concoction to make Paul throw up and therefore saves his life
Biggest Foot in Mouth - Jo, who says Henry is not a real doctor
The "Come On" Award - If Jo, a police detective, is going to dig through the trash, shouldn't she wear gloves instead of touching evidence with her bare hands? In an age of CSI-type shows, it bugs me every time.
Best Quotes -
1. Henry: "In my experience, just because you're a saint doesn't mean that you don't know any sinners."
2. Jo: "Did you ever think of becoming a real doctor?" Henry: "Actually I am a real doctor and will try not to be offended on the behalf of the brotherhood of medical examiners the world over."

The Flash - 1.04 - Going Rogue

This episode was a whole lot of fun. First it practically redeemed one of my favorite characters from two seasons back, Felicity Smoak. This is the Felicity I want on Arrow. One who is not forever pining away for some guy and who is thoroughly competent not only in technical skills but in reaching people as well. I love how she is instrumental in making the Star Labs crew a tighter unit. If this is how she can be in Central City, I hope she stays there. Granted this all of a sudden reverse in Barry's feelings for her makes zero sense, but long distance love wouldn't cut it on the CW anyway. The second excellent thing here was we finally got a cool villain. Yes, he was a little over the top but by Flash and Arrow standards, he was practically demure. I love how he was smart and calculated. The best villains always are. He's one of the few that I cannot wait to come back. Overall this episode had a great pace and kept me entertained until the last 5 minutes when it turned to unrequited love drivel. Other than that, a few logic issues, and a psychotic boss in Wells, this episode was fantastic.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - Felicity. The first 35 minutes were the most I've liked Felicity in a long time. This is how she needs to be on Arrow. The last 5 minutes is the Felicity of Arrow. Blech.
Best Scene - Felicity tries to get Barry to see things from Cisco's point of view
Best Twist - Cisco makes Captain Cold believe the vacuum cleaner is a weapon
Best Awww Moment - Barry and Cisco shake hands
The "I Get Your Frustration" Award - Some of those games made for children are deceptively difficult.
The "Stop While You're Already Behind" Award - Eddie needs to stop talking about dating Iris in front of Joe for his own health
Biggest Two Face Impersonator - Wells acts all noble but he sure can tear someone a new one when he's angry. Also there's that being a murderer thing from before.
The "Say What?" Award - For some reason I thought Starling City was a whole lot closer to Central City. Why exactly was the particle accelerator on the Starling City news every 10 minutes for months then?
The "Welcome Back" Award - Wentworth Miller. I never saw Prison Break so I'm just jumping on the fanwagon here. I did see him in that 1 episode of Buffy though.
Worst Tourist Attraction - If the highlight of your normal tour is a guy who save cows in a flood, then you really do need a ginormous diamond to spice things up.
Biggest Huh? - How exactly does one just open the doors of a moving train?
#SuperheroWorldProblems - don't you hate it when your shoes catch on fire when you're impressing your ex-crush with super speed.
The "All the World is Conspiring Against You" Award - sorry Eddie, but the radio IS out to get you
The "I Don't Get It" Award - First it's Captain Cold and then Heat Wave. What's up with these names? Who are we getting next, Hail Storm and Tsunami?
New Theory - Did Wells purposely cause the particle accelerator meltdown to turn Barry into the Flash?
Best Quotes -
1. Felicity: "Well let's just say that my team has a similar setup but with more pointy objects."
2. Felicity: "I've seen firsthand what this life can do to people. It's a lonely path. Don't make it any lonelier than it has to be."
3. Felicity: "When it comes to hacking, I'm the fastest woman alive."
4. Cisco: "I couldn't shoot him if I wanted to. This is actually the Star Labs vacuum cleaner with a lot of LED's."

Elementary - 3.01 - Enough Nemesis to Go Around

I am not a fan of seeing Joan this insecure, which is how she comes off by not accepting Sherlock's help at all. I know she was mad at him but by not looking at all perspectives and using all her resources, it comes off as petty when 2 people have been murdered. I love how she has created a business of her own and that she is successful but there's a reason this show works and that is both detectives working together. I also found Kitty to be a drain on the plot. She's also insecure and annoying to boot. In fact, the person who comes off best here is the one who in many episodes I liked least, Sherlock. He comes back hat in hand and apologetic. He realizes that the way he left was wrong and wants to make amends. Compared to season 1, he has made great strides in becoming human and I love this conciliatory manner. Here's hoping the two mend fences soon and we get our dual detectives on the job again. The case was intriguing and well done. The friction between partners was not.

