Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grimm - Season 1 - Review - Thoughts while watching

I always meant to watch Grimm, but quite frankly my Friday night TV viewing was packed with Supernatural, Fringe, and Nikita. Being the last person in America without a DVR, it never made my priority list. Since Supernatural has moved to Wednesdays and Fringe will be finished by January, I have some time. Well, maybe not. I am behind an entire season and the new season starts Monday. Obviously no time for complete episode recaps so here's my thoughts on season 1 as I watch it. Wish me luck!

Pilot - Decent start. We got a lot of background out of the way without too much exposition. The aunt is mysterious and kicks butt, plus she's a librarian - enough said. The fiance lasted the whole episode, which surprised me after the aunt said she was in danger. The main guy and his partner are going to have much explaining to do when they solve crimes with absolutely no testifiable evidence for targeting the criminal which may get old fast. The ending was a complete surprise. What was the green stuff? How will the lead character make it (you know he will)? What will happen now that the aunt is awake? Still besides the aunt, none of this matters. The big news is the actor who played Seymour on Burn Notice (oh how have I missed you) plays the medium-sized nice wold here. As opposed to the big, bad wolf. As of right now, I am watching for him.

Episode 2 - More action based than the pilot and I finally got that the police captain is the bad guy. Call me slow. Still they killed off Aunt Marie who was intriguing and only had Monroe in it briefly. This show definitely needs more Monroe. The gross factor skyrocketed with the arm dismemberment. Issues include the fact that Aunt Marie killed an assassin when she was supposed to be dying (enter Viola - the opera screecher who is supposed to be dying of tuberculosis but not until she reaches that final high note - bah!) and the fact that Young Mary and the Idiot are not likely to shut up about the Bear people so that's a hanging plot line. Not as good as the pilot but still intriguing.

Episode 3 - Experience with the X-Files (I'll never forgive that bee) and Supernatural (InstaDawn) have taught me to beware genre shows starring bees. This was my least favorite episode so far except for the last 5 minutes. The hint that something larger is at play has me excited to figure out what that is. If the police captain is the Big Bad, I'm going to be very disappointed. Aim higher show.

Episode 4 - This was a terrible episode. If the whole point was to make Nick and Hank look stupid, they achieved their goal. The whole episode offends my sense of logic. Perhaps the writer was high on the gas.

Episode 5 - This one was about rats and it was still better than the last one. Tortured high school genius, mean kids, a very very gruesome death, and classic music rat raves. Got to say Grimm is unique. My favorite character in this one was Hank. I feel his rat phobia pain.

Episode 6 - By far the best episode yet. Part of that is because it is Monroe-centric, and for my money he is the best character. However it is mostly because this is the first Grimm episode that truly has heart. Yes, the aunt and Nick scenes were touching earlier but we were just meeting those characters. This episode fleshed Monroe out more and gave us insight on how hard it is for him to live beyond his instincts. It also sets up a firm line on how far Monroe will go for Nick. I also love that Angelina got away because it means she could come back and I like the actress who played her. Overall, a good, well-paced episode.

Episode 7 - A middling episode. Either I am half asleep or I'm still not sure what was going on with Addison. I assume he kidnapped Holly and then she went blutbad on him but it's not clear. I loved Monroe going all out for Christmas and then being Holly's link to both humanity and blutbadden. This is also the episode where Sergeant Wu became my second favorite character. He gives good snark. Otherwise, a forgettable episode.

Episode 8 - This was really good TV. The way Hank was woven into the plot really worked for me. I liked how Grimm/police business hit Nick hard at home and how Monroe stepped up to save the day. All in all, one of my favorites so far.

Episode 9 -

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