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Last Week in TV - Week of Jan 12 - Episode Awards

Welcome back. This week's television didn't have any real standouts like last week, but several shows were much better this time around. I grade this week a B, up from a C last week. The nominated show was Revolution, 2.10, picked by a random number generator. If you would like to nominate another show, please fill in the box at the bottom of the article. I'd love to sample some of your favorites and please add your comments below. What awards would you give the shows you watched last week?

Overall Awards:

Best Show You're Not Watching - Enlisted

I was going to save this for next week's column but with its ratings I'm not sure how long it will last to be honest. This is the story of 3 brothers with distinct personalities who live on the same Army base. Basically a version of the Bad News Bears, soldier style, Enlisted combines real laughs with good brother bonding. I am a sucker for a comedy that combines heart with snark and this one fulfills. It's such a shame its placement guaranteed failure in the ratings because I could see this show just getting better with age. Enlisted airs on Fridays at 8:30 C on FOX.

Best Episode - White Collar - Shot Through the Heart

Neal has pulled off some great cons before, but turning the tables on Rebecca after being gutpunched by her deception was a nice way to even the score.  I particularly adored the interactions between Mozzie and Neal this episode, one thing that this season has emphasized.  I did think that Rebecca should have been a little smarter and Peter more sympathetic but overall the episode had good pacing and nice twists.  I can't wait for Rebecca to break out of jail and hopefully come back next season.

Best Action - Grimm - The Good Soldier - manticore fight

No question the best action of the week was the two manticores going after each other in the VFW bar. It was so awesome, I wish Nick and Hank had been delayed for a few minutes to give us more of the fight. Kudos to everyone involved. It rivaled Bamford's work on Arrow

Best Scene - Trophy Wife - The Punisher - Diane and Kate mock fight for the kids but really Diane supports Kate

You can't truly appreciate this scene without knowing the history between Diane and Kate. Diane was Pete's first wife; Kate is his third. For most of the season, Diane has found Kate lacking in every area. So when Kate curses at her bratty kids, you'd expect her to come in full barrels blazing. In fact, that's exactly what her kids think she was doing. Gesticulating like a psycho, Diane tells Kate she's proud of her for sticking to her guns and laughs about the cursing. She then makes Kate gesticulate like she's angry too as Kate thanks Diane for supporting her. The kids buy it and instantly they have more respect for Kate. It's a great scene and one that makes me sad that there might not be a season 2 for this great show.

Best Twist - Teen Wolf - More Bad Than Good - Mystery Motorcycle Chick returns

One of the few things I really did not like in 3A was the demise of Mystery Motorcycle Chick in the season 3 premiere. I thought it was an incredible waste of a potentially great character. I kept thinking she was going to return but as 3A ended, I gave up hope. Imagine my surprise when she returned to rescue Derek and Peter. Woo hoo! I am ecstatic that not only is she back, but it seems like she is going to play a role in the mytharc as well. Welcome back MMC! I look forward to getting to know you.

Funniest Scene - Goldbergs - The Other Smother - Murray vs. the video store clerk

Taking place in three parts, Murray's showdown with the video store clerk over late fees was hilarious. Anyone who ever lived in the Blockbuster years can totally relate. Hopefully the clerk will appear in future episodes as well. I love how this also incorporated the show's signature heart, when Murray allows the video clerk to win so that Adam can get his movies.

Nominated Show:

Revolution - 2.10 - Three Amigos

I let a random number generator choose the nominated show for me this week and it chose an interesting one. I watched all of Revolution season 1 until a live grenade in Rachel's hand didn't kill her. I knew then all the Mathesons (Rachel, Charlie, and Miles) were destined to stick around and continue to be "throw something at the TV" irksome so I dropped the show. I have heard how the show has vastly improved since season 1 but I hadn't tried it because I didn't have time and I never jump into a serialized story mid-season. This is a first for me and I have very little clue of what is going on. Aaron is apparently far more important than last season, which can only be a good thing. Some nanokid has super powers to fry people with his brain, Monroe is suddenly not the craziest evil who ever lived, the guy from 7th Heaven is apparently patriarch of the Douche Family, and everyone looks dour. That last one refreshingly hasn't changed. Neither has Charlie being the martyr. DouchePat: "I don't get it. After all I've done, why aren't you angry? You haven't even raised your voice."