Grade: C

Best Scene - baton fight
Best Reason to Watch - intricate crime solving because it sure isn't Watson and Sherlock getting along
Best Adjustment - Watson is thriving in her own detective business
The "Welcome Back" Award - Clyde the turtle
Most Wacky Entrance - Sherlock in his isolator helmet contraption
Most Interesting Twist - the mobster's wife takes over the family business and creates an all-female mob
Best Addition - Elana, who was a whole lot more clever than Kitty
Best Music - Monsters by You&Me
Best Quotes -
1. Sherlock: "It was a difficult time. I was…I was thinking of no one but myself." Gregson: "Must have been a day that ends in Y."
2. Elana: "If you don't like the term harassment, maybe stalking is a better fit."
3. Watson: "My problem's I don't like being followed. Your problem's that I know what you look like now."

Constantine - 1.02 - The Darkness Beneath

This was better than the pilot, but not so much so that I plan on watching it past 3 episodes. The next one needs to be amazing. I don't like Constantine and I'm iffy on Zed. There was not enough Chas for him to save the episode and the acting is still overwrought. It feels like I am watching caricatures of brooding and mystery instead of characters I want to know better. This one isn't even fun to live tweet.

Grade: D+

Best Scene - mine explosion
Least Sympathetic Death - Lannis, who comes off as a wife beater douche
Best Serial Killer Wall of Death - Most criminals just slap up some newspaper articles and grainy photos of the people they're stalking. Not Zed. Hers is beautifully done artwork.
Smartest Plan - Constantine pricks his finger to get blood for a spell instead of slices his arm
Worst Guard Ever - John drops some rock and the guard doesn't see him walk right behind him
Biggest Laugh - everyone is bringing in casseroles to the widow and John brings a frozen dinner
Best Use of Irony - Lannis burns to death in the shower
Biggest Shame - screwing in a church, btu I loved Constantine's reaction
Best Quotes -
1. Voiceover: "I suppose it could be liberating to take a leap of faith. To shrug off the burden of proof with the promise of hope. It takes trust to turn darkness to light and those who trust risk putting their faith in the wrong hands. For there are those who pray for ya and there are those who prey on you, and no matter how careful you are, sometimes you just can't tell the difference."
2. Constantine: "Well call me barmy but I like to know who's stalking me."
3. Constantine: "That warrant still stands?" Chas: "Funny what a long memory the law has when it comes to train derailments."

