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Supernatural - Favorite 11th Episode - Poll

Just a reminder that when the Best Show competition begins, I will stop adding these polls and resume again after the Best Show contest has finished. Think of it as our own little hiatus. Again, I am jumping the gun a bit but I'm calling Croatoan the clear 9th episode winner with 41% of the votes. In second with 18% is Clap You Hands if You Believe.

In the 11th episode contest, things get interesting, at least for me. The juggernaut is of course Mystery Spot and I think it will win. The question for me is by how much. I love Mystery Spot but there are 3 episodes in my favorite list and 2 episodes in my least favorite list with Sam, Interrupted tossed in the middle somewhere. It will be interesting to see what lands in second place this round. Here's my take:

Scarecrow - Awesome. One of the scariest monsters of the week that Supernatural has ever had. It also introduced Meg and kick started the idea that while they were after the demon, YED was also keeping track of them. Besides, "I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it" is SPN classic. Not an episode I can easily vote against.

Playthings - Ugh! I call this one Dead in the Water 2 and that's not a compliment since DitW is one of my personal favorites. This is the lame sequel. Full of "But I don't want to be evil" emoangsting and creepy dolls, the only part I liked was DrunkSam and he was hilarious. "You're bossy. And short." Bwah!

Mystery Spot - One of the best of all-time. I remember when I first heard the synopsis that Dean died a lot, I expected it to be overdone on the angst. Instead, we got one of the funniest episodes of all. Bad tacos anyone? And who hasn't thought - Tuesday, Pig 'n a Poke? However what made this episode was the Trickster being back and Sam channeling his inner RoboSam. Funny, chilling, and surprising. It was made of win.

Family Remains - Also known as The Benders 2, also not in a good way. We went from angels vs. demons battle to incest kid with her hygiene problems and rat diet. Everything in this was supposed to bring back the people are evil vibe but hit on revolting for me.

Sam, Interrupted - OK, let's get it over with. "Pudding!" That and Sam getting the good meds were awesome. Everything else is meh. Um, well what I remember that is because this episode goes in the "I watch when it's on, but never pull out to watch on my own" pile.

Appointment in Samarra - This episode makes everything harder for me. One of the truly great episodes in season 6. We get Death, who is always awesome, and RoboSam going after Bobby, which was intense and good for an actual scare. Add in the Dean as Death sideplot and the fact that I never believed they would actually re-soul Sam before hiatus. This episode gets better every time I watch it. Those who hate RoboSam may disagree and shifting editing is never my choice, but I think this was one of the best episodes of all and it is added to my Top list.

There's my opinion. What's yours? Don't forget to comment after voting because comments are that movie you actually do not regret paying full price for in a disappointing summer blockbuster schedule.

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Previous Winners:
Lazarus Rising (season 4)
Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester (season 4)
Bad Day at Black Rock (season 3)
The End (season 5)
Simon Said (season 2)
Skin (season 1)
The Usual Suspects (season 2)
Changing Channels (season 5)
Croatoan (season 2)

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