Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teen Wolf - 3.13 - Anchors - Best Scene Poll

Welcome to the first SpoilerTV Best Scene poll for Teen Wolf. I hope you enjoyed the midseason premiere. On the Tuesday or Wednesday after each new episode, I will post a best scene poll with up to 12 options. One will always be "Other" in case your favorite is not included. You can choose one option and like all SpoilerTV polls, it is only one vote per IP address. Polls stay open indefinitely so you can participate whenever you've seen the episode.

Occasionally I like to add bonus polls just to spice things up. Normally today is when I would also do a best quote poll, but quite frankly it is hard to top, "Be your own anchor." I will look to do a quote poll next week to make up for it. I hope you enjoy these polls and pass the word, because not every show gets chosen to do Best Scene polls on SpoilerTV. I think it was how many people started discussing on the Teen Wolf threads during 3A that put us over the top. So the more participation and more comments, the merrier. Besides, it makes waiting for next Monday far less painful. Until next Moonday, happy voting!

PS - I'm working on the recap right now. It should be up tomorrow or Thursday. Episode awards go up next Monday in the inaugural article on my Last Week in TV column.


  1. Mama McCall wins hands down. And yes, you will fall in love again. And yes, you will still need to be your own anchor when you do. Someone else just helps to keep the boat steady.

  2. Melissa McCall is my favorite mom on TV ever. That was a beautiful scene when she helped Scott calm down, especially the bit about love.

  3. Thanks for commenting. She is amazing. I loved hearing something so true said at a show aimed at teens, especially since most teen-oriented shows seem to drape around love triangles. It was a brilliant scene.