Thursday, June 9, 2011

Supernatural - Favorite 8th Episode - Poll

No winner to announce today because the episode 7 poll doesn't end until tomorrow. However, I can probably call the episode 8 poll for Changing Channels right now before voting even starts. It amuses me that this poll is divided between some of the best and some of the worst episodes Supernatural has ever done. Unlike the last couple of polls, for me there isn't one meh episode in the bunch. I either really enjoy them or think they suck out loud. Here's my take:

Bugs - Worse episode in all 6 years. I thought maybe The Third Man had taken that honor but I recently rewatched Bugs and I can say nothing touches it for me in sheer eye rolling unbelievability and general suckiness.

Crossroad Blues - It gave us the crossroad demons which jumped started a new era in Supernatural and eventually gave us Crowley. Love the episode and love him. It also had a great story with the Robert Johnson legend. I even love the invisible hell hounds.

A Very Supernatural Christmas - In my opinion, this episode is Supernatural. When people who have never seen Supernatural before ask me about the show, this is the episode I suggest they start with because it contains everything Supernatural stands for in 42 minutes. It has humor, gore, scares, brother moments galore, a tight story, flashbacks, and of course awesome acting. "You fudgin' touch me again, I'll fudgin' kill you." What's not to love?

Wishful Thinking - Teddy bear doctors. That's all you have to say. What other show could add in teddy bear doctors and make the fandom embrace it? I loved all the wishes but suicidal teddy is a classic.

Changing Channels - This episode has the best, most unexpected twist since the truck smashed the Impala in season 1. Did anyone on the planet suspect the Trickster was an angel? I was flabbergasted and still think it was a cool reveal. I miss Gabriel. Oh, and it had those fantastic spoofs of CSI and Grey's too. It's my favorite "comedic' episode, barely edging out Mystery Spot.

All Dogs Go to Heaven - And they can stay there. This was creepy in a bad way (seriously perverted dog man watching that woman) and generally boring. I liked it best the first time I saw it, mostly because RoboSam was funny and action-oriented. However, it does not do well at all in repeats. One of the few truly disappointing episodes in season 6 and a complete let down from the awesomeness of Family Matters.

So what do you think? Vote and comment.

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