In the end, I am glad that I watched this episode. I have no idea if the rest of the episodes are this much fun, but only a few people managed to annoy me this time. Charlie is much improved from the brief glimpse I saw of her and I love this Connor kid. May he shoot all of the Mexican trio. They've brought back characters I liked (Grace, Lady Macbeth Neville) and made those I didn't better (Charlie, Neville, even Jason maybe). I love that Monroe is still as bat guano crazy as ever. He's just hiding it better. I'm still rooting for all Mathesons to die, especially Rachel, but this episode was much improved compared to last season. I don't have time to go back and watch the other episodes right now, but this one makes my "to watch" list for the summer. Here's hoping I can have faith in Kripke again. Until then, I'm starting the Lady Macbeth for President campaign. She would kill all the other republics, create martial law, and fulfill her destiny. Go forth you evil woman and conquer.

Grade: B+
Ranking: 4-

Me at the Episode's Start - Aaron: "What the hell is going on? Why here? What does any of this mean?"
The "Say What?" Award - Rachel is with her brother-in-law / Charlie is working with the guy who killed her brother
The "Wow, You're Not Dead" Award - Jason lives. Hmm, I figured he would be cliffhanger fodder.
MVP - Lady Macbeth Neville/Doyle, but maybe just because she was my favorite character in season 1
The "Shut Up" Award - Rachel. Like you haven't killed people and doomed the world as well, you hypocrite.
Biggest Shock - Charlie's all grown-up and killing people willing
Least Surprising Twist - Conner's all grown up and running the neighborhood mob
Best Moment - a guy sings "Sweet Home Alabama" in Spanish
Best Reason to Fast Forward - Rachel, Miles, and Monroe sniping
Best Quotes: Monroe
Monroe: "Well congratulations. You've made it to Mexico. Go enjoy the Mexican dream."
Monroe: "Well by that logic, Charlie's going to grow up and end the world."

Weekly Shows:

Almost Human - 1.08 - You are Here

When you realize that this episode was supposed to be the second one, it makes a whole lot more sense. I'm still not sure why they decided to push this one back but my guess, it has something to do with sexbots, which this one doesn't have. Frankly both of these episode were not up to Almost Human's usual standards.

Grade: B-

Coolest Technology - Invisible Paper
Worst Slogan - Things Can Always be Worse (anger management)
Best Twist - Kennex kills Paul's MX
Best Nickname - Bullet catcher (what Kennex calls the MX)
Best Reason to Watch - cool new technology
Most in Need of Subtitles - Dorian
Funniest Moment - Kennex threatens to shoot Dorian unless Rudy turns his singing off, Dorian looks shocked, and Kennex mouths, "Just kidding."
Saddest Part of the Future - pens are old-fashioned
Best Exchange - Stahl gives Kennex an energy chew and Kennex writes on paper for her with a pen
Best Quote - Dorian: "Hey Mr. Friendly, how was Anger class 101." Kennex: "You call me that again and I swear I'll stick my boot right in your face." Dorian: "Ah, clearly it went well."

Sleepy Hollow - 2.11 - The Vessel

This episode was a great way to set up the two-part finale. I love that Jenny and Abbie each got to shine and Ichabod in skinny jeans was both hilarious and a nod to many fans' biggest complaint. By far the best part though was Jenny facing off against the patriots and Macey possessed. This episode started with high octane and just kept getting more and more intense. Plus we got Corbin back! Nothing tops that.

Grade - B+

Best Scene - Jenny gets Ichabod and Abbie away from the Patriots, double guns at the ready
Best aww moment - Corbin holds Jenny after the exorcism / Irving and family hug / Jenny and Abbie hug
Best Cameo - Corbin
Freakiest - Demon Macey
Least Stealthy Duo - Abbie and Ichabod trying to steal the lamp
Best reason to fast forward - the scene with the patriots until Jenny shows up to kick butt
Best Interaction - Abbie and Jenny / Irving and Macey
Best Turn of a Phrase - Ichabod: "By the fetid stench still emanating from the pages.."
Biggest Question - How was Washington's Bible buried with Ichabod more than 20 years after he died?
Best Quote - Ichabod: "One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans."