The 100 - 2.02 - Inclement Weather

Now that's The 100 that I want to see. I like how it moved from action to action with far less exposition this week. Plus everyone had something to do or a scene to shine in. I'm still not feeling Kane as a leader on the ground, even though I love his character. He needs to be far less rigid and use his best assets, which are the 100. They have knowledge and a practical, hands-on apprenticeship in how to live on Earth. That's far more important than formal training. Other than that, this episode rocked. I adore Ghost Wells. I hated them killing him off so I hope Jaha continues to see him in hallucinations or dreams and that his child's voice in his head keeps him moving forward. Wells was the most sympathetic character this show ever had, so just like Tommy in Arrow, his ghost is welcome back anytime even if his father's story is the most ludicrous thing on this show yet. Nothing like catching a ride on a missile…hmm? At least Jaha's alive and hopefully will relieve Kane of his duties before he gets too obnoxious. I loved the scenes with Finn tonight as well. He was a true friend to Raven and smart about getting Bellamy free to help save the 100. Plus he wasn't the idiot suckered in by Murphy. I do not care how many people fall for his sob story, Murphy is a petty bully and I will never feel sorry for him.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - character interactions
Best Surprise - Ghost Wells
Biggest Surprise - Clarke finds that Dante is draining grounders of blood to keep his people alive
Most Kick Butt - Octavia
Best Return - Anya, formerly known as Grounder Queen
Best Scene - Ghost Wells pep talks his dad into fighting to survive
The "Warning Please" Award - In a show with surgery minus anesthetic and 3 crucifixions, Clarke ripping open her stitches was the biggest Ewww Moment of the night.
Most Laughable - Jaha hitching a ride on a missile to earth. Nothing here makes the least sense. Nothing.
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - Kane tells Bellamy he can't be part of the expedition because he hasn't been trained. What the heck do you think all this time on the ground has been, Kane? He knows more about the place than you do.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Ty Olsson, the awesome Benny on Supernatural
The "Give It Up" Award - I don't hate Murphy because he gave grounders info. I hate Murphy because he's a crazy douche bully, who made people's lives miserable long before the grounders. That doesn't change so give up trying to make me feel sorry for him. It won't work.
Worst Negotiator - Indra, the grounder warrior. You don't tell people they have your only healer. That shifts negotiating power to them.
The "Tact is Not a Curse Word" Award - Clarke has to learn some tact if she is going to make it in this new society. You can't escape without some knowledge and you get that with tact and observation.
The "Now You Have Him, Now You Don't" Award - Kind of sucks to be reunited with your lover for 10 seconds before he's kidnapped by someone else. Are you sure this isn't Arrow?
Best Quotes -
1. Raven: "Hey, when I wake up, don't be here." Finn: "What are you talking about?" Raven: "You're here for me like always, but our friends are out there and you need to go get them."
2. Ghost Wells: "You sacrificed so much. Your life can be more than just impossible decisions and a tragic end. You can choose to live." Jaha: "I miss you son, every day." Ghost Wells: "I'm always with you, dad. You can do this."

The Goldbergs - 2.05 - Family Takes Care of Beverly

I didn't laugh as hard in this episode as I usually do but all the heart was there. Whether it was Murray comforting Beverly, Adam taking care of his mom's fears, Beverly working so hard to make a place for Pops, or Erica setting Barry up with his heart's desire, the Goldbergs do take care of each other and that is awesome to see on TV these days.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - because family takes care of family, always
Best Scene - Murray comforts Beverly and says their kids will never abandon her to a nursing home
Biggest Aww Moment - Adam says he'll always make room for Beverly
Most Fun - all the urban legends
The "Good Luck with That" Award - Murray tries to make Pops one of his kids with all the laws of the house
Most Embarrassing - having a guy you don't like rap about you in the school hallway
Most Handy - Beverly could make a good living out of home remodeling if she wanted
Best Music - I Melt with You by Modern English
Best Nostalgia - Voltron, Mikey from Life cereal
Worst Nostalgia - circus peanuts
Best Quotes -
1. Beverly: "I don't trust Shady Willows. Shady is in the name."
2. Murray: "Trust me, Bevvy, our kids will never abandon you." Beverly: "How do you know?" Murray: "Look at how well you treat your own dad. You think they don't notice that?" Beverly: "Well I guess I am pretty blatant with my love." Murray: "Of course you are, and it's like you always say. Family takes care of family."
3. Barry: "Lies. You have no honor whatsoever." Erica: "I'm okay with that."
4. Adam: "Hey mom, I'm sure when the time comes I'll find some space for you in my house." Beverly: "Really?" Adam: "Yeah, I'll always make room for you."

Supernatural - 10.04 - Paper Moon

This is the first episode of the season to remind me that Carver's still in charge, so yeah, it sucked out loud. First off there's tons of exposition on a character barely anyone liked the first time she was on. It's like revisiting the family from Bugs. I don't care what happened to her. I still think they should have killed her when they had the chance and prevented this episode from ever occurring. Then we have all the logic fails. For example, how does an experienced hunter, who bears the Mark of Cain no less, get caught by 2 newbie werewolves? How do 2 experienced hunters lose a werewolf? Or better yet, how exactly is talking about eating human hearts in a diner when someone is in the next bench over a private conversation? Looks like Stu, the mental regression fairy, has returned with a vengeance and along with him comes Facepalm, all episode long.

