Saturday, August 4, 2012

Supernatural - New Contest - ___ Degrees of Supernatural

I admit it. I'm cranky. Full out growl and glare cranky. With polls that never, ever end, spoiler doublespeak, fans whining that Supernatural is doomed because of said spoilers (like it ever ends up being what fans think it will), irksome interviewers, fandom wars, an elongated hellatus, and the fact that I can no longer put off the quote hunt in After School Special (man I hate that episode), being a Supernatural fan is beginning to feel like work. It's time to bring back the fun. So who's with me?

I propose a new contest I'm calling (blank) Degrees of Supernatural. It's played just like 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon but you try to get the most direct link between another TV show or person and Supernatural. For instance if I say Dr. Who, you could say David Tennant - Jason Isaacs - Mike Newell - Jake Weber - Sebastian Roche - Supernatural. (David Tennant starred in Doctor Who and Harry Potter 4. Mike Newell directed HP4 and Pushing Tin. Jake Weber starred in Pushing Tin and Into My Heart. Sebastian Roche was in Into My Heart and Supernatural.) That would be 5 degrees connecting Doctor Who and Supernatural. You could also say: Doctor Who - Mark Sheppard - Supernatural because Mark Sheppard has been on both. That would be 1 Degree of Supernatural and a winning answer. Make sense? If you have questions tweet me @dahne1 and I will clarify.

My goal is to post 3-5 shows or people a week. You can use cast or crew provided they actually link. For instance, you can't use Harry Potter as a general link. They have to be in the same HP movie. Likewise, for long-running TV series the people still have to link. You can't use Doctor Who if the first person was in the 60's version and the second person was in the 2011 show. If you are going to use Jensen's Days of Our Lives or Roche's General Hospital stint the person they connect to have to be from the same years as they were on.

Multiple answers can be winners. For instance, with The X-Files both Kim Manners and Mark Sheppard are 1 Degree since both worked on that show. The winning answers are ones with the least degrees of separation. For Smallville, Jensen and Jared (Tom Welling and he were in Cheaper by the Dozen) both link but Jensen is the most direct link so that answer would win.

To be entered into the contest, tweet me your best answers @dahne1 - You can tweet all 3-5 together or as you find connections. (Sorry to those not on Twitter but it's the easiest way to contact people for prizes. I encourage all to get a Twitter account to participate. It's easy.) You can be entered up to 5 times per week (one for each thread).  Prize options found here.

Without further ado, we start. Some will be a lot easier than others and there will not always be a direct link. I hope you have fun and good luck! This week:

1. Downton Abbey - TV show
2. Alfred Hitchcock - person
3. Breaking Bad - TV show
4. Ringer - TV show
5. Demi Lovato - person

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