Thursday, August 30, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 2E - Polls

Last round Swan Song made a strong showing for a possible overall win. It received 81.4% of the vote over The Man Who Knew Too Much. Yesterday also saw Abandon All Hope winning over The Song Remains the Same. These polls completes bracket A for round 2 and I was 7/8 on predicted winners. My only miss was Devil's Trap winning over On the Head of a Pin by one vote. Anyone else doing predictions?

Today's polls are super tough for me because ALL of episodes are in my top SPN episodes list. It's the opposite of tomorrow's polls, of which I only really like one. I curse the way the brackets fell sometimes. (Big sigh.) Today we are also searching for quotes from In the Beginning. Since Azazel is in it you know there's snark. Please nominate your 2 favorite quotes for this episode below and as always, happy voting!

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