Grade: D+

Best Reason to Watch - lots of good quotes and 2/3 of the Impala chats
Best Awww Scene - the Impala chat while Kate is sleeping, although she should be in the backseat. I guess it was a tactical thing, but I never like Winchesters in the back. Unless Ellen's in the front.
Least Surprising - Kate kills her sister and lives to bore me another day

3 Things I Know about Winchesters:
1. They always save each other (unless Carver decrees crummy new canon)
2. They die…a lot.
3. They should never write notes ever. I'm not sure whose note was the worst. Sam's "Back in a few days. I'm fine," note in The Girl Next Door or Dean's "Sammy, let me go" in Black. Either way, they both sucked. John's " Now, you stop following me, and you do your job. You understand me?" phone call in Scarecrow sucked out loud as well. Maybe it's a family trait.

The "You've Got to be Kidding Me" Award - 199 episodes and they bring back the annoying character from one of the worst received episodes Supernatural ever aired? Smart. For the record, I still don't care about this chick's life. At least we didn't see it in shaky cam this time though.
The "You Better Watch It" award - Dean, don’t you be snarking at Sammy. He saved your butt.
Best Music - Werewolves of London
The "Oh Yeah, This is Much More Private" Award - Do the Winchesters think every diner comes with its own Cone of Silence? How exactly is this diner more private than the trail? There are people in the next booth.
Facepalm Award - While Dean and Sam debate who is going to shoot Kate and if she even killed, she escapes. Where are my great hunters?
Worst Uniforms - Even the Winchesters can't make these Game Warden outfits look good. Might be the worst costumes they've had since the big hats of The Benders.
The "Um, Excuse Me" Award - Psycho Sis is telling Kate to eat Sam's heart and Dean's just sitting on the floor watching? What the heck?
The "Will Wonders Never Cease?" Award - Dean and Sam chilling lakeside. Very Cool. Dean just said, "Taking some 'we' time." Um, no that's just awkward. Time to get back to work.
The "Best to Not Ever Mention It Again" Award - I will be perfectly fine if we just forget Lester ever existed.
Nicknames - Paul Bunyan, Mary-Kate and Ashley
Best Quotes -
1. Sam: "Yeah you're right. We should call some guys. Have them fix it." Dean: "Good. Smart." Sam: "Done." Dean: "Or we could be in and out. It's a milk run." Sam: "Right, because that happens never."
2. Sam: "We've got a problem." Dean: "What? Besides Werewolf Barbie over here?"
3. Dean: "Well that is great, Kate. It really is and it's nice to see that, uh, this hippy dippy New Age cr** has had such a positive influence over your sister."
4. Dean: "Not to mention, I never even said thank you. So…" Sam: "You don't ever have to say that. Not to me."
5. Dean: "Let's say you're right." Sam: "About what?" Dean: "Everything. Maybe I'm not ready to hunt, but I am just trying to do the right thing, man, because I'm so sick and tired of doing the wrong one."

Stalker - 1.05 - The Haunting

There are some shows I can't watch alone in the house at night. Criminal Minds creeps me out. After a couple of episodes, I have to pause and watch something else. This episode did the same thing. While it still had too many jump out schlock thrills, the mood and the killer were fantastically scary. I like how there were so many creepy characters as well and for once, I had no clue who the perpetrator was until the end. I spent most of the time guessing it was the roommate. From the creepy clown attack to the guy jumping out of the drywall, this was well-paced with only a few Jack moments slowing it down. Ben got better as well. I do hope that Janice is actually playing Jack here to find out what is happening between Amanda and him. She has to be suspicious and it is likely through her that we will find out about Jack's past. Speaking of the past, Beth's is getting more interesting as well even if I can do without Perry still.