Teen Wolf - 3.14 - More Bad Than Good (or I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends)

This episode was not the intense ride that the midseason premiere was but it still contained some great character interactions and gave important roles to both Lydia and Isaac. It also introduced a new character and set up the likely Big Bad in the ending. However it was the surprise return of Mystery Motorcycle Chick that really rocked my world. That and her involvement in whatever Derek and Peter are up to.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Lydia pep talks Stiles into saving her from the trap
Weirdest Twist - glowing firefly demon people
MVP - tie - Scott, Lydia, and Isaac for best pep talks
Most Intense - Allison dreams she's on an autopsy table surrounded by PsychoAunt and weredoctors
Best Acting - Stiles panic attacks when he cannot read in history class
Best Interaction - Stiles and Scott
The "I Need a Hero" Award - Kira is hunted by werecoyote until Scott pushes over some lockers to save her
Best Action - Mystery Motorcycle Chick takes on the FauxFratellis with a thousand bullets
Best Hashtag - #WhatsUpWithTheScarf
The Katy Perry Award - Alpha Twins. Scott: "I thought you guys were going to teach me to roar?"
Most in Need of Revoking the Conceal and Carry Laws - Allison, who almost shoots Isaac this time
Biggest Worry - That all the complications Scott, Allison, and Stiles have from being sacrifices are now over
Best Quotes - Sheriff: "Well that makes sense…in a Chinese folktale."
Peter: "I don't want to make it sound like we don't appreciate your hospitality, but do you think it would be possible to put that on ice? Maybe something for my hand - extra large Band-Aid, perhaps some antibiotic ointment?"

Blacklist - 1.11 - The Good Samaritan

This episode was somewhat tame for a midseason premiere. Red took revenge on half a dozen people and Lizzie got back into an old case, but nothing that packed a huge punch. I did love the twist of the serial killer targeting abusers. They did a great job of making no one sympathetic in this episode.

Grade - B

Best Scene - Red threatens to shoot Agent Mojtabai unless he transfers $5 million by the time Red finishes re-assembling his Colt
Most Interesting Psycho - Karl Hoffman
Least Sympathetic Victim - Abusive mother
Most Disgusting - Torture
Best Quote - Malik: "Do the words 'advanced interrogation' not mean anything to you?"

Intelligence - 1.02 - Red X

This one wasn’t as good as the pilot but it did manage to kill a main plot thread…maybe. Yeah, probably not. I smell a future plot twist. I'm still liking Riley but it's Nelson who is really growing on me.

Grade - C

Best Scene - Dr. Cassidy and Nelson take the bombs out of the corpse
Most Terrifying Technology - Edible C4
Most Effective - Riley emotionally blackmails Gabriel into helping stop the terrorists
Best Action - elevator fight
Best Twist - Amelia is involved in the terrorist case they are working and she's the bomb
Best Snark - Nelson
Most Melodramatic - Gabriel and Amelia
Best Quote - Riley: "We call this proximity overlook." Gabriel: "Yeah well the rest of the world calls it stalking."

SHIELD - 1.12 - Seeds

This was a fairly standard episode of SHIELD. I was glad to see Fitz and Simmons in their element and it ended with one heck of a twist about Skye. Mostly though, I learned that May and Coulson need more scenes together.

Grade - B-

Best Interaction - Coulson and May
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - A student turns into a block of ice in the middle of FitzSimmons' lecture
Best Action - May and Quinn
Best Twist - flying car / Skye is the O84 (object of unknown origin)
Least Surprising Twist - Donny and Seth created the device themselves
Most Ludicrous - InstaDawn - either the machine creates daylight or hours passed while Coulson talked with Skye / storm flips one car but the truck the two kids are in is fine
Most Dramatic - trying to revive the kid in the storm
Best Threat - Coulson says he'll shoot Quinn out of the sky but he counters that he works for the clairvoyant
Best Snark - Fitz vs. Ward
Best Quote - Coulson: "They changed my memories. Who's to say they didn't change more?" May: "I say. I know you Phil and I knew you before. You know I'd be the first to go down that road if I thought it led somewhere. Do you believe me at least? Do you?" Coulson: "Yes." May: "Good."

