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Teen Wolf - Final Episode Awards - 3A

Note: This article primarily covers the last 6 episodes of Teen Wolf 3A. It is final of a 3-part series of articles. Stay tuned for weekly recaps of the new episodes, best scene polls, and my Last Week in TV column, which will be posted every Monday. It was a blast counting down the last 7 days with you.

Overall Awards:

Best Episode - The Girl Who Knew Too Much

**Of the last 6 episodes, this is by far the winner. A large part of that rests on the fact that we finally got answers. Blake was the Darach. Lydia is a banshee. Finally moving forward on the story was essential and they did it very well here. They also had some of the best character interaction in this episode and the cliff hanger was amazing. Parents are often expendable on teen shows, so there was a possibility that Sheriff would actually die, lending greater gravitas to the very end when Stiles and Scott look out the window and Stiles says, "Dad?" This episode was exciting, shocking, and emotional. Awesome.

Best Scene - The Girl Who Knew Too Much - Sheriff and Stiles recap 3 seasons of Beacon Hills weirdness over chess

**The first reason I chose this scene is because it fulfilled one of my top wish list items for season 3 - that Sheriff would find out the secret. However, it is also very well acted between my favorite scene pair of them all, Stiles and his dad. I love how important it is to Stiles for his dad to believe him and how bizarre the whole thing sounds to Sheriff. It's also a great mini-review for the show as a whole.

Best Action - Lunar Ellipse - Blake vs. Kali and the Alpha Twins

**The entire season came down to Blake and Kali, as much as Duke liked to think it was him. Theirs was the better rivalry and the richest back story. I wish they would have explored their history in better detail, but this fight was spectacular. From Blake's entrance through the ceiling of Derek's loft to the special effects of the glass rising to the casual way Blake snapped SuperWolf, it was a great sequence.

Best Humor - Currents

**Currents is easily the most humorous episode even if it is not the snarkiest. It actually has three great humor scenes. 1. Melissa wakes up to find Isaac and Scott asleep by her bed after a night of guarding her. 2. Stiles trying to get Lydia to use psychic power to find Deaton while Cora looks on 3. Stiles breaking into Danny's stuff in the hospital. All three are fabulous on their own, but put together it's one fun comedy sketch.

Best Monologue - Alpha Pact - Sheriff talks about the night his wife died

**This was the hardest award because I kept wavering between three. Generally the monologues on Teen Wolf come from villains and make me want to stab my own eyes out with a firecracker arrow. However, they can also contain some of the best dramatic moments. While Stiles in the ambulance came close, in the end I chose Sheriff because it gave much needed character development and provided good back story for both Sheriff and Stiles.

Worst Scene/ Biggest Canon Break - Lunar Ellipse - Scott pops Blake's bubble

**The second that Scott crossed the mountain ash bubble, they decimated canon for absolutely no reason. This is also the biggest mistake of Teen Wolf so far. You cannot break your own canon without having ripple effects, and this one feels like it is going to be a tidal wave.

Best Quote - The Girl Who Knew Too Much - Isaac: "Oh this is so not going to end well."
**It might be the theme song of the show to be honest. However, what earns it the best quote award here was the delivery. Isaac is so hapless in this part of the season and yet even he knows that Allison's plan is foolhardy.

Worst Plan (by far) - Lunar Ellipse - letting Deucalion go

**This was a mistake on sooo many levels. Duke is completely psycho. He murders people for his own vanity and is obsessed with creating a perfect pack. What makes Derek and Scott think he will suddenly become sane now that he has his eyesight? He's far more likely to start making a new pack and be even more unstoppable in the future. Plus, this way he is far more likely to come back to Teen Wolf. His incessant monologuing was quite enough already for one show, thank you very much.

Best villain - All episodes - Peter

**While Gerard and Deucalion reached uber levels of annoyance, Peter was manipulating his way into villain greatness. His scheming and maneuvering of characters was grand master level. I adore the reveal at the end of something we all knew - Peter is an evil genius. I really hope they slow burn this revelation for a few years, because I would love to see him be the final season Big Bad.

