Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teen Wolf - 3A Episode Ranks

Instead of doing a poll where you can only select your top one or two episodes, today we have a ranking system. Which episodes do you think should be at the top? Which ones should be at the bottom? Don't forget to add your individual rank in the comments. Also tell me if you prefer this ranking system or polls for future Teen Wolf special articles, since this is my first time using Ranker.

For me: As always the top and bottom of the list is fairly firm but the middle is all fuzzy.

1. Motel California (one of the best Teen Wolf episodes of them all)
2. The Girl Who Knew Too Much

(lots of space)

3. Chaos Rising
4. Lunar Ellipse
5. Alpha Pact
6. Overlooked
7. Fireflies
8. Unleashed
9. Tattoo
10. Currents
11. Frayed
12. Visionary

Best Teen Wolf Episode of 3A

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