Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burn Notice - 5.01 - Company Man - Preview

The Burn Notice season 5 premiere, Company Man, airs Thursday, June 23rd at 9/8 Central on the USA Network and you're in for an explosive time. Guns fire, grenades boom, and there may be more bombs here than any other episode. Action starts right away as we play Around the World in 30 Seconds. Ok, it may be a bit longer. Jumping forward 6 months after the season 4 finale, we find a lot has changed in Michael's life and adjusting to those changes may be a big factor in the first half of the season.

"I NEED Answers!"

The pursuit for answers has added new friends to Michael's life. Grant Show plays Max, his CIA handler, while Raines, his new boss, is introduced too. Both work well within the plot and I look forward to seeing more of them. However, the process of unburning a spy is complicated and there's still an "unauthorized quasi-governmental agency" to take down so no rest for Michael Westen. The journey starts by breaking into the security of a country America is allies with and takes us all the way to Venezula. But even then not all answers are found.

"When you got burned, it wasn't just you. These last 4 years have been hard on all of us."

Just when you wonder where the other characters fit in to the new Michael Westen lifestyle, he's Miami-bound where things are awesome. Michael and Fiona are definitely together and seem to be making a go of the new challenges. Both are delightfully mature and open with each other. Sam is looking fit and has a surprise for Michael. Things with Mom are better than ever. In fact they have some very touching moments together. Jesse even drops by for 2 minutes to give us a status update on his life.

"What happened to the way we do things?"

But not everything's rosy. As Michael tries to mesh Sam and Fiona into a CIA manhunt, things get sticky. The CIA is by the book while things never work that way in Miami. Still, Sam and Fi prove they know Michael best, Max gets a crash course in Michael's world, and Michael uncharacteristically breaks down. This episode hits on all major points - action, humor, and drama.

I'm not sure where this season is leading us, but I can tell already it will be quite the ride. By opening Michael up to CIA forces, they've added a whole other level to play with. One that is unsettling and a bit unbalanced and makes you wonder what will happen next. However, at the core it is still Michael Westen and his team, watching each other's backs and handling the tricky situations. Welcome back Burn Notice. I've missed you!

Don't forget to watch next Thursday, June 23 on the USA Network at 9/8 Central.

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