Goldbergs - 1.13 - The Other Smother

This was a tale of two episodes. The part with Murray and Adam was great. Beverly on the other hand was more obnoxious than usual, which as the title attests was the point. However, it went a little too far for me so that I no longer felt sympathetic to her character. The Goldbergs walks that fine line between obnoxious and funny pretty well usually. This one went over the top.

Grade: C+

Best Scene - Barry's anti-mom speech
Funniest Moment - Beverly "beat boxes" the word "win"
Least Fond 80's Memory - video late fees
Best Interaction - Erica and Pops / Murray and the video store clerk
Best Flashback - Erica the world dominator
Best Speech - Barry's anti-mom speech
Best awww moment - Adam hugs Murray after Murray gets him his own video store card
Best Dedication - In Loving Memory of the Video Store (1980-2013)
Best Quote - Barry: "What's that weird smell?" Beverly: "That's the smell of clean. You're free to start reversing the process now."

Trophy Wife - 1.12 - The Punisher

Grade - B+ (A for Kate and Diane scenes)

Best Scene - Diane and Kate mock fight for the kids but really Diane completely supports Kate
MVP - Diane
Funniest Moment - Meg does hand signals / Pete and Jackie say, "Shut up" at the same time
Best Interactions - Diane and Kate
Worst Interactions - Pete and Jackie
Biggest Shock - Pete writes legal erotica
Best Reaction - Kate curses out Hillary and Warren
Best Quote - Hillary: "Oh but…but then I can't tweet. What if something happens? How are people supposed to know how I feel about it?"

Arrow - 2.10 - Blast Radius

The midseason premiere of Arrow came back fairly limp, but a big improvement over last season's midseason premiere. The villain was lame and there was far more filler than most episodes, but Laurel soared for the first time in…well, ever. The island also had some intense scenes and we made progress on Roy's origin story. For the majority of the time Team Arrow was completely noxious, but in the end even they came around.

Grade: C

Best Scene - Laurel finds out Blood locked up his mom in a psych ward to keep her from telling everyone that he killed his dad
Worst Shot - anyone who is aiming at Oliver
Best Awww Moment - tie - Slade gives Oliver Shado's hood / Oliver says that Felicity and Diggle are his partners not his employees
Best Reaction - Oliver looks hurt when Moira calls Verdant his hobby
MVP - Laurel for following her instincts even in face of others'
Best Snark - Quentin
Best Moment - Oliver's skate shoes as he uses the motorcycle for cover from the bomber's charge
Best Action - Slade chokes Oliver
Most Intriguing - Blood
Best Reason to Fast Forward - Anything Team Arrow until the very end
Best Quote - Quentin: "What's with the mask?" Oliver: "A gift from a friend." Quentin: "You've got friends?"

Chicago PD - 1.02 - Wrong Side of the Bars

The kid is safe and so am I, from watching any further. Goodbye Detective Douche. Good luck to you all.

Grade: D
Ranking: 2-

Melissa and Joey - 3.17 - A Decent Proposal

This is not a show I expected to like but I ended up marathoning the whole thing in a week. The midseason premiere was primarily to set up this part of the season and was slightly less funny than usual, but Lennox was the best she's ever been.

Grade: B-

Best Scene - Lennox plays angel on the shoulder with Mel
Most Awkward - Melissa, Joe, and Austin meeting
MVP - Lennox
Best Innuendo - Game of Thrones
Funniest Gift - top quality, nonstick sauté pan
The Foundation of Civilization - olive oil, onions, and garlic
Most Clueless - Austin
Funniest Speech - Lennox's tombstone speech
Best Meta - Austin: "Somebody say something. It feels like we have been standing here for 6 months."
Best Quote - Joe: "So you know when I move out things are going to be a little different around here." Ryder: "It'll be hell. We'll starve. It will end in cannibalism." Joe: "You're all skin and bones, man. You'll be the last one to go."

Community - 5.4 - Cooperative Polygraphy

-And Community is officially back. No other show could make a half hour of characters sitting around a table so interesting. I love how they build characterization by having the characters admit all their less than noble deeds. However what really makes this episode is the great way they have decided to send Troy off.