Grade: B+

Best Reason to Watch - the idea of someone living in your house without you knowing it is very, very creepy
Biggest "Made You Jump" Moment - guy comes out of the drywall when I expected him to be behind Jack
The "Better Safe Than Dead" Award - Best to avoid the occultist professor who has a dead bird suspended above the sink dripping blood and a fridge full of animal organs. Definitely don't come over for dinner.
Worst Plan - Beth leaves to get a medic when an insane killer is on the loose. Then Jack goes into the room without Laurie. Has no one watched a horror movie? You don't split up. Use your phone.
Biggest Aww Moment - Jack's son gives him a piece of candy for saving him from bullies. What is not an awww moment is Jack stalking his son and ex in the first place.
The "Say What?" Award - If Professor was so into cleansing the house, why didn't he do it while he lived there and not wait until some co-eds moved in? Makes no sense.
The "Welcome Back" Award - Meagan Tandy, aka the kick butt Braeden on Teen Wolf
Least Convincing Costume - wearing a mask to blend in at a college party doesn't work if you're also wearing a suit
Creepiest Basement - Seriously, there are no lights in the basement? Who thought that was a good plan?
Best Twist - The completely alive former owner of the house is haunting it.
Creepiest Music - One Way or Another by Until the Ribbon Breaks. While the version by Blondie is inappropriately cheery, this is serial killer music.
Best Quotes -
1. Janice: "I hate clowns." Jack: "I hate Halloween."
2. Jack: "I can't help but notice the cocky arrogance has left your face. You wouldn't be getting a little scared right now, would you?"
3. Ben: "And it has nothing to do with you and Janice hooking up and making things all awkward for you." Jack: "See, we're bonding already."

How to Get Away with Murder - 1.06 - Freakin' Whack-a-Mole

This was an acting tour de force from Viola Davis. Her confrontation in the courtroom was a ferocious sight to be seen and her breakdown in her bedroom was heartbreaking. Women rarely get such a juicy role to play and Davis is wowing at every turn. While I don’t often agree with her, she is one of the most fascinating characters on TV. I also liked how we got to see vulnerability in Asher. I still like him least of the students, which is weird because he's the only one not involved in murder, but I felt sorry for him when the truth about his dad came out. I give him credit for having that hard conversation and for helping to get an innocent man out of jail. I would like him better if he weren't so obsessed with that trophy though. Even for him, it is obnoxious. Other than that, we had another sympathetic case of the week, which is really the way they need to go since all the main characters are so shady. I also like how they keep interspersing pieces of the murder with the everyday cases. If it weren't for Scorpion edging it out with humor and action, this would be my favorite new show. It is definitely the most intense.

Grade: A-

Best Reason to Watch - the acting
Best Scene - Asher confronts his father on allowing perjured testimony
Best Cliffhanger - Nate realizes that Keating had Frank plant evidence
Most Intense Scene - Keating grilling the Senator
Best Acting - Viola Davis in both her court scene and breakdown with her cheating husband
Biggest Question - If Keating knew that this was a possibility and she's been interested in this case since law school, why hasn't she already gone over the facts to find discrepancies? It's weird that someone as end-oriented as she is would wait until the last minute to do interviews and check every angle.
Most Shady - Everyone. Judges who buy their way into cushy jobs with silence, real estate developers turned politicians who kill protestors, teachers who perjure themselves for rent, lawyers who have evidence planted, frat boys who blackmail for trophies, husbands who screw students, etc. Is there anyone who is NOT shady in this show?
The "Are You kidding Me?" Award - Bonnie is sleeping with Asher? Why? She could do so much better. For the record, she could do so much better than Sam as well.
Best Quotes -
1. Asher: "Tell me I'm wrong, dad. Please tell me that you didn't get to where you are on the back of a man who's going to die. Please dad, tell me I'm wrong. You can't, can you?"
2. Asher: "$30,000 a year. How can we pay teachers in this country so little?" Laurel: "Welcome to America."
3. Keating: "Damn, I was hoping I'd get to be the first one to tell you. You like the new wallpaper? It's the only thing left that tied you to the photo. Unless of course there's someone else out there that knows what your penis looks like." Sam: "Why are you doing all this for me? I'm not angry. I just don't…" Keating: "I need you. Don't you get that. After everything you've done to me - lying to me, screwing that girl - I need you. I need you. I need you."

Gracepoint - 1.05

I've decided that while I will still watch Gracepoint, I'm not going to review it anymore until the end. Every week I say the same things. The plot is too slow, there are a lot of shady characters, and Carver is a complete douche. If something changes, I'll add it but for now all I'm hoping for is a good ending to make these 10 hours worth it.