Biggest Lesson - The Overlooked, etc - Beacon Hills really should offer emergency training and basic safety skills to their community.

**Let's face it. Beacon Hills has a greater need for emergency training than most towns, and it sounds like it's only going to get worse. While Stiles definitely gets credit for emergency breathing for Cora, they sure didn't try that with Boyd when he was in the tub and exactly what kind of hospital doesn't have backup generators capable of supplying power in a storm? Did no one learn the importance of fleeing from instead of ducking when birds attack? Isaac never thought to yell, "Jump!" when the electric current was about to come on. Let's not even get into the crummy security at the high school where every psychopath and their groupie has an all-access pass. The people of Beacon Hills are in short supply of common sense. They are screwed in a national disaster.

Best Reason to Watch - All episodes - The ever expanding Team Sane

**Melissa joined late last year. This year we get Sheriff in the know and Argent on board. Plus for the first time Deaton seems to be fully sharing his knowledge and we have the promise that Lydia will soon be more involved. Even the Alpha Twins may end up being reasons to celebrate besides just their abs. All in all, I love how the team is expanding and can't wait to see how much better they all are working together instead of their tendency to hide things from each other and each try to tackle major problems alone.

Best Product Placement - Visionary - Reese's

**I watch a lot of USA Network and not even their blatant car product placement script writing comes close to the beauty of Peter holding a Reese's next to his mouth while literally saying, "She's perfect for you and perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world." Ha! It even incorporates the company slogan. Sorry Ice Breakers mints. Sorry Twizzlers. That integration makes Reese's peanut butter cups the "perfect" winner.

Best new character - Visionary - Talia

**Yes, of all the new characters she had the littlest part, but man did she rock. Her entrance alone in full wolf form made her the most interesting. You can take your Alpha Twins, whose biggest super power is not combining but their ability to remove clothing in every episode. You can keep Cora the Airhead Whiner. Duke, Kali, Darach - a bunch of egotistical moustache twirlers, the whole lot of them. Another villain monologue and I was going to go postal myself. (See below.) Even Mystery Motorcycle Chick loses out to Talia, because she never got an awesome good mother scene. Talia left me wanting to know more about her. Not a bad feat for someone who was only on the show for about 6 minutes combined. Bring on the Talia flashbacks!

Best Title Tie-In - Currents

**It's a title; it's a metaphor; it's an explanation for all of Beacon Hills weirdness…finally

Biggest Conundrum - All episodes - werewolf senses, they come and they go

**It's like every other episode. In one they are using their werewolf senses to overhear a phone call and in the next someone is sneaking up behind them. Half the time they use their werewolf sense of smell to find solutions, but no one thought to do that as soon as Sheriff was taken or to find Lydia. What the heck? Werewolf senses are the very epitome of a plot device on Teen Wolf.

Best Reason to Fast Forward - All episodes - Villain Monologues

**Was it just me or were these villains a particularly chatty group? Perhaps it was because we had so many of them, but we went hardly an episode without an overly done villain emoangst or power hungry speech. If these guys had done less talking and more butt kicking, they could have taken care of their issues in 3 episodes. In the end, I was sympathetic to none.

The "Gone to Soon" Award - Various episodes - Erica, Boyd, and Mystery Motorcycle Chick

**Oh my young supernaturally screwed friends, your lives were cut far too short. You still had interesting stories to tell and your back story (or lack thereof, MMC) made you far more intriguing than some of the characters who stayed. You will live on in our memories and hundreds of bad fan fic stories, probably hooked up with characters you never met. But the point is, you live on in us…and possibly as ghosts.

Smartest Plan - All episodes - Supersizing the season to 24 episodes

**There were many brilliant plans hatched on screen this season so far, but by far the best one happened behind it. Thanks cast and crew of Teen Wolf because hiatus is murder when you only get 12 episodes a year. Happy New Teen Wolf Day!

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