Grade: B

Best Scene - Both times when they all start talking over each other
Best Manipulator - Pierce
Best Character Moment - when they are all confessing their sins before being asked more questions
Best Aww Moment - Pierce says something nice about them all after death
Grossest - Pierce leaves his sperm to everyone
Best Twist - Troy leaves to fulfill Pierce's wishes and to get millions of dollars
Best Reason to Exit - Troy has to sail Pierce's boat around the world
Character that should return in the final season - Mr. Stone
The "I'm Sniffling Already" Award - Troy and Abed together: "Troy and Abed are in mourning." So am I, guys. So am I.
Best Quote - Jeff: "I'm speechless." Annie: "Somebody say something. Abed?" Abed: "Cool. Cool, cool, cool." Clinician: "That's a lie."

White Collar - 5.11 - Shot Through the Heart

Grade: B+

Best Scene - Mozzie has Neal eat on the floor to hide from Rebecca
Best Con - Neal (last week it was Rebecca; this week the table was turned)
The "Say What" Award - Rebecca, who was so smart this whole season, fell for a lame trick because she was in love - are you kidding me? Really writers?
Best Action - Rebecca beats up feds and a taxi driver while on the run
The "Shut Up, Peter" Award - Neal deserves a lot of what he gets but a homicidal girlfriend is not one of them
Funniest - Moz meditates to remember the Musconi code
Best Quotes - Moz: "Should I be brushing up on my Proust?"
Peter: "Look at it this way. The next lucky woman who comes along is going to seem like a million bucks." Neal: "Either that or every relationship after this is going to seem really boring." Peter: "Well there's a lot of room between really boring and someone taking a shot at you."

Grimm - 3.11 - The Good Soldier

This episode of Grimm was especially bleak and I spent the whole time hoping there would be a twist, but no. Gang rape it was. On the plus side though, we had the epic manticore fight and the introduction of Rosalee's mom and sister. Rosalee and Monroe make everything better.

Grade: C+

MVP - Monroe
Best Reason to Watch - Rosalee, Monroe, and manticore fight
Best Use of Music - big band for the dance class
Most Intriguing New Character - tie - Adalind's baby and Rosalee's sister
Best Moment - Monroe helps Rosalee push the doorbell
Best Threat - DeEtta to Monroe about treating Rosalee well
Best Reaction - Monroe swinging his glass when Rosalee talks about partying mid fight with DeEtta
Best Wesen - manticore (definitely best of this season and probably the best of them all)
Best Twist - Colonel gets himself killed so they can prosecute Head Psycho for murder and get justice for Frankie
Best Quote - Monroe: "You and your mom and your sister, you share a history of love and pain, and…and that's just family. There are no easy solutions."

Enlisted - 1.02 - Randy Get Your Gun

Grade: B

Best Scene - Randy cries over the plot of Toy Story and the Pixar lamp
MVP - Randy
Funniest - Randy cries over the plot of Toy Story and the Pixar lamp
Best New Addition - Private Ruiz, the guy no one remembers
Funniest Montage - all the troop getting ready to take the marksmanship test
Funniest Interaction - Randy and Derrick
Least Funny Interaction - Pete and Perez
Best Catchphrase - Cody: "Boom. You've been praised."
Best Quote - Randy: "Well stop granting my wishes, evil genie. Stop it." Derrick: "Evil Genie, I'd watch that show." Bwah! So would I, Derrick."

Helix - 1.03 - 274

Grade - B+

Best Scene - Hatake tells Alan about the super virus cure-all
Best Reason to Watch - it's still the creepiest, most intriguing sci fi show on TV
Most Warped - the cheesy 70's music in the title card sequence
The "Saying It Doesn't Make It True" Award - Julia: "Get it together, Jules. You don't get sick."
The "So he might be a bad guy, but that doesn't make him wrong" Award - Daniel shoots Dr. Sulemani
Biggest Question - How much is Hatake still hiding?
Most Suspicious - Belleseros convinces Boyle not to tell anyone about the virus growing
The "Don't You Ever Tire of Being Wrong" Award - Alan seriously, leave the psycho ones where they are.
Most Melodramatic - Julia spreads black goo on her lab coat then takes it off, part of the infected
Best Cameo - frozen monkey graveyard
Creepiest Moment - the virus replicates instantly
The "Are You Kidding Me?" Award - tie - Boyle doesn't tell Alan about the monkey virus / Belleseros kills the com
Worst Sales Pitch - The cure-all defeats any virus but there's a 75% chance it will kill you

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