Grade: C

Best Scene - Jemma and Carver at the hospital
Biggest Awww Scene - Beth hugs Tom because she misses hugging Danny
Creepiest - Susan still. She beat out the statutory rape guy so that's saying something.
Biggest Bomb - Beth tells Mark she knows about Jenna right before they go into the press conference
The "Only Person Not a Suspect" Award - Everyone in Gracepoint is a suspect except Ellie's husband. We are halfway through the show. By rules of crime procedurals, he should be the perpetrator but this is not a crime procedural. Let's hope it isn't him.
Worst Plan - getting a media circus involved
Best Quotes -
1. Carver: "You're a terrible liar." Joe: "And you're a terrible boss."
2. Joe: "I didn't know he was religious." Ellie: "I didn't know we were either." Joe: "Good point."

Grimm - 4.02 - Octopus Head

There were lot of cool twists in this episode definitely, but a large portion was watching Trubel badly tail KrakenHead. There's nothing exciting about that. I'm also not sure why we spent so much time on this Wesen only to have him captured. Is he still going to be part of the overarching story? Are they doing a spy theme this season? I am good with that by the way. Not enough good spy shows on TV anymore. Still it seems weird to devote 2 episodes to him only to have him cringing on the floor. I did really enjoy Elizabeth though and hope she isn't evil. I'd like her to stay awhile. I also adore that Wu is figuring things out on his own. Team Grimm should not keep it a secret and he needs to be in the loop by midseason by the latest.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - Renard's alive and Wu's no fool
Best Character Interaction - Renard and his mom
Biggest Twist - Adalind and Nick are connected
Best New Addition - Elizabeth, Renard's mother
Best Mystery - Who is Adalind's dungeon cellmate?
Worst Side Effect - being connected long distance to Adalind
Coolest Visual - the double headed snake
The "She Sure Sounds Like a Teen to Me" Award - I got a lot of flak for calling Trubel "Teen Grimm" last season but so far she's staying with Nick and Juliette, borrowing their stuff and money, eating them out of house and home, and going headlong into everything without regard to directions or her own personal safety. That all says teen to me.
Worst Tail - Trubel, you are following too close for your own good. If this guy had any sense at all, he would have known you were there. Where's Michael Westen and team when you need them?
Best Reaction - Juliette after Trubel steals all the bacon
Biggest Fool - Adalind, who had to know that going to the basement was not going to end well
The "Least Able to Follow Directions" Award - Trubel did not follow one direction in the whole episode
Best Quotes -
1. Renard: "I was dead." Elizabeth: "For a moment." Renard: "I suppose that's the second time you've given me life." Elizabeth: "It hurt a lot more the first time."
2. Renard: "Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin, this is Elizabeth LaSalle…my mother." Hank: "Oh." Nick: "Hi." Renard: "She's had a little work done."

Cristela - 1.04 - Hall-Oates-Ween

This episode of Cristela was kind of a downer with few laughs. However it did do a great job of letting us get to know the characters better. I especially like how Maddie became more of a full-fledged character for me. I'm glad that if they're going to continue to make her stupid, they at least made her sweet too. She could have been the entitled witch, but this gives me a chance to like her character more. I also thought they did a nice job with Trent tonight. He's still an obnoxious douche but the scene with Cristela and him at the end was a nice touch and made him seem like less of a jerk. I like how he sees Cristela's potential when she doesn't always see it herself. The final character that I liked a lot better in this episode was Natalie and her ghost-telling ways. I have no idea who lets kids that young trick or treat by themselves or even how these kids missed the "never go into a stranger's house" spiel, but it made for a fun subplot to see people appreciating her stories for once.

Grade: B-

Best Reason to Watch - character growth
Best Character - Maddie tonight. I like getting to know her a little better and she seems sweet if vapid
Best Scene - Cristela and Trent discuss the party after everyone's left
Biggest Pouter - Cristela, who is wrapped up in other people's costumes / Trent, who is wrapped up in his soon-to-be ex-wife's success
Best Singer - Cristela, who has a good voice
Best Storyteller - Natalie
Best Quotes -
1. Trent: "I cannot let my future ex-wife beat me at Halloween. She already took Columbus Day and my house." Cristela: "Which is very Columbus of her."
2. Cristela: "Hey lawyer nerds, listen up. You remember how Hall and Oates used to make us feel." Maddie: "Not really, I was born in the 90's."
3. Trent: "Now there may be shinier fillies out there, but my money is on the nag who doesn't know she's really a show pony."

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