Sunday, July 22, 2012

Supernatural - Available prizes for various contests

Congratulations to everyone who won a Supernatural prize.  Look at the choices below and then tweet me (@dahne1) which prize you would like.  I will Direct Message you to get your address so I can mail it to you.  Again, congratulations.

If you would like to know about current contests so you can be entered to win a prize, tweet me @dahne1 for details.  This list is obviously always under construction so items will be added and deleted on a regular basis.  Not all prizes will be available at all times and item availability is subject to change without notice.

Magazines -

2012 TV Guide Com-Con special - Supernatural on cover - choose either Dean or Sam prominent cover
-includes interview with Jensen & Jared, wall of villains, s8 hints, BTS info, trivia

August/Sept 2012 Supernatural magazine #34 - includes interviews by Jensen & Jared, Changing Channels info, seasons 1&2 trivia & promo posters, interviews w/ Showalter & James Patrick Stewart (Dick Roman)

May/June 2012 Supernatural magazine #32 - includes multi-page Sam article, Best of Bobby, posters of Sam & Bobby, Jerry Wanke (director), Divine the series, Bobby's Guide to Hunting

April 2011 TV Guide - Fan Favorites special - Jensen & Jared on bottom left corner
-includes small snippet about #SPN winning Fav. Sci-fi Series, Actor, & Nonhuman Character

2011 TV Guide Com-Con special = choose cover: Chuck, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory
-includes Jensen & Jared fav epis, Jensen as director, anime, Castiel/Crowley/Bobby/Balthazar

Dec 2010 TV Guide - Supernatural wins first Fan Favorite cover (brothers on cover)
-includes article about SPN w/ actor quotes & why fans love the show / snippet on Castiel

2010 TV Guide Com-Con special - Smallville cover -includes graphic if who's who, must see episodes, spoilers for season 6, behind the scenes pictures, list of aliases

Books:   see Amazon for story details

Rite of Passage, Night Terror, One Year Gone, Witch's Canyon, or Coyote's Kiss

Clothing, etc.:

Promo t-shirt (large, grey): Has moon, crows, and says Supernatural Television Show

Temporary Tattoos = choose either Dean name, Sam name, or anti-possession tattoo

Keychain - says, "Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his cakehole."


2012 Sam calendar


Dean entering Impala with Sam next to car - 8X10 glossy

Dean and Sam in Impala - 8X10 glossy

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