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Supernatural - Favorite 9th Episode - Poll

The episode 7 results are in and it is The Usual Suspects winning with 27% followed by Fresh Blood with 19%. The Usual Suspects was on TNT today and I agree that it was pretty awesome. today's poll will be for the 9th episodes. I will be in complete minority here because I detest certain characters that have a strong following in the fan base (Missouri Mosley and Chuck Shurley, I'm looking at you.) I also think most of these episodes suck. So without further ado, this is my completely biased opinion:

Home - Hate it. The first 15 minutes were decent when we found out Sam has visions that come true and Dean was freaked out about being home again. It went drastically downhill from there. Missouri is one of my least favorite characters, the guest actors (not Loretta Devine who is an awesome actress who played a sucky character) ranged from bad to meh, the kitchen sink and the lamp attacked (and I laughed not in a good way), and that hideous monkey creeps me out every single time. Add to it, our first glimpse of Mary didn't satisfy the brothers or the viewers.

Croatoan - We get our first foray into demon viruses and it really worked for me. I love how the whole town turned and the moral dilemmas the brothers faced. It had humor (You have a neighbor named Mr. Rodgers.) and of course, Dean staying with Sam until the end. Even giving up the Impala to do so. It was the last hurrah for the brothers before John shot it all to hell.

Malleus Maleficarum - My pick for the grossest choice in this poll, but I really liked it. The sububan witch theme interested me and the fact that Tammy knew Ruby. I would have been fine if she killed Ruby, but no it was the cute little bunny instead. And when the woman's teeth fell out - like I said gross.

I Know What You Did Last Summer - The introduction of Anna when she was still a crazy-girl ally and not trying to kill them before they were born. I liked this episode best when I first saw it but it doesn't wear well for me. An average episode for me, but I like it better than when she became powerful.

The Real Ghostbusters - This episode has three strikes for me. First, it has Chuck who I blame for the MatEoTB fiasco. I hated the whole SPN books storyline. 2. the convention was one reason why I hate meta episodes for the most part (although I thought French Mistake was fun). Fake Sam and Dean were decent but the meta for meta's sake pulled me out of the episode more than drew me in. 3. And there is no excuse for this one - it brought back Becky, a character more annoying than Missouri to me. Her mere mention makes me cringe so a full episode of her is too much to ask of any fan (or at least me.)

Clap Your Hands if You Believe - The episode that made fairies, brownies, elves, and trolls canon. Oh joy! It did have some great humor (RoboSam and the fairy lady, nuking the fairy light, opening title sequence, "Fight the fairies") but when they hinted that fairies were more powerful than angels, we walked into dangerous territory. I so don't want Oberon as the Big Bad in season 8. If we never hear from fairies again, I will enjoy this episode a lot more than I do right now.

So I really don't like 9th episodes anymore than the 6th ones it appears. What do you think? Happy voting and remember that comments are the iPad apps of life.

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